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Nine o’clock in the morning, my mother told me to wake up. I still want to sleep because I have slept for only seven hours, unlike the past days that sleep for 12 hours. I just told myself to wake up because I need to go to Valsci at 10. I ate three hotdogs, not really hot, and drank milk. I bathed for 20 minutes and dressed up for 10 minutes. I checked my things, mp4 on the right front pocket of my jeans, five 100 peso bills on the left, and lens case and lubricant, eyedropper, powder, perfume, mirror, comb, medicine kit, ointment, house key, request letter from UPLB, rosary, cellular phone, and wallet with my coins, pictures and USB inside my green bag. I hung my black ponytail and Maxians’ button pin on my bag’s lace. I always bring those things when I went out of the house.
By 10:10 a.m. on my phone, I’m ready to go. When I arrived in school, I found Karla talking to Mariella about college. I gave my request to Miss Rica, the secretary. We chatted as we waited for Regine. It’s already 11 when Regine came. She gave the request then we said our goodbyes to Mariella. We decided to go to SM Valenzuela because it’s been a long time since we talked to one another. While riding a jeepney, we saw a funeral walk. We remembered the issue about Ted Failon’s wife. We have so many topics discussed.
When we entered the mall, I felt my right sandal has been broken. We went to the CR and I tried to repair it when we were in the third floor, we bought ice cream and sat on the nearest seats. While sitting, I found out that two of my sandals are broken. I texted my mother. She’s in Sangandaan and told me that she’s stranded there. We just went to Hypermart and bought a pair of green slippers. I remembered that this day is the International Earth’s Day. I wore the slippers as soon as I paid them. We ate lunch in KFC, with our usual order and usual table and seats. After eating, we stayed there for some time and I send a group message that we were in SM Val. Cynon replied that my BFF was also there. BFF for us means best of enemies. We saw him or her (I don’t know exactly the gender of this creature) in the food court with two other girls. I lost my handkerchief. We exchanged the copy of Karla’s ID and report card in World of Fun for seven tokens. Regine and I bought two another tokens so that each of us can sing three times. We searched for nine songs and wrote the code on a small sheet of paper. Then other group claimed the first vacant room although we were the first to be there. We chatted again. We talked about how Koreans pronounce some English words like couple (kupol). Again, a group or a couple I mean was the first to enter a vacant room. Karla was mad about the couple. Finally, we got a room. While they sing, I have my textmate. Mark teased us about the singing thing. He said that although he is not a good singer, he is a handsome guy. Oh, just judge him by yourself.
We went home nut I still have my textmate until I got bored and I post this on my blog site.
Why crazy??? Oh, nothing... I'm just crazy...

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