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"Don't worry about it Bella i will take care of Renesmee she is my life now!" Jacob argued with me. "Well i dont know where are you guys going to go on your date?" "Ummmm i think we are going to to see a movie." Jacob said. "well ok and dont get in any trouble and do any thing that you know you shouldnt ok"."Mom I know that gosh!" Said my beautiful daughter. "Love you so much ur curfue is 12:00".I kissed her on her forhead and hugged Jake." Love you mom see you later tell grandpa i said hi ok bye." Sh esaud walking out the door. Today Jacob asked Renesmee if she wanted to go on a date with him. It's ok with me i don't care it's just she is two years younger than him. But anyways today im also going to tell Charlie that im a vampire today and its going to be a little messy. "Bella my love are you daydreaming again!" Edward said. "O, no just thinking again."What could you possibly be thinking about". Edward said. "Just thinking about Jacobs and Renesmee and me telling my dad that im a vampire" I choked when i said it....oops. "bella love are you sure about this im not sure you want to do this!"Edward was stoked. "yes Edward i cant lie to my father anymore its just so hard i need to tell him the truth and im very sure about it!" "Ok but just remember i will always love you forever and ever." " i Know that my handsome husband now lets go before my dad gets starving and im going to tell him that i am Renesmee's birth mother o.k.?" "Wow are you sure now im not sure your dad can take all this he might have a heart attack!" He said.

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