The Twilight Saga

Chapter two (needs to be re done but what the heck here ya go)

It needs to be redone, lots of mistakes and its kinda not a solid peice of work but here ya go for all my fans (lol)

Chapter two
The sun was hot, too hot to be November.
I sat down, still feeling light headed from the drink Declan had told me to take. I took in the scenery, the trees we’re the tallest I’d ever seen and the grass was green and long. Small little bumble bees buzzed around the meadow, probably taking nectar from the purple and blue flowers that grew around the area. At the far north against the forest’s edge was a mist that made the forest look haunting and green. Just like my eyes I thought. There were no people though I thought to myself, and the thought of walking into the forest to go find them, crossed my time a couple of times, but I decided just to stay put and not get lost in a different land.
I laid back in the hot sun, deciding that I should work on my tan. The sun was so hot here and soothing. I reached into my bra and took out the Cicael and dangled it in the sun’s rays. An emerald green light danced on my white cotton t-shirt as I wondered the true meaning of it. Declan had said that this was the only thing that could save the villagers. It must be magic, I thought to myself.
“Oh great Cicael” I said holding it into my chest. “Please use your magic and show me what you can do!”
I threw the Cicael up in the air, hoping it would do some sort of magic trick, but it only followed gravity’s trick and landed back on chest. I heard a giggle coming from behind me. I rolled onto my stomach and looked behind me. There sitting on a broke log just feet away from me we’re two figures; the most beautiful figures to boot.
I stood up quickly, blushing and tucked the Cicael into my bra. They we’re walking towards me now, big smiles spread across their faces. The female, that was no doubt Santawanna because of her dark skin, dark amber eyes, and dark curly hair stopped in front of me and pulled me into a big embrace. When she let me go, the male then pulled me into a big hug as well. When he let me go, I nearly cried out in shock. He was exactly what Declan said, a leprechaun. He had dark auburn hair, green eyes, and was maybe 5’1, maybe. His body made up for his size, he was wearing a white sleeveless top that showed every inch of his muscled torso and green linen shorts, that showed his muscled legs, ether of the two were wearing shoes. Santawanna was just as pretty, maybe even more. She was exotic looking, with dark eye makeup that turned into dark designs that started on the crease of her eyes and a silver hair piece that draped over her forehead .
“Hello Ivy Olivia.” Santawanna sung. “My name is Santawanna Kliips, but you may call me Santie and this here is Phifer Finnigan.”
“You can just call me Livy, if you would like” I smiled at the both of them then looked at Santie. “I know your father.”
Santie laughed, a full out belly laugh then waved the air in front of her face. “He told me he met you Livy, but I never did believe he met the daughter of Meggie Bono, ever!”
“Oh yes, we’ll he did meet me a few times. Is he here?” We we’re starting to walk now, into the forest with both of them walking on either side of me.
“No he sailed south to the island of Noir to watch for Draggers.” Santie said sounding worried.
“What are draggers?” I asked feeling foolish.
“Ah Livy m’dear, there is much for you to learn isn’t there?” Phifer spoke, his voice sounding creamy and utterly beautiful.
“Yes, we’ll I just learned of this place not even an hour ago.”
“And you’re taking this whole thing grand!” Phifer said putting an arm around my shoulder, making me blush. “And I will tell you everything you need to know when you get over coming here. I promise.”
We continued into the dark forest and I noticed the sky was starting to disappear behind the trees fierce leaves. Santie was questioning me about myself, like my favorite food, favorite colour, what I liked to do, some of my favorite memories with my mom, and about my friends. I talked mostly about Bradley, and a pain of guilt hit me square in the stomach. I really did miss him already. I was going to make sure I settled in soon so I would see him soon.
“Did you both know my mother well?” I asked.
They both walked in silence for a good time before Phifer answered. “Very well Livy, she was the most beautiful to us, like you.”
“Oh no, I’m not even half as beautiful as she was.” I blushed.
Santie laughed. “Oh please Liv, stop being so modest. You’re exactly like the woman.”
I snorted. “I don’t want to be exactly like the woman.”
“And why is that Liv m’love?” Phifer said in a musical voice.
“We’ll” I started looking down at the ground as we walked further into forest. “She lied to me about everything. Who I was, who she was, and she even said our family originated from Ireland; our family did not originate from Ireland!”
“What is Ireland?” Santie said out of curiosity. I laughed and we continued to walk.
The minutes ticked away as we walked deeper and deeper. There was no path that we walked on, so I was curious to know where they we’re leading me.
The vegetation seemed to change and the trees seemed to thin after awhile. Yellow and blue stuff seemed to grow around the trees that reminded me of Easter grass, and purple flowers seemed to grow out of the tree trucks but had sap oozing out of them. Plants that looked like water lily’s but purple grew around the trees that smelled like mint cross with an orange scent.
When I could almost see the sun again, that’s when I heard them.
Pip Pip, Pip Pip,
It was a squeaky sound, and the source of that sound was a big fluffy blue fur ball hanging from the trees up ahead. They had big blue eyes and long fluffy tails that wrapped around the branches above. They had no other limbs than the torso and their tails, and I had to admit, they we’re cute as hell.
“What are they?” I pointed to the blue fluff balls up again.
“Pipsqueaks” Phifer announced. “Your mom tells me that’s what they call short people where you’re from. I took offence to that.”
Santie and I burst out laughing at the same time, and then I said. “They’re cute.”
“Aye, they are handy little buggers they are.” Phifer said putting a hand through his shaggy auburn hair. When I asked why he chortled. “We’ll you see Livy m’dear when there is danger around they squeak. They squeak so loudly you can hear em over in the village.”
“Woke up the whole village one night” Santie announced.
“Creepy” I told them.
There we’re now barley any trees as we walked on through the forest and that’s when I knew we we’re barley there. Up ahead I could see little houses that reminded me of the hobbit’s houses in the lord of the rings. They we’re short, stoutly and ridiculously cute. They all had different colour doors and window shutters. Even little gardens we’re stationed around the front.
As we walked by the small cottages, people started to wave and the chatter that Meggie’s daughter was home spread. I felt so out of place as I was dressed in my jeans and t-shirt, most of the villagers wore plain linen. Sooner than I thought possible, people were crowding around us. Extending their hands to introduce themselves; I must have corrected them a thousand times. “Please, call me Livy.”
Phifer, Santie and I continued walking till we reached a small cottage with a small crappy looking garden and a soft pink door. I knew immediately by the state of the garden that it was my mothers. But before I could ask to make sure, the most beautiful, purest creature caught my eye.
I nearly fell fainted, he was tall, muscular, and extremely handsome with jet black shaggy hair, and eyes that sparkled blue even from where I stood, bewildered. He was wearing the exact same shirt Phifer wore and blue linen pants. He was playing with a group of younger children, even though he was my age maybe older. They we’re playing soccer or something like it.
“That’s Devon Aisling.” Santie laughed obviously knowing by the change of my posture. “He was close to your mom, promised her he’d take care of you. You’re a lucky girl.”
“He’s gorgeous.” I spurted out then turned a light shade of violet. Santie laughed beside me and I saw out of the corner of my eyes that Phifer rolled his eyes.
“Yes your right about that.” Santie sighed. “He doesn’t date though; he’s too busy protecting the village and such.”
“Protecting the village from what?” I asked.
“Draggers Livy M’dear” Phifer said.
“Oh right, you’ll tell me all about it later.” I said watching Devon again. One of the little girls, who was maybe 3 or 4 tackled his leg. He laughed and fell to the ground than laughed as she tickled his sides.
I found myself laughing with them. That’s when she stopped what she was doing and looked up. Her expression changed to a shocked expression, but a big smile spread across her face. Then she screamed and pointed at me. “Wivia is here! Wivia is here!”
I looked back at Devon who was now standing her on her feet. He smiled at me, and put his hand through his shaggy black hair. I nearly fainted as I smiled back at him. I was defiantly lost in his eyes.
The little girl was running at me now, she must of still been a toddler because her head was still too big for her body, and had a considerably amount of baby fat still on her arms and legs. She ran into my legs, and then beamed up at me. She was just the cutest thing, with a mushroom cut, dark hair, and a turned up button nose.
“Guess who I am Wivia” She smiled at me. I heard Phifer chuckle beside me.
“Um, I don’t know?” I smiled at back at her.
“Um I Molly silly” She laughed at threw her arms around my thigh.
“Molly?” I asked, and then it hit me. “Molly!”
I picked her up into a big hug. “Declan’s Molly? Like my little cousin Molly?”
“Uh huh, it is me!” She beamed at me then Eskimo kissed me. “But will you lemme go I gotta go finish play’in ball”
“Oh!” I put her down then looked to see what Devon was doing. But he had totally disappeared. I turned to my little cousin who was now waddling back to the game. She turned to face me and wave goodbye, but fell face first into the grass. I imminently jumped towards her, but she was already back up to her feet.
“She’s so darn cute, makes me wanna pick her up and eat her.” Santie said from beside me.
We walked towards the small cottage that I was sure was my mothers.
“It’s you’re mums place Livy.” Phifer said confirming my prediction. “Cute little place aint it? Cept for the garden an all, but its homey.”
“Anyways…” Santie said. “We’ll let you get settled in and come get you for dinner.
I said goodbye to my new friends and walked towards my new home. Before walking into the cottage I started to circle, looking at the destruction my mother’s garden had caused. Weeds grew everywhere smothering the dead plants in the garden. There was no coloring either, just the colour of soil, and dead plants. The dead garden sent a painful feeling down into my stomach, it reminded me of my mother, grey and waxy; colorless.
I walked into the cottage then, expecting an empty cold home but it was quite the opposite. As I entered the soft pink door a wave of lavender hit my nose. It smelled exactly like my mother before she entered the hospital. Lavender and lemon, my favorite sent. The first room was bright and the décor was just like my mom. Soft yellow walls with a wooden furniture set made it feel comfortable and homey. The light green curtains and rug made the room feel open and warm. I walked around the room and took everything in, touching the smooth furniture. A row of pictures caught my eye. The first on the right was a picture of my mother and I when I was young. I remembered that picture, we took it when we went to my birthday party at the ranch. Our arms were around each other and we we’re both beaming. The second picture on the wall was a picture of my mother smiling, Declan with Molly on his shoulders, a women I don’t recognized, Santie in Phifer’s arms, and Devon standing offside looking awkward with his hand through his hair. The third picture was a picture of Bradley and I a few years ago after we we’re paintballing. The last picture was a lone picture of me when I was 11 or 12, blowing a kiss to the camera.
I walked into the bedroom and sighed. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. The room was soft blue, with blue bedding. The furniture was made of off maple, and there was a white rug on blue carpeted floor. On the opposite side of the room there was a big open closet and when I walked up to it, I saw all the cute linen dresses, all different colours. No shoes- I thought to myself.
I walked over to my window to peer out at the view. A couple feet away was a smaller cottage, more like a shack actually. Outside the shack was Devon sitting outside, skin gleaming in the sun. I gasped at his beauty, and that’s when he looked into the window. I screamed and flung the curtain back then slid down the wall to hide. I stayed put for a few seconds before crawling back up the wall and looked outside the window. When I look a second time he was gone.
I cursed under my breath; now he was going to think I was just a big stalker.
I sighed as I crawled over to my bed. So many emotions weighed heavily into my heart but I couldn’t pick them out separable without another emotion shadowing it. I was excited but scared, happy but mad, understanding but yet so confused, and then they all tangled making a big web of fear. I was happy because I was excited and I now understood why my mother had lied, but I was also mad that I was confused and I was scared about my future; not knowing how to deal with tomorrows issues that I clearly had to face.
New friends, and a new wonderful community made me less shaky and more adaptable. I knew I would have never been able to accept such a ridiculous fate if the people didn’t seem loving, caring and a family that I had always been searching for. The thought of being able to belong bubbled up into my stomach and forced a involuntary squeal. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself.
It was my rumbling stomach that broke my shrill happiness. I haven’t eaten since this morning; and I was feeling famished. I went with my instincts and walked back into the living room to explore for the kitchen.
When I reached the kitchen my eyes dropped. It was hardly a kitchen at all. The so called kitchen was in small room probably the size of my closet. There was a small table that reminded me of a side table that most people put lamps on and a small pantry. That was my kitchen. I shuffled my way over to the pantry and hesitantly open it. Inside was box of oatmeal, a couple cans of fruit, and a big bottle of cashews.
I slammed the pantry door shut and threw my arms to my side.
“What the hell.” I finally said still staring at my poor excuse of a kitchen. There wasn’t even soup! Every kitchen has stupid soup!
A knock on my front door broke through on my concentration for the hate of my kitchen. I cursed it one last time and walked to the front door. The young man who I opened it to took my mind off the lack of food in my house immediately.
He was absolutely gorgeous. Not as gorgeous as Devon of course but he defiantly had certain features that made my stomach tingle, but it was those features that I was positive Bradley had. He had the same shaggy hair Bradley did, except that his was a light blonde, and he had green eyes. Bradley and the young man also shared the same long nose that made their faces look strong and handsome.
“Hello Ivy Olivia” He spoke in a weird soft voice that kinda sounded like Piglet from Disney’s Winnie The Pooh.
“Livy.” I stated with a smile. “You can call me Livy. Ivy Olivia is far too long.”
“Livy.” He repeated slowly. “I’m Aliec Richardo. My family is from Cayden, but now I live alone over by where you and your friends walked in from the forest. I just wanted to introduce myself before they did it for me”
“We’ll it’s nice to meet you Aliec.” I reached out my hand to shake his hand. He took my hand and held it, shaking it softly. The look on his face lit up and he had a shocked dumbstruck look on his face. After a couple awkward seconds of hand shaking he finally let go.
“Well Livy, I hope to see you soon. If your friends allow it…” He said turning around with a smirk. He left me there baffled. Why wouldn’t Phifer and Santie want me talking to Aliec.
I would ask them later, I thought to myself. So I shut the door to my little cottage and with my stomach still growling decided to have a nap.

My nap didn’t even last twenty minutes before a knock on the front door woke me. Phifer and Santie beamed at me as I open the door still half asleep.
“Hey ya Livy” Santie said as she twirled her hair with her index finger. Phifer stood beside her with all his weight on his left leg.
“Hey guys.” I said. “That was fast.”
“Yes we’re sorry if we disturbed you, but supper is now at the table and we didn’t want you to eat a cold meal.” Phifer said sincerely. “We could bring super for you if you wanted to be alone.”
“Oh no, I’ll come with.”
Santie and Phifer lead me to another part of the village I haven’t been too yet. We walked by Devon’s small cottage and through the clearing. About 5 minutes through the clearing we reached more cottages and then another clearing. But the clearing wasn’t very clear, it was full of people.
About 100 people stood there all conversing. I noticed the community worked as a team. The little children we’re running around and playing ball while being watched by the older kids. The women were under a big tent finishing up dinner preparations while the men we’re setting up picnic tables. A sudden feeling of love and kindness bloomed inside of me. I had never seen so many people work together for such a simple necessity.
The three of us sat down on a picnic table closest to the outskirts of the clearing. No sooner did a tall red head lady who introduced herself as Clare Mere put in front of us three plates of potato salad, hamburgers, and fries. My stomach rumbled but I decided to wait for the other two to dig in incase they had a praying custom.
Phifer bowed his head and started to murmur under his breath so quietly that I could just hear the escape of his breath. Beside me, Santie was already taking a bite out of her burger. I took a big bite of my potato salad.
During dinner I asked questions about Cayden. I learned that Cayden has the same week days, the same months, the same weather except Cayden’s weather was a little more severe, and that it hasn’t snowed in almost 19 years.
“My grand dad traveled with a powerful magician who was very interested in science.” Phifer said between bites. “He told my grand dad that magic can affect the world around us. When Cael took over Cayden, my dad told me that the people were giving off so much magic that it affected our climate, so now it doesn’t snow.”
“But what does magic have to do with anything?” I asked.
“Everyone gives off magic Olivia me’ love” Phifer said with a handsome smile. “And magic pulses through us every second, every feeling. Love, hate, sadness, and anger are all forms of magic.”
I cocked my head.
“Magic just doesn’t appear in physical form Liv.”
“When you saw Devon, we defiantly felt that magic pulse through you.” Santie said with a giggle as I turned beat red.
“No..” I said in defense but they just laughed.
“That’s not the point, anyways” Phifer continued. “Everyone was scared, and I think it affected out climate.”
My lips turned into an “o”.
“It’s quite the opposite in Noir though. My daddy said that all it does it snow.” Santie said.
“I think that’s because the draggers are occupying Noir and the Druids are defensive.”
“Yea, I think we hate draggers more than any other race.”
“What’s Noir?” I asked.
“It’s a region, south.” Santie replied.
Cayden seemed so big, and foreign that it was intimidating. I knew I had so much to learn, and so much discover that I could feel myself quiver. Creatures I thought we’re nothing but a fairy tale told to children, a different world that never existed only in my imagination. New friends with different customs, different values, and different lifestyles that the live every day. I felt like I should feel like a intruder, a stranger that walked in on these kind people’s lives, but I didn’t, I felt warm and welcomed. This new life I was about to lead was exciting in my eyes, and even though my own future was uncertain and confusing, I wanted to take it head on, just to see the outcome.
I flicked a smile at Phifer who was looking at me deeply trying to figure me out but just then Aliec sat on the picnic tabled behind Phifer and was staring at me. I reached over and touched Santie’s arm which was warm.
“A young man named Aliec Richardo came to see me today.” I told them trying not to meet Aliec’s watching eyes. “He said he wanted to introduce himself before you two could do it to me.”
Phifer stood up quickly, rage was pulsing through him like an electric current. Santie grabbed my arm and was now glaring at Aliec.
“That sneaky son of a” Phifer screamed unaware that Aliec was just a few feet behind him.
“Phif!” Santie snarled still glaring at Aliec. “Don’t start anything, Devon will take care of it.”
Phifer turned his eyes to me. “You need to stay away from him Livy, please.”
“He’s just a bad person Liv.” Phifer grabbed my hand and gave me a sincere look. “He ratted us all out Liv, got two people killed. Just please, stay away from him. He’s sneaky.”
“Okay, I will.” Shock was my initial response. Aliec didn’t seem like the type of person to rat all these people out, or get them killed. He seemed nice enough. I wanted to ask him myself, to see if it was all a misunderstanding, but the look on Phifer’s face told me I should listen, and at least get used to my new home before I started medaling.
“Thanks Love…” Phifer was caught of mid sentence. Then I heard it. The sound of two bickering voices was heard from behind me, then a crash and I turned around just in time to see a man who introduced himself when I arrived named Dor and a red headed young man who seemed a little older then myself get into a brawl. Phifer was gone before I could even see his reaction and Santie was screaming after him.
“Someone stop them!” Said someone from the large group that was forming around the brawl, and then Phifer was there, right in the middle of the two.
“Jericho!” He shouted as he pushed the red head back. “Jericho stop this madness! Stop it now!”
“He’s mad!” Shouted Dor as he backed up till he reached the edge of the circle.
“What is the problem Jericho?” Phifer now had his face in his hands and was forcing Jericho to look at him. “Why did you jump this man.”
“The problem is this place! We need to leave Phifer, we need to go home. These humans don’t want us here!”
“Of course they do! What brings this on mate?”
“He doesn’t like us! No one here does!”
“Jericho, Jericho stop this madness. We need to stay here, this is our home.”
“Your stupid father made us abandon our home long ago because he said there was a chance here to get rid of Cael. Five years later and we’re still here and no closer to our goal.”
Phifer flinched but stayed calm. “It’s about the matter of time until we can sneak Liv up to the castle!”
“Liv is only a mere child, she doesn’t know a thing.”
I felt myself turn hot but the crowd murmured disapproval.
“Liv will be great! I know it already. You just need a little hope Jericho..”
“Hope? There is no hope, and I don’t want to die here with all these leprechaun haters.” Jericho’s hands made fists and his knuckles were white. “Let’s just leave Phifer, lets die with our people. Willie’s probably dead Phifer but our people will still respect you if you come home.”
“Willie is not dead.” Phifer turned white, chalk white. His body was now trembling and I could tell he was trying to hold back.
“Willie’s dead Phifer, probably from a broken heart”
“No Phifer!” Santie screamed and grabbed my hand to pull me closer.
Phifer had tackled Jericho onto a nearby picnic table and was throwing punches. The men closest to the fight were trying to pull Phifer off of Jericho but I knew they wouldn’t stand a chance. There was too much rage that burned in Phifer’s green eyes. Santie was hysterical and screaming from behind me.
“Stop him!” She screamed and the hand that held mine tightened, but I hardly noticed until.
It was clear that Phifer was winning, the boy named Jericho was apologizing and pleading him to stop as Phifer punched him. Phifer’s face was stricken with sadness and tears we’re pouring down his face. It reminded me of the time when I was in grade eight and I was in the office. A little boy came running out of the office, face covered in tears, and pure rage. He was hitting everything, papers, the chairs, the secretary, and then he ran out of the office with the principal at his heels. It was the next day at school that I heard that he had lost his parents in a car accident.
Jericho’s pleads we’re getting him nowhere, and he was starting to fight back again. The fight was getting dirty and he know grabbed a butter knife that was laying down over beside him and was taking swipes at Phifer who dodged them and replied to the threat with another punch.
Santie was still screaming when he showed up. Eyes as blue as a Caribbean beach and hair as dark as a raven’s wing; Devon was there. He was there in a blink of a eye, scooting past people in the crowd. He wasn’t screaming like the rest of us, hoping and wishing that Phifer would hear, but he was calm and collected. Devon took grab of the scruff of Phifer’s neck and pulled him with one arm off Jericho, which surprised me because the men who tried to pull him off in the first place couldn’t even lift him off Jericho an inch, and they had both hands. When there was a big enough gap between the two leprechauns the men surrounding the brawl jumped in between to close it, and casted Phifer out of the circle. Santie pulled me after Phifer and Devon.
“Oh Phifer” Santie said letting go of my hand and running to Phifer. His face was covered in big bruises and his nose was bleeding. “You didn’t have to fight Phifer, I always tell you walk away but you never listen.”
“He said Willie’s dead, what was I supposed to do.” Tears were streaming down Phifer’s face.
“Um we both know she isn’t dead Phifer, you would have heard it by now.” Santie rolled her eyes and pulled me so we started to walk away from the two boys, but she didn’t know how badly I wanted to stay to talk to this new stranger. Luckily for me, they followed Santie like a lost puppy.
We walked in silence back through the clearing with Phifer and Devon silently following behind us. I ached for us to talk, the silence was too much to bear but we all stayed silent until we reached my small cottage.
Without a word to me or anyone else Devon marched back to his little shack. Did he not like me already without even meeting me? How could he not even say a word to me or even a smile? I thought maybe I did something to offend him and I wanted so badly to ask Phifer or Santie but I thought it wasn’t the time nor the place, because it was obvious Phifer was really upset. Santie although didn’t mind talking about it.
“They found some draggers north of here so Dev is kinda a busy bee. That’s why he hasn’t talked to you yet so don’t feel bad.” She winked and I kinda got the feeling she could read me like a open picture book.
All I could do was shrug.
Phifer red blotchy face was now facing me. Pain and sadness was far too easy to read through his pretty green eyes. My heart thumped intensely as the urge thickened just to put my arms around him and tell him everything is going to be okay. But I couldn’t do that, I couldn’t lie, I had no idea what I was going to face, they should be the ones to tell me that everything is going to be okay but they knew it wasn’t okay. They didn’t know the outcome I was so determined to know so how could they comfort me when the future was nothing but a untold or unlived story just awaiting for us to stumble in.
“I’m so so sorry Livy.” Phifer spoke softly but full of regret and emotion that his words shook. “I behaved so rudely expectedly on your first day here.”
I opened my mouth to tell him that it was okay, and he shouldn’t be apologizing especially on my account but he placed a long but softy finger upon my lips and shook his head.
“I should have made you feel comfortable and should have given you a reason to love this place, but instead I gave you a reason to fear this place and be ashamed of us.” He took his finger off of my lips and continued “And for that I humbly apologize.”
“I’m not afraid of this place or ashamed of you all.” I said truthfully because it was true, the only thing that frightened me was the leadership they expected out of me that I didn’t have.
“Aye that’s good Livy, you make me proud already.” Phifer said with a half smile. “Now you go on to bed and I’ll meet ya at Declan’s in the morning.”
“What are we doing tomorrow?” I asked curiously.
“Ah what a good question Liv, me love.” Phifer piped “We have a busy day tomorrow! Santie and I are going to take ya around the border of Brea and then I’ll answer some questions ye might have because I know your dying to ask some.”
“Your right about that” I laughed awkwardly.
Santie, who was still holding my hand pulled me into a tight hug and my face was buried in her curly black hair. “I love you Livy!” She whispered into my ear. Then realized me.
Phifer almost did the same. He pulled me into a big hug that was so big my feet were dangling off of the ground even though I was a few inches taller then him. The hug felt so good that I didn’t want to let go.
“Bye my girl” He said “I’ll see ya in the morning, have a good sleep.”
Then they left together, leaving me alone with nobody but my confusing and frantic thoughts.
I inhaled the forest smelling air, slowly. The exhaled in one big breath. To think that I was going to some omish town where life would be simple. This however was nothing close to simple. Simple was galaxies away, in another dimension, in a different land, the land I left behind.
I took one more last look at the cottage that I was now living in and the garden that id have to spend all my spare time on, if I had any then walked inside my new home right to bed unaware of the surprise that awaited under the yellow bed sheets for me.

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