The Twilight Saga

Chapter Six
Bella’s POV
Dreamless sleep…I wish. Though this nightmare was different from the one before. The one I had so many numerous nights before. That dream was a nightmare due to the harsh reality that I was alone. Tonight’s nightmare had nothing to do with…Edward, or the lack there of. That alone was progress. However, I wasn’t so sure I preferred this new alternative. This was a nightmare in truest form on account of the absolute terror it evoked within me. This dream painted an entirely too realistic scenario. I was home, alone in my room late at night. I was lying in my bed reading but slightly distract by the loud thunderstorm going on outside. I set my book aside and starred out into the darkness. There was something particularly odd about this storm though. Something was missing and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I continued to stare out the window blankly, trying to figure out what was off. That’s when I realized it wasn’t raining, at all, not even a sprinkle. There were no flashes of lightening either. How odd. I was certain there was thunder. I heard it. I stood from where I lay and walked slowly towards the window. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a blaze of red flash past the window. My eyes widened in fear and my breath caught in my throat. I was frozen in place, unable to move, unable to breathe, unable to scream. I continued starring out the window frozen in terror. I saw a single white finger raise to the glass and began tracing circles on the pane making a painfully high pitched screeching sound. As my eyes gained more focus I saw her behind the glass. The terrifyingly pale white face framed with a sea of fiery red curls. My hands began to shake sending a tremor of horror through my entire body. Where was Jake? I wanted to cry out for him. I wanted to scream. Where was the rest of the pack? Hadn’t they seen her coming for me? How had she gotten past them? Perhaps it was better this way. They wouldn’t have to risk their lives anymore trying to protect me. Once Victoria had her revenge Forks could finally be a place safe from sadistic vampires. Paralyzed in fear all I could do was stand there and wait for my fate. I closed my eyes unable to watch what was about to happen. All I wanted to see now was Jake’s face. I heard the glass shatter and I was finally able to find my voice. I screamed out as loud as I could. I felt her hands grasp me as she began shaking me violently. Her hands were hot, really hot, and not cold like a vampire’s.
“Bella!” I heard a voice say. It wasn’t Victoria’s voice. It wasn’t even a woman’s voice.
“Bella! Wake up, Bella!” The voice cried again. My eyes flung open and I sat straight up in bed. I had to slap my hand with my mouth to stop the shrieking and I could feel my face wet with tears. Embry sat back on the bed releasing his grip on me and holding his hand up in the air defensibly.
“Shh! It’s ok, it’s just me, Embry.” He stated looking at me warily. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself. It took my brain a moment to realize it was just a dream and Embry had just saved me from the worst part of it.
“Holy crow, Embry!” I said slapping his bare shoulders with all the strength I could muster. “You scared the hell out of me!”
“I’m sorry. But you were already screaming before I even touched you! I thought you were dreaming, I was trying to wake you up.” he said.
I gasped another deep breath and placing my hand over my racing heart trying to calm myself.
“What are you doing here? Why are you in my room? How did you…” I trailed off when my eyes caught sight of the shattered glass in the floor.
“Embry?!” I shouted indicating toward the broken window. “What the hell?!”
“I’m sorry! I saw in Jake’s mind when he did it that night he came to tell you about what we are andwell, I wanted to try it.” he said sounding amused at himself. I gaped at him in disbelief and honestly at a loss or words. “I’m sorry! You’re window, it’s too clean! It looked open! I’ll pay for it, I swear!”
“Why the hell are you breaking in my window in the early morning for anyway?! What’s wrong with you people! There are front doors on a house for a perfectly good reason, you know! Just because you’re an animal doesn’t mean you get to act like one!” I rambled on.
“I tried the front door. I’ve been knocking for at least fifteen minutes now and no one answered. So I improvised. And Bella, noon o’clock is technically not morning anymore.” he stated smartly.
Was it really already noon? Why hadn’t Charlie answered the door?
“Where is Charlie? Why didn’t he answer the door?” as though I really expected Embry to know the answers. I stumbled out of bed walking over to my dresser realizing how awkward it was just sitting there in my thin tank top and shorts chatting it up with Embry. I pulled out my favorite old grey sweatshirt and slipped it on turning to face Embry who was still sitting on my bed. “You know, I don’t know which will infuriate him more. That you broke his window or that you did it trying to sneak in to his daughter’s bedroom!”
I stood there starring at him waiting on his response then I noticed the obvious distracted and sad look on his face. Surely he wasn’t scared of Charlie. Though, maybe he should be.
“You never answered my question. What are you doing here, anyway?” I asked impatiently crossing my arms over my chest.
“Um…Charlie’s not here.” he finally said looking down at his feet.
“Yeah, I kind of figured that out when he didn’t come running to my rescue when you tried to rape me just now!” I stated smartly.
“Bella, I wasn’t trying too…”
“Oh geez, Embry, I know! I was just kidding.”
He was quiet for another second before taking a deep breath and then answered.
“Charlie is with Billy.”
“Well that’s not entirely unusual. It is Saturday. Charlie usually goes down to LaPush to visit Billy on the weekends. Why are we still talking about Charlie? Embry, why are you breaking and entering into my house? It better be for a dang good reason or…”
“It’s Jacob.” he said the sadness in his voice cutting me off. I gulped. This couldn’t be good.
“What about Jacob?” I asked.
“Bella, the red head….she came back last night.”
He looked at me waiting for a response but I was frozen in place gaping at him my eyes widening in fear, awaiting his next words.
“We thought we had her. It was her scent and all and we chased her clear out of town. Sam finally came down on him only to realize it wasn’t her. It was another vampire that reeked of her scent. Sam realized we had been tricked. That red headed leech tricked us so she could get to you. But Jacob had stayed behind because he was with you all day. He was keeping watch outside your house when…” he trailed off.
“When what? What Embry?! What happened?” I stammered.
“He wasn’t in his wolf form. We couldn’t warn him in time. When he finally changed back it was too late. She caught him off guard.”
“What do you mean? What happened Embry? Is Jake okay?” he was taking frustratingly too long to tell me what I needed to know. I ran into my closet slipping on a pair of jeans over my shorts and began to put on my shoes. Clearly Jake wasn’t okay since he hadn’t come here himself to tell me what happened and Charlie had gone to be with Billy…this couldn’t be good. The new Jacob size hole in my chest began to ache at the thought of losing him. This couldn’t be happening. No, I refused to think about my life without Jake. He was all I had left now.
“He’s okay…somewhat.”
Well that’s comforting…not!
“She…she almost killed him.” I stopped tying my shoes as my hand began to shake. The hole started to throb and I couldn’t breathe. He said almost though, so she hadn’t killed him. But almost was still too close for comfort. Though I couldn’t imagine I had any tears left in me to cry fresh ones were quickly building up in my eyes and I fought to keep them from spilling over.
“She would have killed him.” he said sadly. “Thank God for Leah!” My head snapped up and I glared up at him in utter confusion.
“What? Leah…?” I couldn’t find the words.
“Yeah, Leah. Jacob hasn’t told you yet because he didn’t want to freak you out. Leah went through the transformation a few weeks ago. Who knew females could change!” he said obviously still shocked himself. “Sam made her stay back because he said she was ready for the fight. We could all see the real reason in his head, though. He couldn’t stand the thought of her getting hurt. She was pissed, of course. But thank goodness she did stay!”
“Leah’s a wolf?” I said still in disbelief.
“Yeah, I know! Shocked the heck out of all of us, too!”
“So how did she…?” I was still unable to find the right words. Thankfully, Embry was able to make sense of my half questions.
“Leah is way faster than all of us! Well, except for Jacob. When Leah saw in Sam’s mind that we caught and killed the wrong vampire she was the one that realized it was an intentional deception and not just some bizarre mistake. She knew Jake was at your house and was already on her way there. She got there just in time to stop that bloodsucker from snapping his neck!” He said more thrilled than worried.
“But Leah! Oh my…is she, how did she..?”
“She caught the red head off guard. That reeking vamp thought she had all of us following her minion out of town. She wasn’t expecting that one of us stayed back. Leah was able to get a good chunk out of her and fight her off until the rest of us could get there and finish her off!” he grinned.
“Victoria is…dead?” I choked.
“Finally! Maybe now we can all get some rest!”
While the thought of Victoria’s demise should be comforting I found it hard to be appeased at the cost.
“But what about Jacob?!”
“Yeah, Jacob is…not so good. That’s actually why I am here.”
“He was messed up pretty bad. I think she broke nearly every bone in his body. He’s in a lot of pain, though he is trying hard to hide it.”
I cringed at his word. Not Jake, not my Jacob.
“Anyway, we had to stage a car accident to account for Jacob’s injuries. That’s why Charlie is down at LaPush.”
“An accident?”
“Yeah, Sam figured the best way to account for his injuries would be to blame it on a motorcycle accident. They staged it to make it look like he accidently drove it off the road into a ravine. Your dad has to fill out the report and all.”
“Where’s Jake?” I said, getting to my feet.
“He’s…well..he’s…they had to take him away.”
“What do you mean they had to take him away? Where is he?”
“He had to change back into his human form for the “accident” but now he has to be in wolf form for the doctor to be able to fix him. They have to set the broken bones while he is a wolf before he can change back or he will be, well, all crippled or something like that.”
“So where did they take him?”
“Sam took him to see a doctor out of town somewhere. Someone who knows about our kind. Sam trusts him. That’s who he took Emily to when he had his…accident. He’s actually a doctor who can help Jacob so it was our best bet. He can’t very well go to the hospital. Imagine having to explain that!” he snorted with a laugh.
“I want to see him.” I said walking out the bedroom door. “Now!”
“Well, I don’t know exactly where they took him.” he said following me down the stairs. “But Sam said they wouldn’t be back for a couple of days. Jacob has to stay a wolf long enough to let the bones start to heal, so they are going to have to keep him in some kind of medically induced coma for a couple of days to keep him from being in so much pain and all. Even then it’s going to take him a couple of weeks to fully recover.”
My mouth fell open and I dropped to my knees at the bottom of the stairs burying my face in my hands. “Oh Jake!” I cried. Stupid tears. Why did I have to cry right here in front of Embry. I felt ridiculous, but I couldn’t help the wave of emotions that took over me at hearing the extent of Jacob’s injuries. He was nearly killed because of me! He was in unimaginable pain, because of me! I couldn’t stand it!
“Bella, it’s okay.” Embry said calmly walking over to put his big arm around my shoulders. “Jake’s gonna be ok. It just gonna take a few weeks.”
“I want to see him Embry. I need…” I sigh, taking a big breath trying to control the tears that were overtaking me now. “I need to be there for him.” I stared up at his face trying to beg him with my eyes. He looked thoughtful at me for a moment before speaking.
“I know Bella. But even if I knew where Jacob was…”
“Oh don’t give me that!” I shouted at him throwing my hands up in the air. “I know all about how you can hear and see each others thoughts! If Jacob is in wolf form then you know where he is and you can take me there!”
“Ok, but even if I knew how to get there I can’t take you there Bella!”
“Why not?!”
He stared at me again for a moment looking torn about his decision on whether to tell me the truth or not.
“I’m sorry, Bella. I just…I can’t.” he finally said looking truly apologetic.
“It’s Sam, isn’t it?” He just gazed back at me clearly either unable to answer, or choosing not to. “Sam ordered you not to bring me there, didn’t he?” I spat at him getting more infuriated by the minute.
Embry looked at his feet ashamed and just nodded his head.
“Why? Why would he do that?!” Sam’s alpha orders were really beginning to frustrate me. Who the heck was he to tell me I couldn’t see Jake. Jake needed me. And more so, I needed him.
“Bella, it’s not because Sam doesn’t want you there.”
“Then what is it then?”
“Jacob…well, he looks…rough. He looks really bad. He’s afraid it will only upset you. You don’t need to see Jake like that really, it’s….sickening.” I could see the pain in his face as he clearly remembered the last time he saw Jake. I could only imagine.
I huffed loudly standing to my feet throwing on my heavy coat and headed out the door.
“Bella, where are you going?” Embry said confused.
“To talk to Billy!”
I was to my truck now and turned to face him before getting in.
“Because Sam might be able to alpha order you around, but not Billy and certainly not me! I’m going to find out where he took Jake and then I am going to see him!” I said turning around getting into my truck then slamming the door behind me. “You coming?!” I shouted at him through the window. He stood there for a second gazing at me in astonishment. Sam might scare the rest of them but not me. And he wasn’t going to keep me from seeing Jake. A smile broke across Embry’s face and he walked around to the passenger side of the truck and climbed in.
“Okay, “ he said. “Let’s go!”

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