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                  How did this happen to me? How am I sitting here in the dead center of a graveyard, with a bunch of other visionities, trying to save the love of my life, who also happens to be a shadowess, when just barely a month ago I  was sitting, alone in math class, trying to figure out the square root of who the hell cares? Alone, depressed, and a nobody, in the big old  world of high school, until the very day Monique Vante moved into the small town of Mittsle Michigen.

                  My name  is Issac Lewis, and I am 15 years old. I have sandy brown hair, and green eyes. I play soccer on the varsity team at Mittsie High, even though I'm only a freshman. Other than when I'm on the field I'm a klutz and nobody notices me. I don't let people touch me, and I have only had one girlfriend my entire life. My mother works all the time... As far  as I know. She brings a different guy home every couple weeks, of all different kinds. I know she is just trying to find a husband, but she'll never find the right guy this way. I have one brother, who's thirteen years old. He is stuck in his own little world that is all about girls, invincibility, and sex.  Not that that isn't normal.

               A month ago I was sitting  in my seat in  Algebra, trying my best to figure out  what the hell the square root of whatever was. Nobody cares  who I am, nobody cares what I do just the way I like it.  I wonder what would happen if I just jumped up and started screaming. I chuckle to myself. Yeah right, that would work, I'd probably get my scrawny ass kicked. That I won't let happen. I'm just lucky I am a badass soccer player, or I would probably be in a coma. Bigger guys tend to pick on the scrawny kids in the back of class, but since I'm a "jock" most of them leave me alone. I'm bored out of my head, and I just want to get out of here, and get to the field. I am so ready, soccer is the only thing that clears my head, allows me to leave the world, and everything else behind.

              At last the bell rings, and I'm out, finally. I can breathe, but barely, the hall is cramped, and I can't wait to get out on to the field. I rush to my locker, number five seventeen, next to five eighteen, the old rusty locker, that as far as I know, nobody has ever occupied. I jam my things into mine, and jog off to the locker room. I quickly change into my soccer gear, and prepare to stretch.

             "Hey Issac, get out here! Let's stretch the we'll do a scrimmage." Coach Nielson shouted from across the field. Coach Nielson is a big, burly kind of man with a voice that you could here from japan. A lot of the kids call him Coach Rope, because of the long, thick braid that goes down his back to his waist, but I just call him Coach.

               "Yes sir, Coach. " I shout back, although I doubt he hears me since he's yelling at someone else for horsing around. I take my place, and start to stretch.

                Right in the middle of my last set of toe touches, I see a girl on the field. She is amazing... I stop, mid touch and stare. She looks right at me and winks, and, like an idiot I fell over, right on my face. I jumped up as fast as I could, and walked swiftly to the bench. I sat down and took a long swig of my Gatorade, put my head in my hands, and just tried to breathe. That girl had knocked my breath away, in more ways than one.

               Did she really wink at me? No. She didn't, couldn't have. Girls find me weird, and they don't want anything to do with weird guys, so there is no possible way she winked at me. Just something in her eye, or my eye, or whatever. I looked up, and there she was... That long, flowing strawberry hair whipped around her pixi face, her eyes the striking color of blueberries, her lips the color of the most lucious red wine.

              "Hi, my name is Monique Vante!" She spoke to me. I couldn't believe it. This gorgous girl had just spoke... To me. I couldn't breath, my vision blurred, I was vaugly aware of the sweat pouring down my face. All I could see was her. Now that she was closer I could see her red hair had hints of orange and gold, making the color a flaming strawberry type. She was just so beautiful.

              "And you are?" That hevanly voice of hers broke through my thoughts. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. It was like my brain wouldn't connect to my voice. I had to say something! I was choking!

                "Uhhh. H-hi. Umm, my name. " Oh man! How stupid could I get? She's probably going to laugh right in my face! No no no no no!

                  She did laugh. Her laugh was the most exquisite laugh I had ever heared in my life.











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