The Twilight Saga

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by Artemisia Fire Swan-Fierce

For ten years of the life of the granddaughter of a caring grandmother whose life had been on the line all her life, the family of 2 was happy, not aware of how the happiness would come to an end.

Then, for eight years, the grandmother tried to support her granddaughter's wishes and their owner, but, after her eighteenth year, decided it was futile to go on with someone whose disorder was a curse that could be cured, so she left on her nineteenth birthday, while she was trying to make arrangements-too late.

For the next 181 years, the granddaughter tried to cope with the loss, but the loss slowly killed her, so, on her 200th birthday, she died of a stressful life that could have been her own.....just because her disorder controlled her and the Devil with it.  The end.

I, the writer of the story just told in the shortest form, can see that way ahead of myself, and the 200 year old body in the bed that she died mine, to say the least.  If I don't control myself and let God to heal with me and the remaining of those I hope will stay in my life.  This is the story that hopefully will not have to be a novel that has to be a classic for years to come in these next generations.  I hope not to see 2012 be the end of the world, for God has the opportunity to save us from our humanly ambitions.  As for me, I will be in the Godly ambition without having no choice but to die in the arms of someone who could not understand my life and its purpose.

Forever Love,

Artemisia Fire Swan Fierce

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