The Twilight Saga

characters in the Twilight Saga that i really love.

Isabella Swan is played by Kristen Stewart in the Twilight Saga. I really like her stubbornness, well except for the fact that she really is in love with Edward. I kinda like also her clumsiness in the book and in the movie.

Alice Cullen is played by Ashley Greene. I love her so much. I wished i was her but not. In the book, she likes throwing parties like the Graduation Party where half of the town were invited. She treats Bella as her own sister. I like her ability of seeing what will come and what will happen. She is graceful too. But all of the Cullens are graceful just like Bella says.

Edward Cullen is played by Robert Pattinson. Wow! He is so handsome in the book and in reality i mean. hahah.. I can't describe him anymore because he had anything and everything. I love him soo much!

Taylor Lautner played the character of Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga. He is the bestfriend of Bella. They are family friends. Charlie really like him for Bella. hahaha He is not a werewolf but a shape-shifter.

thats all....

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