The Twilight Saga

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Chapter One
Not knowing where to sleep, I had curled up in a doorframe that night and fallen asleep. The chill wasn’t enough to damage me, but it did leave me feeling pretty stiff in the morning. My neck also ached extremely from sitting hunched in a little ball all night long. I sighed; wish I had somewhere to go. I drag my sore body up from the ground, and get my bag. With my stomach grumbling uncontrollably, I walk to the nearest food source; a little bakery. I rush in, with the smell of warm bread cooking and coffee. Walking in, I catch a glimpse of myself in the window; my green, wide eyes staring back at me, framed by thick, long black eyelashes. My dark chocolate hair was majorly disarrayed around my face, so I combed my fingers through it hastily, and tried not to focus on my slightly dirty face, which is normally a perfect white complexion. My cheeks rosy pink from the cold air, I step inside the warm haven of fresh cooked food and heavy aromas of delicious foods. I look at the menu board, and ask for a cup of coffee, and a croissant. Digging out my $5.75 for the small breakfast, I pay the man who gives me disapproving looks and I rush outside, knowing that I’m obviously not welcome there; only my money is. I walk around the streets for what seems like forever, trying to figure out what to do with myself. Then I remember, a long time ago, my mother saying something to her friends how I had relatives in California, but they had abandoned my mother. I wonder why, I thought to myself with dark humor. So, that was where I was going to head; California. I would start traveling my way towards California, all the way from Boston, Massachusetts; all the way across country, for people I didn’t even know existed. Oh well, I thought to myself, what else am I supposed to do? So I found the nearest train station (not having enough money to pay for a plane ticket) and got a ticket to California for $100.00. Now I only had $22.25, and it had to last me all the way to my (hopefully) relatives. It was 7:30am. My train didn’t leave until 9:00am. I had awhile to kill, as you can tell. So I plopped my worn out body on a bench, and waited. My face must have been a rather grim face, because an older woman came down and sat next to me and said,
“My dear, whatever is wrong?” she said, with true concern leaking through her fragile voice. I managed to take a look at her face, her perfect lips turned downward into a frown, her deep blue eyes so caring and beautiful, and that’s when I truly broke down. I told her, blubbering the whole while, my whole life’s story. When I had finished, sniffling and wiping my tears on my sleeve, I was aghast at what I had just done. I had told a total stranger my whole life’s story, about Eliza, my alcohol addicted mother and my good for nothing father. Looking at her, her face is set into an even deeper frown and she scoots closer to me, with tears twinkling in the corner of her eyes, too.
“There, there; shh, it’ll be ok. Just you wait and see. If you’d like to know the truth, my life hasn’t been that good either, and I’m on my way to California. I could accompany you there, if you would like me too?”
I look at her then, astounded of how this total stranger could just take me in like this. I had never known true affection, except for what Eliza had shown me, and this just left me… speechless. I nod my head, tears still rushing down my face, and another sob breaks through my clenched teeth. I don’t want her to see me this weak; this vulnerable. It would make it all the more tougher when she actually realizes she wants nothing to do with me, this dirty fifteen year old girl; The one that has no true parents and only had twenty-two dollars to her name. But I still nod, in hopes that maybe she’ll see through all of that, and actually see me for who I truly am. I realize then that by the time I’m done crying, it’s all that I can do to stay awake. This past twenty-four hours has exhausted me, and my eyelids start to slide together. I fall into a deep slumber, and when I wake back up, the kind woman is looking at me. The kind woman; I didn’t even know her name, let alone did she know mine. As if reading my thoughts, the next words out of her mouth were,
“I’m Helen Morzona, by the way,” flashing her perfect set of pearly whites at me. “May I have the honor to know your name? Ha-ha.”
“Oh, yeah, ha-ha, sorry! I totally forgot… I’m Dia Penelope Lauren, but you can just call me Di, or Penny.”
“Well, it’s nice to actually know your name, Di!” Helen said in her beautiful, trilling voice. “Oh my, look at the time! 9:56! We better get hurrying, unless we want to be late for the train!” Grabbing our bags, my new friend Helen and I rushed to get on the train that would take both of us to our new lifes.

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