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I woke up to the sound of Luna and Alex fighting! I walked out of my room and asked "what the hell is your problem". They looked at me in shock "Just get the hell over you both love eachother so cut it out". They stopped and said sorry to me and eachother. Luna Said "oh Kylee we are sooo sorry and thank you , you always new how to make it allright". "Sure, i guess love you" i hugged her. I got ready for school and checked my phone 2 missed calls from Dante, 1 From Lydia and 1 from Alice and the other 5 from Edward ( just so you know Bella died Renesmee is 16 and my best friend i was there when Bella died and Edward hates me for that sooo he calls me things but Esme is my surrogate mother soo im welcome whenever!) I called him back! "Hello" " Since when do you call me" "im sorry about what i said" "no your not you hate me remember you called me a spineless, stupid freak of nature" "i didnt mean it " "What ever!!"

i got ready for school in no time at all! we walked out the door and got in the car!..... 2 hours later im in Show choir right now we are doing solo performances Edwards the teacher just so we are clear im new so i sing take a bow by Rhianna and most peoples mouths were wide open. Ater Class was over Edward caught my arm "let go NOW"He loosened his Grip but didnt let go. "You need to know im sorry" "no your not you wished that i had died that day instead of Bella" "Not true" " Yeah it is" I stormed out of the classroom and into the woods. I used my Pyschokeniesis to hunt and after i was done went home to sleep. Lydia came in and scared me half to death.That is when i heard something going on in Luna's Room(ewwwwww).We started laughing like crazy and fell off the bed!! Edward called and i picked up he said all this crap about how i was important to him like i was his sister. i hung up and went Back to bed. THE NEXT DAY i got a call from a very unlikely person............ My mom(mom Joined the Volturi and married Aro God what a step-loser) "m-mom" "Hi sweetie listen i was wondering if i could come see you in a couple days!?" "Yeah Sure id love that". The next few days of School was very nice and you were very happy!!!!!

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