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I do think Chris Weitz directed New Moon very, very well. It was a better movie than Twilight in my opinion. Weitz did a great job of making the movie in the time he was given (and allowed). He should direct BD (fingers crossed that he will). He would do it excellently. And, of course, i can't wait to see Eclipse and BD, and when the soundtracks come out! I am so curious of what songs would be on them.
Everyone loves the teen love story of Bella and Edward, seeing their romance on the big screen, and a shirtless Jacob. Weitz definantly captured the romance in New Moon, and in order to film BD, you HAVE to capture the romance, (aka: wedding and honeymoon), or it won't be a good movie. And Renesmee better be cuter than everybody!!! I can't wait to see who will play her!
I wouldn't split BD up into different films, i'd just must it a long movie. It's a bad idea just to split up the movie for money or popularity, and it's very cruel to make fans wait for a PART of a movie. There are plenty of good 3-hour movies out there, so why not make BD long?
Who ever is directing this movie should NOT change the actors. Victoria was changed in Eclipse, and i got a little disappointed, because Rachelle Lefevre was a great Victoria. In my opnion, no one could have been a better Vicroria than Rachelle. Kristen Stewart isn't the best of actresses, but not the worst. She made the movie better with all the lip biting and rapid eye blinking in both of the movies.The people that you can't change are edward and the cullen family, bella and the swan family, the wolf pack, and jacob with the black family, although billy black doesn't really appear much anymore after New Moon.
They should have Carter Burwell back in Eclipse and/or BD, after that astonishing and amazingly wonderful song in Twilight. The soundtrack in Twilight really fit in with the atmosphere. The New Moon soundtrack had a lot of indie songs, which is good because i like indie songs, but it didn't really fit in that well with the movie. But, New Moon the movie had more to do with the book, and got more of the detail in it than Twilight the movie. I think Eclipse and BD should have at least 70% of the book in them, and take out little unnecessary things here and there. Bella's lullaby was so beautifully written that i had to learn it myself, and i'm glad i did. Carter Burwell is my absolute FAVORITE pianist. I kind of liked Alexandre Desplat's song, i learned parts of it on the piano, but i stopped because i probably wouldn't really like playing that much in the future. Carter should be in Eclipse at least if not BD. He did a song for A Knight's Tale, and i loved that.
So anyways, i just think that Chris Weitz should be the director of BD, and that he should get Carter Burwell back in the soundtrack (please).

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