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I have never really celebrated christmas because my parents go to work that day so we pretend on christmas eve.I hate having to do that i want to do it on the real christmas not Christmas eve see eve is not the day which makes it wierd that i have to celebrate it.I bet none of you guys ever celebrate halloween eve i dont go trick or treating on that day but my sister put that on my calender 2 years ago so i still want to celebrate it.Celebrating Christmas eve is like vampires and werewolfes mixed together you cant have hot and cold or hariy ond soft.If you didn't understand that then it is like cake before your birthday or your parents celebrating your arivel before you even came out.If any of you celebrate Cristmas eve and your parente work on Christmas day wright and type a comment.But do that after you ar done reading my story.So last year I only got 3 presents which is insane because I pretend for my parents and now sence I know how to play my viola I have to play a songg for them and act like it is Christmas.So now I hope you geet my pain every year.Check out my next story .

by:Mikayla Vicente

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