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Chapter whatever
“ohhhh” mrs mattews eyes widened when she took in Derek helping annie with her shopping bags she instantly calmed down….
“auntieeee” annie jumped hugging her in the doorframe with a big smile plastered in her face she wobbled but still felt jumpy and enthusiastic…..or was it just to slow her aunt……
“annie why are you here at this hour? Did you go into an disco this time with trays? I thought I told you to avoid curflew” she patted annie’s head a bit more relaxed when she saw annie wasn’t drunk
“well I think that after trays and megs left I ran into derek then he said he wanted to celebrate my birthday and he offered to bring me here in his car…… you should thank him carrol he saved me a fortune in a txi” annie smirked jokingly carol looked again at Derek
“well annie I think you should get some sleep please for me” Derek made his golden eyes reach hers with a pleading puppy look…. Mrs mattews saw the way the hale boy looked at her niece and saw it at once…..
“im not tired…..” annie yawned disapprovingly but drek shook his head
“ann my parents will be worried….” Annie raised one eyebrow at Derek…duhh his parents where vampires…..annie shook his head and again when she talked to him it felt like there was no person around…..
Caroline felt like she was witnessing something uncommon on youth as Derek kindly helped annie to take her bags in the house and joked with her….it seemed they were not aware of her presence but where subcounciously cautions……she saw how his eyes sparkled when he stole a glance in her eyes…..and annie wasn’t different her beautiful pale cheeks at last had color……
“annie dear please go and rest” carol interrupted after she saw annie wooble sleepy and Derek caught her before she hit the floor…
“annie your aunt is right after all you passed trough today you have to sleep….go upstairs and plop in bed” drek wanted to add the word my love to the sentence but what would caroline think?...anie wondered how he knew her house so well like he had been there before
“if I go it means you will leave and probably run away again” annie whispered to low for mrs mattews to hear…..derek walked to annie and kissed her forehead sweetly…..”I wont go” he whispered…. Annie clsed her eyes feeling his cold lips in her forehead “I believe you” she whispered and went upstairs taking a dep breath…she took a bath put her payamas and looked at the clock…..7:00 nice time to go to bed…. But annie just sat looking at her things while deciding or not to go to sleep…..
Derek with his super hearing was aware that annie was already out of the shower and just decided to go bac home when mrs mattews stopped him…..
“mr hale why did you take my niece back home..a nomal boy who ran into her would have paind her taxi nevertheless you decided to drive yourself….why?” mrs carol wanted to get to the point and it didn’t help Derek was reading her mind emotions
“I wanted her to be safe I couldn’t let her go around in a city as troublesome as seattle……annie is…she is…” drek paused looking for the right words “ahe is very important to me” he finally admitted
“mr hale I don’t have anything against you and I don’t think my dear niece feels different from how you do” carol paused Derek was shocked
“so do you think she likes me?”
“I think you need to ask her yourself” carol smiled but her thoughts where telling what she knew…..they look really nice I think they are already a couple if the have not noticed…..annie is so oblivios to how much he must care for her…… she looks at him like she is seing a precious thing…..she does care for him I saw it in her eyes……
“mrs mattews thank you” he really expected her to be masd but she was perfectly at ease then he realized why it was
“Derek I knew it since the moment you refused to let go off her hand the day of the accident…..i am a mother I can predict those things she cares more for you than she gives away…..” mrs mattews ushered Derek to the door and Derek couldn’t believe his ears
“but ….mrs carol I think” Derek was cut off
“mr hale my annie is a girl with a fragile heart…..she covesr well but I know she often breaks in her room and cry….. she devoted herself to beth and Gordon with all her life to be a good daughter and when they left it felt her reason to live lfet too” carol shook her head the images of those terrible days filling derek’s eyes he could see annie not eating or moving…he saw her in the worst state in those memories……. “I can still remember those days when her grief was so big we thought she would suicide…..” Derek saw his love locked in her room only sobs in a hearing range…..the sobs of her…..he remembered when she spoke about death….. she at that time didn’t care if she lived or died?.....
“why are you telling me this mrs mattews?” Derek asked trying to block the horrible memorieds of how sad annie had been when beth and Gordon died
“Derek I was wondering ever since her first day of school what made my girl change….. she now had the courage to get off bed and try to be normal…I wondered what gaver her hope…… it was when I saw the way you both looked at each other in the hospital…maybe you didn’t see me but I saw it well I was there eavesdropping before bargin in…….i saw you not letting go off her hand when she was sleeping….i saw how you responded to her sleep tears……I saw how she turned to you for confort after having a nightmare…. I don’t know how but you did what nobody could… made her smile……” mrs caroline looked towards the staircase making sure annie wasn’t hearing
Drek listened to the toughts filled with motherly comprension of carol “I know…I love to see her smile”
“be carefull with her heart mr hale…… annie is very especial and fragile…..dont break her….be carefull with her feelings…..i know that life she will endure but she will not endure another blow of pain…..take care of annie is the only thing I ask….she is a strong girl but she cant have her feelings hurt…..she has suffred way too much…..”
“I would never hurt annie …..she is more to me than you can imagine mrs mattews….she is joy…..she is light…..she is happiness….. she is hope….. “ drek said truthfully
“so do you love her then?”
“more than that….i would give my life for her if necessary….love is not a wide enough term….. she is magic and light in my life….but yes…..its a poor thing I can offer but I love her”
“then take ccare of her Derek….you have my blessing” carol smiled and Derek felt as if it was the pass to heaven….his non beating heat was feeling like it could fly he himself was too high….. mrs carol smiled….she knew that boy would make her niece happy….. Derek looked up to annie’s balcony and could hear her laughing very clarly jumping in her bed of happiness…..”he likes my laugh he likes my laugh” she was jumping up and down in her bed….. Derek saw her betifull siluete muving joyfully up and down….. her laughter made him feel alive for the monster he was…..
He decided to go home and change clothes before returning after mrs caroline had lft for work and wtch how his light of hope slept….after all wast it a a promise he hasd to honor?.....the best promise he thought he could make……promise to love her…..

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