The Twilight Saga

Conversation of two friends about Twilight

Alicia Martinez: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anasia Cullen: I said exactly what Bella said to Jacob when she found out Jake imprinted on Renesmee
Alicia Martinez: COME AND GET MEEE
Anasia Cullen: Lol..................... HAHAHAHA!!
Alicia Martinez: LOLXZ
Anasia Cullen: Im not mad anymore. At least Edward I (Bella Cullen) Are together NOW. I dont need to worry about you. You are Jessica Stanley you like him but can never HAVE him
Anasia Cullen: Im Bella I LOVE him and I HAVE him
Alicia Martinez: he is in my room rite now waitin 4 mee
Anasia Cullen: Uh no. He is in my bedroom waiting for me to emial my mom Renee so we can take care of our daughter together.
Alicia Martinez: we r bothn goin crazy here
Anasia Cullen: He hears me getting pissed "Bella!" Edward yelled. "Stop fighting with your best friend. You'll mad later on. Its not worth it. Say sorry to each other and come here. Please."
Anasia Cullen: "Ok Edward!" I yelled back
Anasia Cullen: Sorry Alicia. I didnt mean too
Anasia Cullen: Will you forgive me
Alicia Martinez: lolxz its ok
Anasia Cullen: LOL!!!
Alicia Martinez: how do u get other aim icons im bored and i need one
Anasia Cullen: I cant stop laughing. My mom is staring at me, weird
Anasia Cullen: Um? On what? Aim?
Alicia Martinez: same
Alicia Martinez: yea
Anasia Cullen: Click on the icon and click changed
Alicia Martinez: i need twilight
Alicia Martinez: and i know that
Anasia Cullen: I wanna read Breaking Dawn now.. but family is here And they'll be noisy. While I read it outloud
Anasia Cullen: And I dont wanna sign off while your online
Alicia Martinez: ok lolxz
Alicia Martinez: ok
Anasia Cullen: Brb I need a refill of water
Alicia Martinez: kk i need blood
Anasia Cullen: :) lol
Alicia Martinez: lolxz im serious
Anasia Cullen: Well, I changed my mind. I have AB positive
Anasia Cullen: It tastes really good.
Anasia Cullen: Im realllllllyyy thirsy
Anasia Cullen: thirsty.
Anasia Cullen: Your the only friend only, Im talking too
Alicia Martinez: i know rite ab positive taste real good i needed that
Alicia Martinez: aww
Anasia Cullen: O negative is human. It makes me OUT OF CONTROL, so I only get AB positive
Alicia Martinez: same here im mix wit vampire and werewolf only like 20 percent so i crave 4 blood more
Anasia Cullen: Oh thats.. sad
Anasia Cullen: Your more like Jasper in many ways
Anasia Cullen: Im more like Bella or Alice.
Alicia Martinez: yea it is and jacob doesnt know and thats bad
Anasia Cullen: I could control my thirst.
Anasia Cullen: Oh aw you should tell him.
Alicia Martinez: i know i should but hes busy sleepin rite now
Anasia Cullen: Oh. I've been meaning to ask you something...
Alicia Martinez: wat is it
Anasia Cullen: Can you sleep?
Alicia Martinez: no
Anasia Cullen: No?
Anasia Cullen: Never.
Alicia Martinez: i cant
Anasia Cullen: I'm like Renesmee, I can.
Alicia Martinez: will at sometimes but only like a few times
Anasia Cullen: Oh. I can.
Alicia Martinez: koolxz
Anasia Cullen: :) Yeah. Im like Bella. My special ability is shield like Bella. Because duh I am her
Alicia Martinez: it just got warm in here
Anasia Cullen: Im so.. hot.
Anasia Cullen: I feel regular.
Alicia Martinez: jacobs arms r around mee
Anasia Cullen: Oh aw. Edward is behind me.. reading over my shoulders. He's laughing cause he is reading this as I type
Anasia Cullen: Well, chuckling really not laughing..
Alicia Martinez: wow lolxz
Anasia Cullen: Yeah. Me and him have a special bond. I love him. Brb. Kissing here...
Alicia Martinez: jacob keeps on tryin 2 take over but im 2 strong 4 him lolxz
Alicia Martinez: ok
Anasia Cullen: Wait.. Edward. Stop. Im. Typing. To. My. Best. Friend. Haha. Sorry about that Alicia
Anasia Cullen: Wow. Your stronger than your Jacob
Alicia Martinez: ok lolxz
Alicia Martinez: yea and hes listenin 2 me singing 2 my self
Anasia Cullen: Edward is being tempted because Im in short shorts and a white tee. He has to get use to it. Teehee
Anasia Cullen: Oh aw.
Alicia Martinez: i know rite same here wit jacob
Anasia Cullen: Boys will be boys.. hehe. I miss you Alicia. Even though you live in La Push. And I live in Forks. Doesnt mean anything
Alicia Martinez: yea it doesnt and thats true boys will be boys
Alicia Martinez: lolxz
Anasia Cullen: Haha. *giggles*
Alicia Martinez: *giggles *
Alicia Martinez: srry jacob kissin my neck srry
Anasia Cullen: Edward told me hes allowing me to visit you soon. "Yes, you can go Bella." "Thank you. Thank you!" *kissing Edward*
Alicia Martinez: ok lolxz
Anasia Cullen: Aw I love you guys. Jake, Alicia, of course you Edward
Alicia Martinez: awww
Alicia Martinez: jacob jumped becuz of my chemical romance helana
Anasia Cullen: Yes. Were family even though Vampires and Werewolves cant be together from the treaty. We're proving the treaty wrong haha
Alicia Martinez: yup u got that rite
Anasia Cullen: Hehe. "Hi, Auntie Licia, Its me Renesmee! I miss you so much"
Alicia Martinez: aww
Anasia Cullen: "Hi, Jake!"
Anasia Cullen: "Love you Licia. Hope to see you soon! :-*"
Alicia Martinez: awww
Anasia Cullen: "Well, got to go. Mommy and Daddy say its bedtime. Love you Jake and Licia!!"
Alicia Martinez: love u too nite
Anasia Cullen: *Renesmee left* So how are you Alicia?
Alicia Martinez: im good how r u
Alicia Martinez: this is our son andy :
Anasia Cullen: Oh... he's something! *giggles awkwardly*
Alicia Martinez: he gets that from mee
Anasia Cullen: Cool!
Alicia Martinez: yea
Anasia Cullen: This is Renesmee. She looks like a young lady now:*KdYANGPnykqKZj1R0-asbSfAt00fxjQkc9Zv0OPcFWkZZi2cRwUC/RenesmeeCullen.jpg_Anasia Cullen: She has my brown eyes._Alicia Martinez: yea she does_Anasia Cullen: Yes._Anasia Cullen: My heart shaped face_Alicia Martinez: how is edward and u doin_Anasia Cullen: Charlie's hair: curly. And Edward's color
Alicia Martinez: kooll
Alicia Martinez: this is mine and jakes song:
Anasia Cullen: Yes. We adore her so much. When I put her hand to my face I saw what she was dreaming about: You, Edward, Me, and Jake, The rest of the Cullens, Wolf pack
Alicia Martinez: aww
Anasia Cullen: Yes. Shes saying she misses you and Jake and the wolves so much in her sleep. We must visit you soon.
Alicia Martinez: yes u must
Anasia Cullen: "Of course." Edward said. "We may sooner or later. How does Jacob feel of Monday?"
Alicia Martinez: "ok"says jake
Anasia Cullen: "Excellent!" Edward replied.
Alicia Martinez: sweet
Anasia Cullen: Hehe. So, how are the wolves and Emily?
Alicia Martinez: omg jake seen me all goth and everything he got so scared
Alicia Martinez: there fine
Anasia Cullen: Wow. That would have freaked me out as well. Edward chuckled
Alicia Martinez: lolxz but i can rock the look
Anasia Cullen: Oh my Alicia, I really wanna read Breaking Dawn but, I dont wanna sign off. I wanna speak to you and Amber as well
Alicia Martinez: im talkin 2 her as while but jake doesnt like her 4 some reason
Anasia Cullen: Yes, yes you can. You make me go wild. Edward stunned. "Not that way Edward. You dazzle me"
Anasia Cullen: Edward smiled.
Alicia Martinez: ok lolxz
Anasia Cullen: Sorry. Edward just has alot of jealousy. Edward chuckled again
Alicia Martinez: r u sure bout that
Anasia Cullen: Not alot. But its funny when I think he does
Alicia Martinez: "love u my spells"said jake "awww love u 2 boo"
Alicia Martinez: ok lolxz
Anasia Cullen: "Wow, you actually think I'm jealous of what you said to Alicia?" Edward asked. "No, silly. I just say its funny to think it" I explained. "Oh." Edward giggled
Anasia Cullen: Aw. You and Jake are so wonderful
Alicia Martinez: ok loxz u 2 ok over there
Alicia Martinez: aww thnx anasia
Anasia Cullen: Yeah. We're fine. Were in Edwards room. And Alice is here. "Hi, Alicia. I love that your name is almost the same as mine."Alice said
Alicia Martinez: aww thnx alice
Anasia Cullen: Alice smiled, "Well, oh my Bella. This isnt a surprise at all. Uh. Why dont you ever match your clothing!"
Alicia Martinez: ok lolxz
Anasia Cullen: I laughed
Alicia Martinez: lolxz
Anasia Cullen: "Well, I see your gonna look nice when I see you Alicia. I love that shirt too. Well, see you then. Bye for now..." Alice giggled leaving the room
Alicia Martinez: byebye
Anasia Cullen: Carlisle is downstairs with Emment, and Rose. Renesmee is sleeping in Alice and Jaspers room
Alicia Martinez: andy is just listenin 2 his rock music in his room rite now
Anasia Cullen: Oh thats nice! Wonderful!
Alicia Martinez: ok ???
Anasia Cullen: I have to visit my dad soon. I hope he isnt worried Im not visiting often
Alicia Martinez: ok
Anasia Cullen: And since Victoria, James, and Laurant are gone I dont have trouble anymore. And the Volturi dont need to visit because Im a vampire now
Alicia Martinez: thats good
Alicia Martinez: jakes dad doesnt like me
Anasia Cullen: Why not?
Alicia Martinez: just becuz im half vampire and werewolf
Anasia Cullen: Billy at first when he saw me with Edward didnt approve. But when Edward was gone.. *silent cries* he and him became friends now
Alicia Martinez: thats good his dad thinks im emo or something
Anasia Cullen: "Its okay Bella. Dont tear. I wont ever leave you again" Edward explained. To cheer me up. It did.
Anasia Cullen: Well, arent you emo anyway?
Alicia Martinez: no im not anymore
Anasia Cullen: He probably thinks that your not right for Jake. But to Jake you are
Anasia Cullen: Im just a person that became popular without even trying...
Anasia Cullen: "You should have heard what every boy was thinking of you when you first came to Forks High." Edward growled
Anasia Cullen: "Calm down, Edward. Its fine. Thats the past"
Alicia Martinez: ok lolxz edward i can tell with out havin 2 read there mind i know boys
Anasia Cullen: "Yeah, your right Alicia. Thank you."
Anasia Cullen: I smiled.
Alicia Martinez: np
Alicia Martinez: so wats up
Anasia Cullen: I'm fine... with Edward here by my side. But, besides the obvious. I'm a little hot.
Alicia Martinez: ok im kinda cold over here
Anasia Cullen: Edward hugged me. "Thanks." I smiled. "No, problem" Edward replied
Alicia Martinez: jake asked me one day how old i was i was so scared 2 tell him
Alicia Martinez: he would freak out if he found out
Anasia Cullen: What? Well, how old are you?
Alicia Martinez: im the same age as edward hello more vampire than werewolf remember
Anasia Cullen: Oh my?! Tell him
Alicia Martinez: hes rite here so now he knows he fell out 4 a few mintues
Anasia Cullen: Wow.
Alicia Martinez: yea
Anasia Cullen: I've only been a Vampire for a whole year now from November 08 to October 09
Anasia Cullen: 12 months
Alicia Martinez: nice
Anasia Cullen: Yes. Its wonderful to live with the people you adore.
Alicia Martinez: yea it is
Anasia Cullen: "Thank you Bella. I love you more than my own life. Truly" Edward smiled. "Thank you. But hey, you said that when you proposed to me. Hehe"
Alicia Martinez: oh god anasia i fell bad 4 edward rite now lolxz
Anasia Cullen: Its fine. He's giggling
Anasia Cullen: Edward left the room, "I must talk to Alice, Bella. I'll be right back." Edward left.
Anasia Cullen: I wonder what's going on now
Alicia Martinez: wow jessica is startin a rumor that her and edward did it b4 u came 2 the skool
Anasia Cullen: Wait.. Jessica Stanley
Alicia Martinez: yes she hates u thats wat she told me
Anasia Cullen: *I growled* Edward came, "Bella! Whats the matter?!" Edward is typing: Alicia, what happened Bella froze.
Alicia Martinez: jessica is starin a rumor that u and her did it b4 bella came 2 the skool
Alicia Martinez: (ok lolxz)
Anasia Cullen: Edward growled: I cant believe her. Thats why my Bella is frozen right now. IN SHOCK!
Alicia Martinez: yes dont wrry i got her HEHEHEHEHEHE
Anasia Cullen: Edward is shaking me. "Wha.. Huh! What?" I said
Alicia Martinez: u ok
Anasia Cullen: "Are you okay Bella. You froze!" Edward explained. "Fine. Just-- thats what it feels like to be frozen like you were when we were in Isle Esme.." *I giggled*
Anasia Cullen: Sorry Alicia. I just lost control. I didnt mean too. I just.. sorry.
Alicia Martinez: r.i.p jessica *evil laugh*
Alicia Martinez: its ok
Anasia Cullen: Um? Alicia? What are you planning to do to her? I know she started that but that doesnt mean to destroy her.
Alicia Martinez: its 2 late she messed wit me 2 so
Anasia Cullen: Its fine. I just lost control. That caught me off-- what?! You killed her
Alicia Martinez: wat do u think even edward would know
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Alicia! How could you?
Bella: You killed a human. Your lucky its not on the news.
Anasia Cullen: Alice came in, "Oh my. Alicia.. the-- the!!"
Alicia Martinez: ?????
Anasia Cullen: "What Alice!" Edward yelled.
Alicia Martinez: wat!!!!!!!!!
Anasia Cullen: Alice: The news is going to talk about Jessica Stanley's death. Because Mike Newton saw you kill her. He told the police.
Alicia Martinez: wat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anasia Cullen: "Now the Volturi is coming.. but not for you.. their after Bella."
Anasia Cullen: "WHAT! FOR WHAT?!"
Anasia Cullen: I yelled
Alicia Martinez: ?????????????
Anasia Cullen: "They knew you were friends with them Bella" Alice explained.
Alicia Martinez: i live somewhere no one can find me so ha
Anasia Cullen: Bella: But I did nothing
Alicia Martinez: wow
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Well, their here
Alicia Martinez: hold on
Anasia Cullen: Alice continued: Their coming in just a few days
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Alicia! Do you see what you have caused me. I did nothing wrong. Mike caught you. But the Volturi come for ME!
Alicia Martinez: *alicia walks away and andy gets on* "heyy wats up "said andy
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Put your mother back on! Or Jacob!
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Jacob. Get Jacob on or Alicia.
Alicia Martinez: im here and i found out that wasnt mee i was here readin
Anasia Cullen: Bella: What are you talking about?
Alicia Martinez: i was readin it was someone else
Anasia Cullen: Bella: WHO?!
Anasia Cullen: Edward and Alice: Oh MY!
Alicia Martinez: hold on "yea alicia is goin 2 get andy
Alicia Martinez: said jacob
Anasia Cullen: Edward and Alice: You've got to be kidding me!
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Who dammit! Dont leave me out of this!! Hello. Jake. WHO!?
Alicia Martinez: stay here,wat happend
Alicia Martinez: it was andy
Anasia Cullen: Bella: WHO IS IT?! ALICIA. JAKE!!
Alicia Martinez: it was our son andy
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Calm Bella. Nobody is going to hurt you.
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Andy how could you!
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Andy...? You did this. How? Why? You got me and maybe my family in grave danger!
Alicia Martinez: andy:idk my mother was readin so she wouldnt pay any mind so i see jessica so i just attacked her i didnt mean 2 get u in trouble
Anasia Cullen: Bella: What? Why? Jess...?
Alicia Martinez: wat happen tell me
Anasia Cullen: Alice is in shock. Edward: Andy you must never hurt a human. Your a vamp-wolf.
Alicia Martinez: andy:ok fine i will
Anasia Cullen: Edward: You must control yourself. Your madness must only go for animals. Okay?
Alicia Martinez: andy:ok i promise
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Jacob. Teach your son some lesson, will you! He got YOUR best friend and MY wife in trouble with the people YOU dont seem to like
Alicia Martinez: jacob:fine i will come on andy *they leave*
Alicia Martinez: wow my head hurts rite now
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Andy. Only animals. I'm just sad to hear Jess is gone. The last of her were "Oh my. Bella we have to see each other again" at my graduation...
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Who's head hurts?
Alicia Martinez: mine bella
Alicia Martinez: me alicia
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Oh Alicia? Sorry. Im a little confused.. Jess is gone *she broke off on Jess's name*
Alicia Martinez: alicia:im so srry bella andy is just out of control wit me
Anasia Cullen: Edward is rubbing Bella's arm. Alice: Well, I have to go. Jasper and I are going to hunt.... Hope you get well.. Bella.. sis.
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Its fine. Well, I have to go to her funeral.
Edward: You cant Bella. Its in the daylight.
Alicia Martinez: Alicia:WAT THE *Alicia is pulled off the computer*
Anasia Cullen: Bella: But Edward--
Edward: Im sorry but you cant. You'll expose yourself. You'll get the Volturi on you even more
Anasia Cullen: Bella: ALICIA!!!! EDWARD! ALICIA IS .. ALICIA!!!
Alicia Martinez: james:feels good 2 talk 2 u bella
Anasia Cullen: Alice downstairs 'Oh my god someone go to Bella's house NOW
Anasia Cullen: Bella: ....?James.....
Anasia Cullen: Edward growled..:What the hell? You were..dead
Alicia Martinez: james:yes its mee and u thought wrong edward
Anasia Cullen: Emment downstairs 'James. I thought I killed you!!'
Alicia Martinez: james:now alicia is goin 2 talk bellas place
Anasia Cullen: Bella: How in the--Edward I thought Alice ripped his head off and Jasper and Emment burned him
Alicia Martinez: *take

Alicia Martinez: james: BYE bye
Anasia Cullen: Edward froze. Bella: Edward! Edward please dont freeze
Anasia Cullen: Bella: WAIT!
Alicia Martinez: james:wat
Anasia Cullen: Bella: How are you still alive?
Alicia Martinez: james:u will never know
Anasia Cullen: Bella: They killed you. I think I remember in my human life.
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Give me those answers NOW. *I growled*
Alicia Martinez: james i have 2 go i have plans so bye bye
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Wheres Alicia, Jacob, Andy...
Alicia Martinez: *james left and jacob comes back*
Anasia Cullen: Bella: JAKE! What the hell is going on over there!
Alicia Martinez: jacob:WHERE THE HELL IS ALICIA!!!!!!
Anasia Cullen: Bella: What?!
Alicia Martinez: jacob:y isnt my baby here
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Jacob. He's back. James? I killed him though. Didnt I?
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Andy.. Alicia?
Anasia Cullen: Bella
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Im coming right now.
Alicia Martinez: jacob: i think i can find him just stay rite there
Anasia Cullen: Edward stopped me. Edward: I dont want you to leave. Im afraid. Bella: What? When are you ever afraid
Alicia Martinez: andy:ok now i never seen my dad this mad b4 in my life
Anasia Cullen: Bella: No Jake. Dont find him. What about Laurant still here. Or.... Victoria
Alicia Martinez: andy:no there dead
Anasia Cullen: Bella: What happened?! Where's Jacob
Alicia Martinez: andy:he want 2 find james
Anasia Cullen: Edward holding on Bella. Bella fighting back. Bella: Please Edward. I must save HIM. Please!!
Alicia Martinez: *jacob comes back wit alicia in his arms * jacob: damn that felt good
Anasia Cullen: Edward: I just cant lose you again....
Anasia Cullen: Bella stops fighting. Bella: Im sorry. I must be giving you pure pain
Alicia Martinez: jacob:wat did i miss
Anasia Cullen: Bella hugs and kisses Edward.
Alicia Martinez: jacob:i come back to this
Anasia Cullen: Bella stops and silent blushes: Stop Jake. I just-- wait did you find James. Or Alicia. OR ANDY
Anasia Cullen: Sorry Jake I mean.. giggles
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Shes fine Bella. He has her
Alicia Martinez: jacob:i found james and alicia,she rite here fastsleep and andy is in his room and james once again hes dead 4 good
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Oh okay. Thank god. May I talk to her. Alicia? Are you okay. What happened?
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Are you sure hes dead? Seriously sure. Because he was supposed to be dead way before prom in May of 1 year ago
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Hes sure..
Alicia Martinez: jacob: yes im sure bella
Anasia Cullen: Alice: James is dead.
Alicia Martinez: jacob:finally someone gets it
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Oh thank god.
Renesmee comes. Renesmee: Jacob! Jake! Oh my goodness. I miss you so much!
Alicia Martinez: jacob:i miss u 2 renesmee
Anasia Cullen: Renesmee: I miss you calling me 'Nessie'. Its been to long.
Alicia Martinez: jacob: ok nessie
Anasia Cullen: Renesmee: *giggles* Hows Seth. I havent heard of him lately? Well, I miss your husky voice as well
Alicia Martinez: jacob:hes good and i miss holdin u nessie
Anasia Cullen: Emment: So, Jake. Have you and Alicia been breaking your house.. you know why? *wink,wink. giggles*
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Aw. Thanks. What does Emment mean?
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Dont tell her Jacob!
Alicia Martinez: jacob:that is between me and alicia and ur too young 2 know nessie
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Why? Whats going on? Oh okay. I guess..
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Plus, Nessie would be highly upset if she found out Jake. You know that already
Alicia Martinez: jacob:yea i know
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Well, I wanna know when Im grown up then. Edward: No, Im sorry.. well, thats his choice. If hes up for her to be pissed at him for a while
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Wait a sec. Auntie and Jake..? What is going between them? Edward: Nothing, my love.
Alicia Martinez: *alicia wakes up* alicia:ok wat r u guys talkin bout
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Emment said you and Jake and something dealing with breaking your home. Whats going on?
Anasia Cullen: Edward: DONT TELL!
Alicia Martinez: alicia:nothing nessie nothing is goin on
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Why? I really wanna know!
Edward: Sorry hon, we dont want you to get mad at Jake and Auntie Licia
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Aw. Gr. Nessie touches daddys cheek. Edward: No Nessie. Stop guessing...
Alicia Martinez: alicia:ok *laughs*
Anasia Cullen: Bella walks in... Bella: Hi, guys. I see Nessie wants to know something.. lol. What Edward? Edward explained without saying the real thing. Bella: OH! Nessie nothing you need to know.
Alicia Martinez: alicia:Emment y would u ask jake that
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Emment can you explain! Emment: Sure. Edward and Bella growled. Emment: *giggles* Later. Bella: Emment remember that bet with the arm wrestling before. Dont test me... I won so you dont say anything. Emment: You said not about your --- life
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Why did you stop and then say ..... life. What am I missing?!
Anasia Cullen: Nothing: Everyone said.
Alicia Martinez: alicia:ok umm wats is goin on over there i feel left out
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: This is annoying me.
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Nessie wants to know. About if you and Jake are yeah-ing each other. And breaking the house. Please dont explain detail... she doesnt need to know. She'll get pissed at Jake and you. You know that already
Alicia Martinez: alicia:yea im not goin 2 say anything i dont need edward gettin pissed at me
Anasia Cullen: Bella: I did a bet with Emment of arm wrestling for whoever wins they either not tell about me and Edwards yeah life and If he won he would tell everything. So, yeah I won and he cant say nothing
Alicia Martinez: alicia:nice
Anasia Cullen: Emment: YOU ONLY SAID YOUR
Everyone growled. Emment: Okay, Okay. I'll stop
Alicia Martinez: alicia:thats wat u get emment
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Auntie..? Will you explain. Im clueless right now. I wish I had daddys power to read you all thoughts
Anasia Cullen: Emment: Shut up Alicia.
Alicia Martinez: alicia:u have 2 ask ur mommy and daddy bout it sweetie
Alicia Martinez: alicia:shut dont go up jerky
Alicia Martinez: alicia:so shut down
Anasia Cullen: Nessie looked a daddy and mommy next. They shook their heads. Nessie: I'll find out later and when I do-- Nessie left the room
Anasia Cullen: Bella sighed: I hope she doesnt find out. She'll be crying for centuries
Alicia Martinez: alicia:she gets cute everyday
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Yes, your right Alicia. :)
Alicia Martinez: alicia:so wats else is goin on
Anasia Cullen: Alice: We're having a party!
Bella: What? What about the Volturi coming later on in a few days!
Alicia Martinez: alicia:yea wat bout them
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Oh thats a few months from now, Silly. So, for now we're having a PARTY!
Alicia Martinez: alicia:ok ????
Anasia Cullen: Edward sighed. Edward: I thought that graduation party was a last for you Alice.
Alice: Nope. I <3 parties. You already know Edward.
Alicia Martinez: alicia:so how is everyone else
Anasia Cullen: Alice: I already have 64 people coming, yay. I saw it too
Alicia Martinez: *alicia laughs*
Anasia Cullen: Alice said sadly: Well, not 64 . 63..
Anasia Cullen: Bella silent cried. Bella: Jess..
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Its okay, love! Its fine. I promise.
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Nothing could make me feel happy.. well expect you and my family but, still except from that I still miss Jess even though she doesnt like me
Alicia Martinez: alicia:so.....
Alicia Martinez: alicia:bella dont even think bout it just enjoy ur life and have fun wit it
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Oh cheer up Bella. I know you thought of her jealous of you because you and Mike were like this 'she crossed her index and middle finger together'
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Thanks Alicia. Alice that doesnt mean anything. I still liked girls night out with her.
Alice: Me and you do that too
Bella: But you go overboard
Alicia Martinez: alicia:wat bout me
Anasia Cullen: Edward said under his breathe: True.
Anasia Cullen: Bella: You and Alice are the ones going OVERboard. Jess was simple. Cause she was human
Alicia Martinez: alicia:hey i cant help it ok i am female after all bella
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Sorry Jes-- Alicia. Im sorry. Bella ran from the room.
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Sorry Alicia, Its a difficult time for her
Alicia Martinez: alicia:i wish i was there 2 cheer her up i understand
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Shes going through alot. The Volturi, Jess, and yeah Nessie trying to figure out what we were talking about
Alicia Martinez: alicia:yea *laughs*
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Thank you. :)
Alice: Bella will come back in like 5 mins. Dont mess with her Edward. I saw your future change to Bella. Just give her time...
Alicia Martinez: alicia:so how u been edward
Anasia Cullen: Jasper: Whats going on? Jasper looks around. Jasper: There's alot of sadness. Alicia? Why are you sad?
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Fine. Im just feeling for Bella
Alicia Martinez: alicia:thats good hey jasper
Anasia Cullen: Jasper: Alicia? Your sad.. why? I dont understand..?
Alicia Martinez: alicia:i just wish i was there 2 cheer up bella
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Daddy, mommy wants you. She is not crying but it sounds like it..
Edward left
Anasia Cullen: Jasper: She has a difficult life. Dont we all! But, she will feel better in a few.. I think..? Alice?
Alice: I dont know..?
Jasper: What do you mean?
Alice: A wolf is coming.. Alice smells Alice: Seth..
Alicia Martinez: jacob:wat is he doin over there
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Hi Guys. Oh Hi Jake. I didnt know they were talking to you. I thought you would be over here with Nessie. Hi Nes!
Nessie: *giggles* Hi Seth..
Alicia Martinez: jacob:im over here wit alicia / alicia:heyy seth
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Jacob, Sam wanted to know the 4-1-1 their hearing the Volturi are coming..? Alice came to us..
Alice smirked.
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Alicia? I never heard of an Alicia. I thought you imprinted on Nessie. What the heck is going on?!
Alicia Martinez: jacob:yea they r coming thnx alice
Alicia Martinez: jacob&alicia:is nessie there
Anasia Cullen: Alice: No problem. Just doing my job.
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: I'll leave *sighed*
Anasia Cullen: Nessie left..
Anasia Cullen: Seth: So?
Alicia Martinez: jacob&alicia:did she hear wat was talkin bout
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Who were talking about? Huh?
Alicia Martinez: jacob&alicia:nevermind
Anasia Cullen: Seth: This.. Alicia girl is your.. what cousin. Our cousin that I never heard of. Aunt.. Grandma.. What?
Alicia Martinez: jacob:wat do u think if u havent seen me 4 a long time seth
Anasia Cullen: Seth: You IMPRINTED on ANOTHER GIRL!!
Alicia Martinez: jacob:wat do u think seth
Anasia Cullen: Seth: What the? How many girls can you imprint on? What the-- Jake! How does Nessie feel over this?
Anasia Cullen: Bella: She doesnt know...
Alicia Martinez: jacob:she doesnt know bout it
Alicia Martinez: alicia:when did u get here bella
Anasia Cullen: Seth: What? This is ridiculous. Wait a sec.. did you.. ya know. Do IT?!
Alicia Martinez: jacob&alicia:yea
Anasia Cullen: Bella: No.
Alicia Martinez: jacob&alicia:no
Anasia Cullen: Seth: This is just..... sick. YOUR CHEATING JAKE!
Anasia Cullen: Seth: At least I think.. Its cheating..
Alicia Martinez: jacob:ok im goin 2 sleep *jake leaves*
Alicia Martinez: alicia:ok ???
Anasia Cullen: Seth: How could you let this happen.. Alicia?
Alicia Martinez: alicia:idk
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Well, it wasnt his fault Seth
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Well its his fault for having SEX with her!
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Um? OH MY GOD!!!!!!
Anasia Cullen: Nessie came around the corner. Nessie: Who had
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Why were you over hearing. Alicia get Jacob far away from the computer.
Alicia Martinez: alicia:me and jake r very different seth and i mean different and omg
Alicia Martinez: alici:hes sleepin
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Different? No. Seth just yelled sex. I wasnt over hearing you mommy I mean it. Its Seth who yelled it
Anasia Cullen: Seth: No. I. Yes. I. Did. Sorry. Guys.
Alicia Martinez: alicia:ok ???
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Wait a second. Whats sex?
Anasia Cullen: Bella: NOTHING
Alicia Martinez: alicia:yea nothing nessie
Anasia Cullen: Edward came. Nessie: Daddy? Whats sex? Edward froze. Edward growled. Edward: EMMENT! Emment: I didnt say anything! Edward: WHO?!
Alicia Martinez: alicia:i never seem edward this mad
Anasia Cullen: Edward: WHO THE HELL SAID THIS TO NESSIE!? BELLA?! Bella: Um? Er. Edward please dont get mad. It was a mistake. Seth was just figuring it out and he yelled sex.
Alicia Martinez: alicia:yea it is seths fault edward
Anasia Cullen: Edward growled. Edward: What the hell Seth! You know my daughter would hear you yell! Seth: Im sorry. I didnt mean too. Im sure of it
Alicia Martinez: alicia:only u seth
Anasia Cullen: Edward sighed, angrily. Seth: Im sorry. Nessie: Wait a second. This is what your were hiding from me Auntie Licia and Jake..?
Anasia Cullen: Bella: NO NO NO!
Anasia Cullen: Edward: No, love....
Anasia Cullen: Seth: uhhhhhhh............. Nessie stared at him. Nessie: Well? Seth: I .... uhh. I dont know?
Alicia Martinez: alicia couldnt say anything becuz of shock
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Please dont lie to me. Please.. Nessie stared deep into Seth's eyes. Seth: Oh my god! Edward, Bella dont get pissed, But I think Im in love with Nessie!
Anasia Cullen: Bella and Edward: WHAT!?
Alicia Martinez: alicia&jake:WAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anasia Cullen: Seth: yeah... She's so beautiful. Nessie smiled. Nessie: Thanks.
Alicia Martinez: Alicia&Jake:wow o.0
Alicia Martinez: alicia:u guys there
Anasia Cullen: yes
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Sorry Jake I shouldnt be doing this. I have to go....
Alicia Martinez: jake:yea
Anasia Cullen: Seth ran.. his whole body trembling
Alicia Martinez: alicia:wow
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: What is going on between you JAKE and Auntie Licia
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Tell me. Dont lie. Or say its nothing
Alicia Martinez: jake&alicia:.........................
Anasia Cullen: Bella: No
Anasia Cullen: Edward: nothing
Anasia Cullen: Seth comes back...
Alicia Martinez: jake&alicia:nothing nessie nothing is goin on between us
Anasia Cullen: Seth walks up to Nessie puts his hand on her cheek and his other on her back and kisses her.
Anasia Cullen: Bella: OH MY!
Anasia Cullen: Edward gasped
Anasia Cullen: Seth stopped
Alicia Martinez: alicia&jake:0.o
Anasia Cullen: BRB!
Alicia Martinez: kk
Anasia Cullen: BAck
Anasia Cullen: Nessie giggled. Nessie: Wow. Seth smiled. Seth: I know what you mean
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Has Jake ever kissed you?
Nessie thinks.. Nessie: No. Never. My parents didnt say he could. Nessie stared at her mom and dad
Anasia Cullen: Bella and Edward are frozen.
Anasia Cullen: Seth: I think I better leave. Jake Im so sorry
Alicia Martinez: jake:yea
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Its just.. I never kissed or had a girl. I wanted to try..
Alicia Martinez: alicia:wow
Anasia Cullen: Bella unfroze. Bella: Seth? Jake? Im.. Confused.. Bella stares at Edwar
Anasia Cullen: Edward*
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Seth.. I dont know what to say but.. Jacob?
Alicia Martinez: andy:mom grandpa is on the phone
Alicia Martinez: jake:wow
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Jacob? What are you planning to do... Im just in shock!
Alicia Martinez: alicia:k thnx sweetie
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: I kind of liked it. I never kissed a guy
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Never kissed a girl..
Alicia Martinez: *alicia leaves* jake:im shocked 2
Alicia Martinez: andy:wats goin on
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Anyway, Jake or Seth or Licia. Whats going on between you JAKE and you Licia
Anasia Cullen: Bella to Andy: Seth just kissed and imprinted of Nessie!!
Alicia Martinez: andy:wow
Anasia Cullen: Bella and Edward: I know. I wonder what Jake is gonna do.
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Guys! What is btw you JAKE!!!!! AND YOU ALICIA!
Anasia Cullen: Bella: What? You never called Alicia by her first name
Anasia Cullen: Edward: !!!
Alicia Martinez: jandy:wow
Anasia Cullen: Rosalie and Emment: Like watching drama TV
Alicia Martinez: alicia to bella :should we tell her
Anasia Cullen: Alice: I knew something was gonna happen.
Jasper: Why didnt you say anything
Alice: I thought Edward was gonna say something...
Everyone looked at Edward
Anasia Cullen: Bella: No I dont think...? I dont know. I was waiting for Jake to get pissed...!
Anasia Cullen: Edward: I wasnt watching. I didnt notice Alice would see something
Anasia Cullen: Jasper sighed
Anasia Cullen: Bella to Jake: Are you going to get mad?
Alicia Martinez: jake to bella: no
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: What? Why not? I thought you loved me....
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Uh oh
Alicia Martinez: ( i almost spiit out my cake)

Anasia Cullen: Edward: Um? Renesmee we have something to tell you.... Jake and Licia are together. Jake imprinted on Alicia.
Alicia Martinez: alicia&jake:srry nessie
Anasia Cullen: Nessie stared..Edward: Are you okay, hun? Nessie started to tear.. fast. The tear was down her chin fall towards the floor. THUMP on the floor.
Anasia Cullen: Nessie left the room crying...
Anasia Cullen: Bella: I have to go to her.
Anasia Cullen: Alice stared horrified. Alice: Renesmee...
Alicia Martinez: alicia:wat alice
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Jacob...? I dont know what to do. I-Bella-Nessie-I dont know
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Thats the first time she cried. Its got me scared.
Alicia Martinez: jake:im heading over there 2 talk 2 her
Anasia Cullen: Jasper: Should I go make her feel better?
Edward: No. She'll notice and feel worse later
[02:01] Anasia Cullen: Bella: I dont think you should Jake. I dont know
Anasia Cullen: Bella: ...
Alicia Martinez: *jake leaves* alicia:he left already
Anasia Cullen: Esme: Poor baby. I feel bad. Jacob is downstairs
Anasia Cullen: Bella to Jake: What? I dont think you should Jake...
Alicia Martinez: jake to bella:i have 2 talk 2 her i hate 2 see her cry bella
Anasia Cullen: You hear Nessie crying. Nessie in room with door shut *Alice and Jasper's room*
Anasia Cullen: Bella: true. But this is the 1st time though. We dont know what to do...
Alicia Martinez: jake:let me go talk 2 her ok bella
Anasia Cullen: We over hear Nessie: I wish I could die. How could Jake do this to me, with my aunt. Bella's sister. I -- hate-- my life.. She continues to cry
Anasia Cullen: Bella: be careful Jake. We dont know whats gonna happen
Alicia Martinez: jake:nessie can i talk 2 u
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: No. Go away. *crying louder*
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Jake should I talk to her
Anasia Cullen: Edward still in shock
Alicia Martinez: jake:seth i have 2 talk 2 nessie
Anasia Cullen: Esme: Poor Nessie. My love.
Anasia Cullen: Seth: But Jake it hurts me inside to hear the tears floor toward the floor or on her cheeks. This is my first imprint.
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Please...
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Im totally confused. Whos going to talk to her...?
Anasia Cullen: Rosalie: me?
Alicia Martinez: jake:nessie i still love u nessie and u know that there will alwasy be a place in my heart 4 u
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: A place? I thought I was the whole. Now Im just a place. Alicia took over!! *crying louder*
Bella: She called her by her full name again
Anasia Cullen: Bella: SHOCKING
Anasia Cullen: Rosalie: How about me. I took care of her birth to now
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Me? I love her. Shes my WHOLE life Jake
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Whos going..?
Alicia Martinez: jake:ok seth u talk 2 her
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Me...?
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Ok thanks
Anasia Cullen: Seth walks in. KNOCK KNOCK. Nessie: yes..?
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Its me babe. Im sorry for what has come to you. Nessie: I just cant believe my auntie and Jake-- she broke off on jakes name
Anasia Cullen: Seth: shhhhhhh its fine
Alicia Martinez: alicia came over to the house with out nessie knowin
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: No its not. Jake still loves ALICIA *she screamed her name* I just .. I hate my life. I knew love would just tear you apart
Anasia Cullen: Seth: aw. dont think that honey. I love you. You know that right?
Nessie: Yes. Nessie smiled. Nessie: Well, if you love me. Promise me you wont hurt me later on in your life.
Seth: I promise. With all my heart! Truly.
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Jake you should go now. Since shes calm
Alicia Martinez: alicia to bella:is she ok/ jake:k *and jake left
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Yes. Her thoughts are okay now
Alicia Martinez: alicia:idk if i should be here
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Shes breaking down alicia. She just screamed you name when you walked in
Anasia Cullen: Edward: You and Jake should talk to her since Seth calmed her down
Alicia Martinez: alicia:wow
Anasia Cullen: Bella: yes. go both of you. Now. Please, make her happy again Jake, Alicia.
Anasia Cullen: Esme: Yes, please. That baby doesnt need to be suffering
Alicia Martinez: alicia & jake:ok
Anasia Cullen: Rosalie: I love her with all my heart, Please make her better
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Come in Jake, Alicia
Alicia Martinez: alicia&jake:nessie can we talk 2 u
Anasia Cullen: Nessie groaned. Seth: Its ok hon. They wanna talk
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Yeah, come in.
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: What is it you BOTH want? *she cried on the word both*
Alicia Martinez: alicia:nessie i didnt mean 2 take jake from and i know u love jake with all ur heart and so do i, ihate to see u mad and cry ur 2 beaufiul 2 cry
Alicia Martinez: (u know wat i mean)
Anasia Cullen: (Lol funny choice of words)
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Well, is that supposed to make me happy all of a sudden. YOU BOTH HAD SEX! Im surprised Jake hid this from me and then didnt wanna say ANYTHING to me. Even though Jake loves ME SO MUCH.
Anasia Cullen: Seth: They love you. They just didnt wanna hurt you.
Alicia Martinez: jake:nessie we both love u and u mean the world 2 both of us we never want 2 hurt u
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Well, keeping this from me is gonna hurt me even more
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: I just want some ALONE time with Seth for a minute please..?
Anasia Cullen: Seth stared at Jake and Alicia
Alicia Martinez: alicia&jake:ok
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Yes Nes? Nessie: Aw. I new nickname. Thanks :'D
Anasia Cullen: Seth: No problem hon.What is it you wanna talk about?
Anasia Cullen: Nessie: Us. I mean. I wanna try that kissing again.
Anasia Cullen: Seth leaned in and kissed her.
Anasia Cullen: Bella outside with Edward talking to jake and alicia: I dont hear them talking. Unless their talking low as hell
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Your right...
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Uh? I have a pretty good idea of what their doing.. Their kissing. Of course.
Anasia Cullen: Bella: should we stop them
Alicia Martinez: alicia:i dont think there talkin trust me edward hehe
Alicia Martinez: alicia:its up 2 u 2 if u want 2
Anasia Cullen: Edward growled. Edward: I dont want him touching her like that. Edward ran into the ran catching Seth's hand sliding down her chest. Edward: STOP IT!
Anasia Cullen: Nessie and Seth blush. Seth: Sorry Edward. I really gotten into it. Nessie: Sorry daddy. I--??
Anasia Cullen: Nessie is nervous..
Alicia Martinez: alicia to bella:wow i never seen this side of nessie
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Neither did I... Im so shocked. Since the 1st time they kissed..
Alicia Martinez: alicia:now this
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Ness you dont need him touching your BREAST or your BUTT nothing private! You to can kiss but ONLY a peck. Im serious SETH!
Anasia Cullen: Seth stopped giggling. Seth: Sorry
Alicia Martinez: brb
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Aw. True Love. Sorry Jake and Alicia. But its true.
Anasia Cullen: (OK!)
Alicia Martinez: (back) jake and alicia:wat do u mean by that

Anasia Cullen: Alice: Its that I see the future. Alice spoke so only Jake and Alicia could hear.. Alice: Their getting married in only 4 months
Anasia Cullen: Alice stared at them
Alicia Martinez: alicia:rly
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Shhh
Anasia Cullen: Bella: What? What really?
Alicia Martinez: alicia:r u goin 2 tell edward bout it
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Nothing Bella. We were talking about how -- shut up Alicia!
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Tell EDWARD WHAT
Anasia Cullen: Edward came. Edward: What
Alicia Martinez: alicia:nothing bella
Anasia Cullen: Edward gasped
Anasia Cullen: Edward: ALICIA!! SETH.. RENESMEE!!!!!
Anasia Cullen: Bella: What?
Alicia Martinez: alicia:wat ididnt do anything
Anasia Cullen: Edward: How do you feel Bella if Nessie and Seth get married in 4 months.
Anasia Cullen: Bella: What the hell!
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Hear we go....
Alicia Martinez: alicia:oh god
Anasia Cullen: Alice: JASPER!
Anasia Cullen: Jasper came. Alice whispered to Jasper. Jasper calmed everyone down
Anasia Cullen: Edward eyed him
Anasia Cullen: Jasper: Sorry. He stopped
Anasia Cullen: Edward: How could you SETH?1
Anasia Cullen: Seth: What? Nessie is in front of Seth afraid of what her dad will do
Alicia Martinez: alicia:edward stop its true love like alice said u cant stop it
Alicia Martinez: alicia:u should be happy 4 nessie
Anasia Cullen: Edward: you and my lovely Nessie.
Anasia Cullen: Everyone gasped
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Jacob..?
Anasia Cullen: Seth stared confused.
Alicia Martinez: alicia:wow jake: im shocked as well as u r
Anasia Cullen: Ness: Sorry but I love it
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Well guys everything is changing. For ... Ness. Ness smiled. Alice: Jacob's out of the picture. Seth is in. Ness: I still love you Jacob. But not as much as I <333 Seth
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Jake are you okay with this??
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Jake...?
Anasia Cullen: everyone eyed Jacob
Anasia Cullen: waiting...
Alicia Martinez: jake:im kinda ok wit it but if seth does anything 2 ness hes dead meat u know that rite seth
Anasia Cullen: Seth: Uh? Sure.. I guess. *giggles*
Alicia Martinez: alicia:y the hell r u laughin seth
Anasia Cullen: Ness: I love you Jake and Seth! Ness hugged Jake then kissed Seth
Anasia Cullen: Seth: I dont know. I guess Jake cant really hurt me without hurting Ness's feelings
Anasia Cullen: Bella growled. Bella: Stop it
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Your hurting Jake. I <3 you Seth but dont make fun of my best friend!
Anasia Cullen: Bella smiled at Jake
Alicia Martinez: alicia??????????????????
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Huh?
Alicia Martinez: alicia& jake:huh???
Anasia Cullen: (this is so fun. I dont think im going to be able to sleep)
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Did you guys hear that?
Alicia Martinez: (same here lolxz)
Anasia Cullen: KNOCK KNOCK
Alicia Martinez: alicia:yea i did
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Angela Weber? Why the hell is she here?
Anasia Cullen: Alice answered the door. Angela: Hi. Is Bella here?
Alicia Martinez: alicia:idk ???
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Um. She cant know about Ness
Anasia Cullen: Ness went to the door. Ness: Hi.
Anasia Cullen: Angela: Hi who are you?
Alicia Martinez: alicia: oh boy
Anasia Cullen: Ness: Im Bella's-- Seth took her. Seth: My girlfriend.
Anasia Cullen: Bella is frozen!
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Oh jesus! Help us now
Alicia Martinez: alicia:bella u ok hello
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Huh? Yeah
Anasia Cullen: Bella: He just called her, his girlfriend
Alicia Martinez: alicia:k good
Anasia Cullen: Angela: Bella is that you?
Anasia Cullen: Bella froze.
Alicia Martinez: alicia:oh crap
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Hi Angela.
Anasia Cullen: Angela: Edward. Its been so long. You've never changed a bit... weird. *giggles*
Anasia Cullen: Edward smiled.
Anasia Cullen: Bella unfroze
Alicia Martinez: alicia:oh god help plz
Anasia Cullen: Bella came. Bella: Hi Ang.
Anasia Cullen: Angela: BELLA! Is that you. Your hot
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Oh um thanks.
Anasia Cullen: Angela: Why are your eyes gold
Anasia Cullen: Bella thought: OH HELP ME!
Anasia Cullen: Alice: We got these contacts for her. They look pretty right
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Were umm...?
Anasia Cullen: Angela: They look pretty real to me..?
Anasia Cullen: Bella: No.
Anasia Cullen: Bella: They are just contacts I like the
Anasia Cullen: them*
Alicia Martinez: alicia:bella can nu help me wit something in the kicthen plz
Anasia Cullen: Angela snorted. Bella: Yeah.
Anasia Cullen: Bella whispered: Thank you so much Alicia. Im so done
Alicia Martinez: alicia:no problem anytime
Anasia Cullen: Let me put those muddy brown contacts Alice gave me for visitors
Anasia Cullen: bella puts them in
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Do they look good?
Anasia Cullen: Angela is waiting sitting down on the white couch
Alicia Martinez: alicia:yea that look good
Alicia Martinez: *they
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Thanks. :) Hi Ang, again
Anasia Cullen: Angela looks sad. Angela: Did you hear what happened to... Jess?
Anasia Cullen: Everyone stared at Bella to see if she was going to go crazy again
Anasia Cullen: Bella: um? *gulp* Yeah, I did.
Alicia Martinez: alicias mind:oh boy here we go
Anasia Cullen: Ang: Dont you think thats a bit crazy and weird. They said they saw a girl. Now they say its a boy
Alicia Martinez: jake to alicia lets go outside until she leaves
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Did Mike say anything
Anasia Cullen: Ang: Yes...
Anasia Cullen: Ang: He says its ... on of the Cullens.
Anasia Cullen: Bella: WHAT?!
Alicia Martinez: alicia to jake: wat
Anasia Cullen: Ang: Yes. Im sad to that he thought they were *she started laughing*
Anasia Cullen: Bella: WHAT HE SAY!
Anasia Cullen: *Ang continued to laugh* Ang: Vampires something fast. He looked on the internet and saw that Vampires are fast. He is so silly. VAMPIRES. *continues giggling*
Alicia Martinez: alicia:edward is bella goin 2 be ok ?
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Oh yeah. *giggles* Vampires. Silly request to think. Edward stopped breathing in the kitchen
Alicia Martinez: alicia:she looks like she bout 2 do something
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Bella is a bad liar.
Alicia Martinez: alicia:i can see that
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Why would he think that.
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Someone get Bella out of there!
Anasia Cullen: Bella: You know.. I think it might be-- Alice: BELLA! Come here a sec
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Coming
Anasia Cullen: Bella: What
Alicia Martinez: alicia: u ok bella
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Yes, better than ever. Why? Edward: Bella you know Ang is concerning us to be Vampires now?
Anasia Cullen: Bella: What!
Alicia Martinez: alicia:oh god here we go
Anasia Cullen: Edward: Your a bad liar hon. It seems wrong to say yeah but its true
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Someone has to go out there and say were not vampires.
Alicia Martinez: alicia:not mee
Anasia Cullen: Ang: Bella! Guys whats going on? Ang is coming around the corner seeing us talking all together. Ang: What cha talking about
Anasia Cullen: Bella: We were talking about-- Alice: About.. how were going to throw a party!
Anasia Cullen: Everyone stared at Alice.
Anasia Cullen: Ang: You serious! Alice: Yes. Its true. Ang: Cool. Can I come? Alice: Of course. Invite anybody
Alicia Martinez: alicia:yea thats rite
Anasia Cullen: Ang: Oh my god. I gotta go and tell everyone. Bye Bella and guys
Anasia Cullen: Ang left
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Thanks Alice
Anasia Cullen: Alice: I told you its my job...
Alicia Martinez: alicia:ok
Anasia Cullen: A WEEK LATER... THE PARTY!!
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Ah. Its gonna be awesome!
Anasia Cullen: Bella: Yeah.. great.....
Anasia Cullen: Alice: Oh cheer up Bella
Anasia Cullen: *Ness is in this dress with blue and white with converses that are blue and white. With Pink earrings and her hair out and curly*
Ness: Done, Alice. How does the dress ya bought, look on me
Anasia Cullen: Alice: great!
Anasia Cullen: Seth: You look... he stared at Edward. Edward sighed and nodded. Seth: You look.. Sexy
Anasia Cullen: Ness grinned. Ness: Thanks babe

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