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"Edward, what are we going to do?" I stared into Edward's amber eyes, hopeful. "I still can't read Gage's mind so I

have no idea if it wants to be good or can be. If the Voltori come , we should fight with our daughter, but if he continues

to be tranced , the way he is, well we may have to fight him." He looked at me now , his face thoughtful . I lifted my

hand in protest, he caught it and intertwined his hand in mine. I fought back the upcoming , pleased, smile. 

I gave up , but I knew I would be on Renesmee's team. Gage, was in Emmet's firm hands now, drinking , what I 

smelled as mountain lion blood. My mouth started watering, oh crap, I should've went hunting before all of this.

I wasn't, however, going to leave my daughter. Renesmee sat on the gray leather sofa , with a huge smile on her face.

I suppose she was happy, for now, that he was healthy and happy. I think. The cup ran out and he grew two inches 

taller he was almost bigger than a 3 year-old now. Wow. Renesmee beamed, she was proud of her demented son. 

Edward wrapped his arms around me when he realized I was shaking in anticipation . He leaned closer and I could

feel his lips brush against my ear,"It's going to be okay love, I promise, I'll protect you always." He pulled away to 

kiss me, so fiercely, maybe to seal the promise . It might've lasted like five minutes because I didn't need to breath as

a vampire. But,  didn't he realize I wasn't worried about myself ? I was worried about my family and with good reason.

Suddenly, Edward brushed me aside to get to Renesmee. His eyes were solid black, he reached his hands towards

her, maybe she assumed it was a embrace , but the child had lines on his pale forehead from concentrating. Gage

nodded his tiny head in my direction and Edward turned , to distract me? Or to kill me? I wasn't sure. But, he grabbed

my statue-hard arm , and lifted his right hand, to punch me? I put my hands on both sides of his face , just as he put 

his hands around my neck. "Edward, I love you." I said . It was the truth it had always been the truth. "Your breaking

your promise", I said staring into his softening eyes. Renesmee was behind Jacob , she wasn't moving, maybe it 

over whelmed her.  His face went from in a trance to the Edward I loved. Our love must have been too much for Gage.

It wasn't until now, that I noticed the... crack in my left arm. I poked it, and twisted it, I had to admit , it hurt, bad.

Edward's eyes were so wide , I was afraid they'd pop out of his head and roll on the floor. I put my arm behind my

back so he could no longer gawk at it. He looked at me coldly. I tried to read his expression but it was unreadable.

He turned away and I clutched his arm . "What, Bella? Haven't I caused enough damage?" He asked icily. 

"Edward, we don't have time for this...LOOK OUT RENESMEE!" I yelled . Gage was creeping towards her, his fangs

were bared, that same grin on his face. I shuddered , it was very unpleasant and it made me feel uncomfortable.

The Voltori bursted through the glass doors, shattering them. "Where is the child?" The leader spoke first. They

had formed a line, in it were, Demetri [the tracker , he wouldn't be much of a fight , and the entire guard. My face fell.

We were outnumbered once again , deja'vu. Gage was now staring at the Voltori, wide eyed.  "We will destroy  him

quickly as we are opposed to torture", he looked at me and Edward in fear. I sustained a laugh at a time like this. 

Renesmee stepped forward, "Stop, I will not allow you to do so." The Voltori leader met her determined gaze.

"Ahh we meet again young friend. So nice to see you again. - Jacob wasted no time putting Renesmee behind him.

He stared at the Voltori harshly , this wasn't the first time they'd met. "Save the sweet talk for someone who cares,

leech." Jacob said coldly. The voltori leader's eyebrows razed, he turned to Gage. "He is a menace to society we 

will get rid of him." He finished. Gage came to him, but Gage didn't seem afraid . Edward stepped in despite my 

efforts to contain him. Edward held out his hand gingerly and nodded at the leader who slowly took his out stretched

hand. The leader then turned to Gage, "You are quite special, like your family, we could use you in the Voltori." He 

said cheerfully. Gage actually , earnestly, smiled and took a step towards the Voltori, then a glance at his mother.

His mouth watered at the sight and smell of her, but his eyes watered, as if he realized his wrongs. I was dead 

wrong. Gage lunged again and the Voltori controlled and soothed him. Renesmee started bawling again and she 

reached her arms out to Gage. Jacob stroked her cheek, understandingly. Edward stepped back and I cringed into

him but he didn't touch me. The crack on my arm had almost vanished.  I looked up at Renesmee, "He wants to be

in the Voltori , it will make him happy." She sighed and sniffed,"If it's what's best for him." A final tear slid down her

hard cheek and the Voltori were gone as was her child,Gage. The End.

Where are they now?: Jacob and Renesmee are happily married and have two kids , a boy and a girl. Species:?

Edward eventually forgave himself for what went wrong and he and Bella continued their perfect lives. Carlisle and 

Esme took the next step in their relationship and renewed their vows. As for Alice and Jasper they did finally have

their dream annivarsary with no interruptions. What happened to Emmet and Rosalie? Well they continued their

lives together and you know their still in love when you can hear them at night ten miles away. I wish I could say

all their lives were always blissful and joyous but I'd be lieing. There were glitches in the rest of their life, but I 

suppose you'll have to wait until my next story for that. (; Luv,Lily 


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Comment by Richelle Cullen on February 22, 2011 at 10:35am
I agree you definitely need to start a new blog series! This one was amazing
Comment by ๖ۣۜ♥angel_1702๖ۣۜ♥ on February 2, 2011 at 2:40am
wow!! amazing!!

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