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I panicked. Clearly Cherrie didn't know why, so I took a deep breath to calm myself, then slowly explained. "It's against the rules of the Volturi to create immortal children. The child and the vampires involved with the child are all sentenced to die." On that last sentence, I started hyperventillating. The horror on Cherrie's face was ominous, and wasn't helping me to calm down at all. Mom, Dad and the others returned from their hunting trip, and took in the strange sight; Alice still in a trance, me having a panick attack, and Cherrie awkwardly trying to help me. Only when I felt Jacob's arms around me did I breathe normally. Cherrie explained the situation, I felt Jacob's heart skip a beat. Mom and Dad were struggling to hide the shock on their faces- unsucsessfully. "So what are we going to do then?" I asked Uncle Jasper "Cherrie's actually an immortal child, so we can't get out of it." I was near hysterics now, really not wanting to lose my friend; but Uncle Jasper quickly erased the panic with his mood changing gift. "thanks" i muttered. Mom answered the question I asked Jasper "All we can do Renesmee, is exactly what we did when they thought you were immortal- show them that she's no danger to anyone." At that moment, Alice regained her sight in the present. "They're coming tomorrow. We have to meet them." she said. So we had to make my second trip to the baseball clearing... I was dreading it.


I saw the gray flow of the volturi's robes. Jane was next to Aro, staring at me, trying to make me feel pain. I knew it wouldn't work because of mom's shield, so it didn't bother me. Until i felt the pain of a thousand knives stabbing me all at once. I fell to the floor. I screamed, a gut wrenching, blood curdling scream...

When I awoke, I was laid in some kind of gray room... coming back to reality, I realised I was in the tent Emmet had set up for Jacob and me. I felt comforted that it was just a nightmare, but completely freaked out in case it actually happened later. My thoughts were interrupted by Jake "you okay Nessie? You were thrashing about in your sleep" he said "yeah" I shuddered "Just a nightmare." He nodded thoughtfully. Dad poked his head around the tent flap. "It's time." he said. I got up, and went with Jake to find Cherrie. I slipped my hand into hers. She squeezed it gratefully. "This is all my fault. If I wasn't here, your family wouldn't have to die..." She whispered, then started sobbing, but producing no tears, the only way vampires could cry. "It's not your fault, It's not anybody's fault" I told her. She nodded, but her sobbing didn't subside. Only when the cloud of gray robes that was the Volturi came into view, was Cherrie finally silent.

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