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I am wondering why chris Brown would ever beat Rihanna. its horrible, appauling.
i bet everyone that ever liked CB probably hates him now
and i wonder what his family thinks about this and of course he pays the bail money ( $ 50,000)
i am also wondering why rihanna stayed with chris if this isn't the first time he beat her
rihanna is an amazing person and chris ruined that relationship FOREVER
i don't know why anyone would want to beat there GF or BF or spouse it's just a horrible thing to do
i never saw CB as that kind of guy and he said that he would never be like that but most people that live in abusive homes become abusive.
when i heard that this happened i freaked

so tell me what you think about this

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Comment by Risa on February 12, 2009 at 7:31pm
I was really shocked when I heard about Chris Brown. I was more surprised when I found out it involved Rihana. The image he portrays doesn't match up with what happened. It's really sad because they are both very talented. I'm sure we're not going to hear the whole story for awhile but I'm curious about what caused this.

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