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I flushed the toilet and hurried to brush my teeth. The nausea was gone, but my throat ached. I scrubbed my teeth until they tasted completely like Colgate toothpaste.
  Then I looked at myself in the mirror, deciding that Bella's comment held true. I did look terrible. 
  My hair was still in a messy ponytail, I wore practically no makeup, juice and baby-slobber stained my shirt, an my eyes were red-rimmed.
  So I turned on the warm water, grabbed some clothes from my room, and quickly stripped to hop into the shower. The scorching water pierced my skin and I sighed, feeling my muscles relax.
  But just a minute after rinsing my newly-washed hair, one of the babies cried, causing the other to join in.
  I rolled my shoulders back before turning off the shower and getting dressed. Then I dropped the dirty clothes in a hamper and found both babies had stopped crying.
  Confused, I quickly opened the door. Kenna and Aidan both stood in their cribs, staring at the window in their nursery. The open window.
  I gasped and hurriedly picked up Aidan, who was closest to it. Then  I closed the window, locking it back in place. 
  Aidan whimpered and I murmured, "Mommy's here, it's okay" before collecting Kenna in my other arm.
  She latched onto my arm frantically and I said, "Okay. It's.. 7:34 and I promised to visit the family. Let's get you two dressed and fed."
  It stung to talk to them without a reply. Usually they would babble dreamily and use increasingly bigger words. 
  I dressed Kenna in a floral print red dress and Aidan in a blue Polo shirt with little baby jeans. Then I picked up my phone in two hands and left for the main house.
  ~Alice opened the door seconds before I walked in. She grinned, "Hey Nessie!" Then she turned to the twins and asked, "Can I..?" I nodded and she eagerly took them from me.
  "Wow, they're getting really heavy." I agreed and closed the door, "You're telling me." Rosalie appeared almost out of nowhere and hugged me really tight.
  "Don't worry about that stupid mutt, he was never worth your time." I winced and Emmett cleared his throat. She said quietly, "Too soon?"
  I nodded weakly and welcomed hugs from my family members. Esme bounced Aidan on her knee while Carslisle and Jasper played with him.
   Rose was murmuring softly to Kenna, who smiled up at her as Edward and Emmett held her tiny hands and grinned when she squeezed back.
  I sighed into a couch and Alice took a seat on my left, Bella on my right. 
  "Hey, Ness?" Jasper started. I arched an eyebrow in acknowledgement.
  "Has anything major happened lately? The twins are giving off a kind of freaked-out mood. You did too, before I calmed everyone."
  Edward interrupted as he read my thoughts. "Who do you think it was?" Then he turned to the rest of the group and said, "Someone opened the window in their nursery."
  I shrugged and answered, "I have no clue. I got out of the shower when they started crying and found the window open."
  Rosalie gasped and clutched Kenna to her chest. "You left the darlings by themselves?" I looked down, ashamed. 
  "Sorry, I'm used to.." Then I took a deep breath before looking back up at the blonde. "Jacob being there to watch them." Her facial expressions softened greatly and she mumbled, "Call me next time."
  Bella said, "So Seth said he heard from Jake. In wolf form." I perked up slightly and smiled at a clapping Aidan.
  "Oh, really?"
She nodded and Edward continued for her, "I wanted to know where he was because the next time I see him there will be argument. But we were really worried about you, love."
  I nodded cautiously before asking, "So where is he?" My stomach turned a bit and Alice drew a sharp intake of breath.
  My head snapped to her and she stared at me with a hand over her mouth. "Alice? What's-" She quickly jumped up from her seat and ran upstairs.
  I looked to Bella in confusion and she looked expectantly at Edward. He stared down blankly at his hands.
  Carslisle cleared his throat and said, "How have you been feeling since the birth, Nessie?"
  I responded, "Fine. Except for a fit of nausea yesterday. But I'm pretty sure it was the Chinese take-out I had the day before."
  He nodded politely as Esme patted Aidan's back rhythmically. Edward finally cleared his throat and said, "It's getting a bit late."
  Emmett argued, "It's only 1:30!" I said, "It's okay, I should probably lay the twins down for a nap anyway." 
  Rosalie asked, "Could I do it? I want to have a sleepover." I chuckled and shrugged. "Sure. It was hard to sleep without loud snoring last night anyway."
  She looked offended and I quickly recovered, "Not that you snore!" She smiled and stood, still holding Kenna. Alice appeared again downstairs with arms open to Esme.
  The woman handed over Aidan and Alice looked over to me. "Ready to go?" I nodded slowly before saying goodbye and leaving to the house.
  ~Rose stayed in the nursery for about an hour after the twins had fallen asleep. She said that they looked about one and a half years old.
  I sat in the living room with Alice and nobody spoke as the news ran. Finally, she broke the silence.
  "We should go shopping for the twins soon. I would hate to see something worn twice."
  I murmured, "Tomorrow's good." She nodded and I slowly inhaled, gaining courage to ask.
  "Don't." I sighed and said, "Just tell me! Is it something I said?"
  She shook her head, face giving nothing away. "Is it the twins?" 
  "God no, I would tell you right away." I said, "Why won't you tell me?"
  She answered, "It would hurt you." Rose entered then and sat in between Alice and me. 
  "What are we discussing?" She asked, as if she couldn't hear more than perfectly from where she was.
  "Why Alice is being mean." I muttered childishly. "Is it Jake?" I asked, praying not.
  She sighed, "No, Ness. Just forget it, okay?" 
  Rose muttered, "Some sleepover." I stood up and said, "Just tell me!" 
  She bit her lip, then her phone rang. Relief flooded over her face and she quickly answered.
  I groaned and reached for my cell phone. Seth, Sam, and Jared texted saying that Jake missed me and the twins and that he was considering coming home.
  Alice hissed into her phone, "Why the hell wouldn't he-no. Should I? But-fine." 
  Then she snapped her phone shut, forced Rose to stand, and looked at me with determined eyes.
  "We're leaving now." I said, "You don't have to-" She nodded and walked to the door. 
  "Don't worry; I'm not mad at you. And you won't be mad at me. Bye!"
  Rosalie muttered, "Damn, loosen your grip." Then, "Bye, Ness! Bye, babies!"  
  And then they left. I shook my head, bewildered. Just a second later the doorbell rang.
  I groaned and went to open the door while yelling, "Alice, make up your mi-" 
  Then I noticed who was standing at the door and i swear my heart skipped a beat.

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Comment by Leslie™ (Yvette) on September 7, 2011 at 8:55am
it's amazing!loved it soo much. was it Jake?i'd like to know more! keep it up plz! :D
Comment by lizzie on July 11, 2011 at 10:27pm

wow omg i agree it has to be jake or one of the wolves


Comment by Katie Williams on July 8, 2011 at 4:04pm
this is gr8 is it jacob who is standing at the he door?

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