The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1

Hi my name is Kels Northman, and I go to an academy, where the entire magical world can live together. I have light blue saphhire eyes, long brown red hair, tan skin, somewhat thin, and somewhat tall. I'm warring a purple pink body soot, and my sapphire runnig shoes. Plus I'm a Werewolf, a one of a kind werewolf, i can control demon fire.

"Hey Kels!" Joalenn says. He's my boyfriend. He has black wavy hair, muscled body, tall, thin, dark sapphire eyes, and tan skin as well. He is warring a black body soot and ruby colored running shoes. He comes up to me and kisses me on my lips; I put my hand around his neck. When he pulled away he said "Did you hear some of the other guardians from the vampire academy are coming to show some people a thing or two about how to fight back."

The mark I got from the strigoi starts to hurt really badly but I don’t show any pain. But on the other hand Joalenn and some others I am guarding already know how to fight. But when I think about it I’m only sixteen years old what more can I learn? Then I heard the gates open from far away, and then here came footsteps coming toured the building we were in. But since the ones I guarded died because of me Joalenn was the only one I guarded now and forever. Plus I have my class ring on my right hand ring finger to help me control all my powers that can’t be shown to anyone ever. Then here came my cousin Alyssa, she’s a vampire. She has gorgeous dirty blonde hair, somewhat tall and thin, she’s even tan for a vampire, her eyes on the other hand are blood red like the strigoi. I worry for her a lot then Joalenn, maybe because I know he can take care of himself. When I finished training we went to the cafeteria where the guardians where so we can get something to eat. It felt weird when we got there; I never saw so many of them before. When we got to a table a small girl came up to us with her parents. The father looked Russian and the mother looked English. The father had dark brown hair, brown eyes, tall, thin, and muscled, plus tan. He smelt like a Dhamphire. The mothers has long black brown hair, green eyes, small, thin, and somewhat muscled as well, plus also tan. She also smelt like a Dhamphire. The girl looked like both of them mixed in one body; she came up and sat down next to Alyssa.

My guardian mark showed up on the left side of my face when they came closer to our table. When I was finished I left to field to get my anger out on some training. Then four tall guys came up to me and wanted to fight. I put my hair up with my mind and tied it up with my hands. Then the two guardians in the cafeteria came out and just watched what was happening. The two of the guys came up behind me and tried to jump me. Since I was born with telepathy I know there ever move, and made them as my own. I punched one of them in the nose the other one in their home base.

“There were four, now there‘s two. Who‘s next?” I asked. Then they ran off and never looked back. The Russian guy came up to me and patted my shoulder. The English girl gave me a hug. “Hello Dimitri and Roza.” They looked shocked that I know their names when they were walking back to the cafeteria. Then a girl named Abby came up to me. I put a smile on my face; I was glad to her friend since her father Christian Ozera and Lissa Dragomir died. She had all of their genes; I had a vision that I was also going to be her guardian as well. Abby has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, kind of pale, kind a tall, she has a mark of her parents initials under her right hand wrist. She gave me a picture when we went back to the dorm we shared. The picture had a skull with six fangs in its mouth; it also had her and her parent’s initials under it. When we got in our room she already had a tattoo artist there ready to put it on me.

“Where do you want the tattoo to be?” the guy asked me.

“Upper right shoulder, please.” I said. Then he went ahead a started tattooing it on. It stung a little when it was done but I held fast so he didn’t put anything on it. When he was done it looked like I had it for months. The tattoo had a red skull with six white fangs; the initial’s had different colors for each name. Abby’s initial’s where in yellow, her father’s where in blue, her mother’s where in purple. When the guy left I wanted to show it off, so I wore a blue spaghetti strap tank top, blue skirt with short black legging’s, blue high heels. Then when I looked closer it had the Dragomir simple in the right eye of the skull, the left eye had Joalenn’s family simple in that one. It also had his initials under it in black. I was happy and glad I was Abby’s friend, I loved her so much like a sister in many ways.

Then we left the room Joalenn was there at the doorway waiting for us. He came up and kissed me deeply. When he let go I showed him my first tattoo I got. Since I can read minds I could tell he thought it hurt, but Abby was still holding my right hand, Joalenn was hold my left with our fingers intertwined. When we went back to the cafeteria the girl we saw and her parents where the only ones there. I let go of their hands and went over to them at the table.

“Hi my name is Kels.” I said to them.

“Hi my name is Rosalie but my dad and mom call me Rose for short.” she said. I sat with her and asked her if she wanted to go shopping with me and Abby. I was glad I hear a yes from her.

“Hi. Since you already know our names. What’s your last name?” Rose’s parents asked.

“It’s Northman. Kels Wolf Northman.” I said. I know it sounded royal to them but I didn’t care. Then I had a vision of the past and I saw Dimitri’s past live. He was also royal, but no one told him or me he was my cousin since I was born. No one even told him he was royal when he was born.

“Where are you from?” Dimitri asked.

“Virginia.” I answered.

“Weird your last name sounds Russian.” he told me.

‘I already know that your big dummy.’ I thought and rolled my eyes at what he said. “Oh if you wanted to know I know all of our last names, and your guy’s pasts as well.” they looked even more shocked. I smiled at them in amusement; Rose came with us to the mall so we can all go shopping. Joalenn came and helped me pick out an outfit he would like me to wear on the weekends. He chooses the sapphire dress and the onyx one too. Then we went to Kay’s and got me a bracelet with their simples and birthstones. I bought Abby and Rose a necklace with their birthstones in the charm hanging from it. I also got Joalenn an earring with his stone in it, when I got it I handed it to him so he could put it in the ear that was persisted.

When we got back to the academy it was time that we got to our dorm rooms. Joalenn walked with us to our room, Abby went in, Alyssa was already in the room asleep. I was about to go in tell Joalenn grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me toured him. He put his arms around me to hold me closer to him. He kissed me right in front of Rose’s parents, but I didn’t care I kissed him back. I loved him too much to let go so I put my arms around his neck. Then he broke the kiss and told me good night. I went in the room with a smile on my face, when he got to his room I realized he texted me to tell me he was okay and that he already missed me. So when everyone was asleep I snuck to his room. When I finally got there since it was ten doors down, I knock on it he came to open it for me. He stepped aside to let me in the room, when I heard the door close I looked around and I noticed he was alone in the room and there was only one bed in the dorm room itself. He came up behind me and kissed my neck, he put his warm soft hands around my waist and he held me closer. I turned around in his arms to look at his face; I got on my tip toes to kiss him. When I did kiss him he held me closer than before, I put my arms around his neck. He pulled back a little and took off his shirt, then took off mine. When he saw the tattoo he kissed it gently, he brought his head back up and looked at me. I put my hands on his chest.

“I have something for you, Joalenn?” I told him. I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out an Indian necklace I made for him. It had a black bear on it to show that he is big and strong. I put the necklace around his neck and it glow like it found its true owner.

“Thank you Kels.” Joalenn said then kissed me again. I never wanted it to end, tell all of a sudden a nock came to his door. I still didn’t want to let go so I put my hands on his chest. “Come in!” he said. The door opened, and it was Dimitri and Roza that came in. Joalenn held me closer to him, and started to growl at them. I cupped my hands on his face to make him look at me, when he did I kissed him full force.

I broke the kiss and I still wanted him to look at my face. “I love you Joalenn. It’s okay I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“But what about you? I don’t want to lose you.” he told me almost putting his forehead on mind.

“You won’t lose me. I’ll always be by your side no matter what.” I told him. He held me closer to him when Dimitri came closer.

“What are you guys?” Dimitri asked.

“I’m a nymph and she’s a werewolf.” Joalenn told him.

“Then who is this?” Dimitri asked. Why someone will was bringing Alyssa in the room.

“That's my cousin! Let her go!” I told them. She was crying when they brought her in.

“She has red eyes did you not know that.” he told me.

“Yes, I know that! She was born with red eyes.” I told them when I went to her. “Here Alyssa drink this.” I handed her some dragon’s blood for her to drink.

Dimitri started to pull out his stake, I broke every single one of them that all the guardians had here at the academy. Then I put my hand up in front of me and blue fire -demon fire- came from my hand then all over my body. I got even madder when one of the guardians came close to Joalenn and Alyssa. Then one of them put their hands on Joalenn I through a fire ball at them. Later I got a since that Abby needed my help. I shifted and ran to my dorm room; someone had a hold of her throat when I got closer to take a look. The guy had red hair, red eyes, pale skin, tall, and thin. I got even closer then he twisted her neck and she died, I got mad with rage my eyes turned to a dark purple. He came at me, and I went at him. About five minutes later he died as well. I shifted back human and went to Abby’s body crying, then I hear the others come. Alyssa came to me and held me close to her, then when she let go I turned wolf and ran out of the room and went to the training room. When I got there I turned back human and my clothes appeared on me. I wore a black and red outfit, black jeans, and red shirt with a heart broken on the front of it, black shoes. The mark I have on my upper right shoulder disappeared in to my class ring -sapphire stone around a diamond, my first name on one side my last name on the other side, inside my whole name craved in it.- It glowed purple when it did. -The ring just did not just help me control my powers it also held the spirits of the ones I lost. When I turned it left, right, to left again and they were locked in. But when I turned it right, left, to right again they where unlocked. But I kept it locked. - I went in the training room and trained my ass off, it had training dummies, a lot of swords and knifes also some punching bags, and also some training matt’s on the floor. Then I heard a door open, I didn’t care. I just ignored who ever came in. Joalenn came up behind me and told me to stop; he put his arms around me and pulled me away from the training dummies. I started screaming and crying, when I realized it was him I turned in his arms. He held me closer to him; he hated to see me cry like this.

Then I slowly stopped crying and walked with him to his dorm room to get me cleaned up from the blood of Abby’s killer. When we got there I sat on his bed well he left to get something. He got the first aid kit and came back to where I was at. When he was cleaning my face I felt something on my face burn in pain. ‘That’s seven people that died because of me.’ I thought.

‘It’s not your fault they died.’ Joalenn said to me through his mind. When he was done cleaning my face, arms and legs off from the blood. He opened my legs up so he can come close to me to hold me in his arms. I put my arms around his neck since he was at eye level. He kissed me deeply and didn’t stop. “I love Kels.”

“I love you too Joalenn.” I told him. Then he took off my shirt, next his, then my skirt -my under ware followed right behind them- and then his pants. He put one of his hands on my back and the other one on my upper thigh. He picked me up and laid us both down on the bed. He picked his head up and look down at me, then he was back to kissing me. That’s when he put his cock in my opening, I screamed softly in his mouth his swallowed the sound and kept going. In the morning it felt like total bliss, I laid in his arms tell he woke up. When he did he held me close him, to make sure I was still there. “Morning baby.”

“Morning to you too.” he says to me with a smile on his face. “Ready to go to our first class.”

“Not really. I don’t think I can face people. But I‘ll try.” I told him. He was already dressed. But he came back to me and kissed me deeply again, I put my hands on his face. When he pulled away, we both smiled at each other. “What should I ware?”

“Ware this. Here” he says and hands me a silk grown with onyx coloring in the dress and leggings.

“Thank you.” I told him. When I was done getting dressed, we heard a knock on the door. Joalenn went to open it, when he did his parents where in the door way.

The guy had dark black hair pulled back, sapphire eyes, tall, thin, muscular, and also tan. To me he smelt like a full blood nymph. The woman had long black wavy hair pulled back in a ponytail, blue eyes, small, thin, tan. She smelt human to me. Joalenn came back to where I was and put his hands around my waist. I held his hands there, I laid my head on his shoulder and looked up at his face and he looked down at me. “I don’t want to let you go, plus I don’t want to leave you.” He kissed me gently, we both know he didn’t want me leave either. Then I noticed I had to put on shoes. So I wore my Indian shoes instead of the other kind of shoes.

Chapter 2

When we left his room we went to government class which was being toot by Mrs. Bringmen. I got so bored I fell asleep in there why’ll watching a movie. Then the bell rang and we went to computer information system class toot by Ms. Conley. I got to play on the computer the whole time in class, but we had some class work we had to do first before we can play games or listen to music. Then it was lunch time, we walked to the line where the food was. He got food for the both of us, but I wasn’t hungry. Then Rose came over her parents behind her plus Joalenn’s parents behind them. They came up to us and sat down; I played with the food I front of me.

“You have to eat something!” Joalenn told me.

“I know. But I’m not hungry.” I told him softly. Then he grabbed my hand and squeezed it gently. I looked at him with a smile that hides the sadness. When lunch was over I went to my training class toot by Mr. Ivashkov Lissa’s cousin, it scares me sometimes. When I walked in everyone just looked at me, so I went straight to the dummies. But when I was looking for our teacher he wasn’t here, Dimitri was going to teach the class. ‘Great, the god of all fights is teaching, plus Rose is also taking the class too even better. I get to show Dimitri what I can really do.’

“Kels, come to the training area.” Dimitri called to me. I come like I was told, and got ready to fight. When I did he was coming from behind me so I moved, and he fell on the floor hurting. He went for a sneak attack again I moved out of his way, and he got hurt again.

‘Wow he is really not good at this.’ I thought. It was my turn to go at him I did, and I took him down like nothing -just like a piece of bad weight-. After all of the classes I went to I had one more it was so that I can learn how to us my magic properly in the real world. I take a deep breath before I went in the room. I went in the room and there were assigning us people to watch over for two months. When they called my name up and said I was paired up with my brother Flare. I went to find him. When I did he has bright red hair, dark red eyes, tall, thin, and also tan. He can also control fire –but his fire is red, mind is blue- he can also be a pain in the ass as well. But he’s only a year older than me, -he’s eighteen and turning seventeen in July-. I felt sick trying work with him all the time. He never works with me, put I had to try any way.

So the next morning I got dressed in a cowgirl outfit. I had purple cowgirl boots, dark blue jeans, and a purple tank top with a black leather vest over it, plus my nails are blue lavender nail polish on my finger nails. When I left my room I went to my brothers first class and waited for him there. When he finally got there, he was with our parents that hated me because I choose to be a guardian instead of being royal. Our father has red hair, hazel eyes, tall, muscular, and vampire fangs in his mouth, his name is Hades. Our mother has long black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, tall, and wolf fangs in her mouth, her name is –can’t really pronounce her name-. They came over to where I was and walked in the class room, I just starred at them with anger in my eyes. Then I saw Roza in a cowgirl outfit as well, she wore black cowgirl boots, black jeans, red black camo tank top, and a black leather vest same as me, she even had her up. I put my hand in my pocket and found a necklace Joalenn wanted to give me. I guess he put it in my pants pocket for me to find. It has the charms Joalenn gave me for our yearly anniversary of being together. It had six charms on it, one looked like a heart, one looked like the mark on the left side of my face, one looked like the ones I loved and cared for, one has a half broken heart with his name in it, one also had had me him and our wolf, last but not least was a charm of Dimitri, Roza, and the Belikov family on it. I went ahead and put it on to show him that I found it and I won’t take it off. When class started our parents left and we went back to work.

“So little sis. You’re my trainee guardian this time!” Flare said in a mean way.

“Ya, I am! So don’t get any idea of me not doing a good job at it either.” I told him.

Then Roza came over and put another charm on my necklace. It is a little blue glass kind –Aquamarine, similar to the one she has but smaller-. Some of us got assigned as the masquerade party during class and I had to help Flare with designing the area we are having it in. then when class was over we went to his next class which Joalenn was in there as well. I went to the back of the class like any other guardian would do, and just watched their every move. Since it was my last semester classes I know when they were going to begin and end. I was getting bored out of my mind in the English class it wasn’t funny. The only thing they did was watch a movie in there. Joalenn and Flare waved me over to where they were at. I went over and sat behind them, Joalenn noticed I found the necklace he wanted to give me himself. Then here came a training attack they went for Joalenn and Flare I jump at the attacker and took them down no problem. Then another came behind me I moved fast and hit them hard against the ground. Wow my first training attack and I did good. When class ended I went to check on Joalenn and Flare, they had no marks on them but I did when one of them cut me really deep in my arms and legs. Alyssa came to use in the hallway and hugged me then hugged everyone else. We all went to lunch; I noticed Dimitri was hurt as well. He must have been the one that attacked the English class I was in with Joalenn and Flare. I was already making plans and ideas for the party we’re going to have in four weeks. My head started to hurt badly, when I was thanking so hard on it. When lunch was over Flare and I went to gym where the party was going to be at. We got started in designing it, plus we had some help from the gym class. When that was done we went to our dorms and went to sleep.

The next morning I went to Flares first class which was a science class. It was funny when saw Flare working hard on a science project he hated so much. I just had to softly laugh at him, and then he asked for my help since I was good at science then him any way. I went over and showed him how to do it, and then I’d watch to make sure he had it right in the first place. When that was over we went to the English class and everyone this time was working on paper and a book. I sat down near Flare and Joalenn, and then Dimitri came to the class and called me out in the hallway. I walked out to where he was and Roza was there as well. Roza gave me hug and started crying, I looked at Dimitri scared of what he might say.

“Rose died.” He told me. I tried my best to hold back the tears I had. Then one of the tears came from eye and rolled down my cheek.

“How?” I asked.

“A strigoi.” He said to me. Then all my charms and my class ring glowed. All the charms went in to my ring, and then I saw a Forrest that was felled with spirits from the dead. –Forrest of the Dead- Everyone was in there own animal form, plus being themselves. Then the ring stopped glowing and everything went back to normal. Except for that I now had a star, half heart, and moon shaped charms around my neck.


It was about 2 weeks before the masquerade party. I’ve been in my room reading an old book I liked so much. Then I heard a knock at my door, I went to get the door. It was my father and he looked mad, but I didn’t know what he was mad about. He came at me and throws me out my window; I got cut by the glass when I landed on the ground. Everyone was watching I tried to get up but I couldn’t move, my left leg was bleeding badly and so was my right arm. Hades followed fast behind and was on top of me, I screamed and here came Dimitri and Joalenn. Hades ripped my shirt and pants I had on, Joalenn got mad. I still couldn’t move, blood came out of my mouth. I hurried up and turned wolf, which helped me with only my left leg. I bit Hades hands and ran off I didn’t look back tell I was safe and out of his reach. Joalenn and Dimitri went looking for me, when they found I was at a lake cleaning my leg off with my left hand. I still had blood coming out of my mouth from what happened to me, Joalenn and Dimitri went to where I was, and then they saw the cuts from my window glass on my back. Then I fell in the water to wash off the rest of the blood on me. When I was done they took me to the nursery to patch up my arm and to stop the bleeding. I was glad I was still alive, when we finally got to the building I was in. A few weeks later, it was finally time for the masquerade party and I was still in pain from my father.

Chapter 3

Demi, Star, Aqua, Jane, Julian. They were all good names for a baby. When class was over my ring glowed and pulled the paper in it. Then it stopped glowing, and then I went to my next class with Alyssa and my other cousin Alley. Alley had brown hair, golden eyes, tall, thin, and very pretty, plus she was a full blood werewolf. No one said anything to me in computer information system class. When the class was over we went to lunch, and I had more carvings in all of the vampire type foods. No one noticed I was pregnant tell I started ending weird food that I haven’t had in years. They looked at me weird and then

Tonight we have a masquerade Alyssa and I had to get ready. I had on the red dress Joalenn picked out for me on, and then a nock came to the door. It was Joalenn, I let him come in so he can sit down and wait so I can finish getting ready. When I was finished getting ready we walked with our finger’s intertwined. Before we went any further Joalenn stopped and turned to look at me. He got down on one knee and held a small black box up to me.

“Kels; well you marry me?” he asked.

“Yes; I well.” I said with a smile on my face. He opened the box and I saw our birthstones on an engagement ring. I almost cried, it was to pretty. He took it out from the box and softly put it on my left hand ring finger. He got back up and held me closer to him; I put my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. The moon was out and we were right underneath it.

“Moon.” He said. I answered since it was my nickname he always called me.

“Yes baby.” I said to him.

“I don’t ever want to lose you. I love you too much to lose you. I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you so much.” He said laying his head near my neck.

“I love you too baby more than anything.” I told him turning in his arms to look at his face. When I did he held me closer to him so I wouldn’t go any further around. He brought his head down to mind and kissed me gently, I slowly put my arms around his neck till Dimitri called our names. We broke from the kiss, I put my hands on Joalenn’s chest, and he kept his arms around me when Dimitri came closer to us. I scented something was wrong with Dimitri when he came up and punched Joalenn in the face. Joalenn still had a hold on me, he wouldn’t let go for any reason. “Let’s go to the party Joalenn please lets go.” we turned and went to where the party was. When we got there we saw a new girl she came up to me and bowed. She had black hair, red eyes, somewhat tall, and thin, she wore a black leather jacket over a blue shirt, black jeans and black leather boots. I saw what she was doing she was making ice and a fire in the fire place, she smelt like a witch.

When she came over she said her name, “Hi my name is Kat Serea. What’s yours?”

“Mine is Kels Northman and this is Joalenn Johnson. He took his mother’s last name since his dad has no last name.” I told her before Joalenn can speak. Joalenn went over to the DJ and asked him to play a slow song. He grabbed my hand and we went to the floor. He put his left hand on my waist and the other holding my hand up and out, he held me closer to him. I slowly moved my hands to the back of his neck when the DJ played a slow song Joalenn asked for. Everyone left the floor but me and him. We kept dancing and then I laid my head down on his right shoulder. “Is this now our song Joalenn?” I asked him.

“Yes it is, I love you so I’m going to show it in front of everyone that I’ll do anything to keep you.” he told me. I looked up at him, and I moved my left hand on his right cheek. I brought his head down to mind and kissed him gently in front of everyone. I broke the kiss and I noticed he held me even closer to him, we danced a little more to our song.

“What’s the song called?” I found myself asking.

“It’s called; I will find you by Clannad. I love the song because it reminded me of you every time I listen to it.” he told me. That’s when I couldn’t help but kiss him again. We both know we wanted each other but we couldn’t -not yet anyway- so I kept kissing him till the song and our dance was over. When the song ended we went to set down at a table near the drinks. When we got to a table he pulled me on his lap and held me close to him. Dimitri and Roza came over and sat down near us, Joalenn started to growl at Dimitri. So I kissed him again to make him stop, he broke the kiss and I laid my head down on his right shoulder. My brother came by and got us drinks, he was smiling at me and at Dimitri I looked at him confused. Then he walked off. I got the drink not being rude and drank it, Joalenn, Roza, and Dimitri did the same. Joalenn looked down at me and said, “I love Moon. I have a surprise for you in my room but you can’t have it till in the morning.”

I smiled and said, “Okay, baby.”

A few hours later Joalenn felt tired and so did Roza so they went to bed. But before Joalenn left I kissed him deeply, and then I noticed it would make it harder for him to leave and get rest, so I ended the kiss and let him leave for bed. Another hour passed and I felt tired, so Dimitri walked me to my room. He also came in behind me; he started to pull my dress off. I turned and I shook my head no. Then I had a back flash, I saw my Viking father Erick Northman and my mother Aire Belikov. They had to end the void between both families, they had me ten months later and the void ended. I was back in my room and Dimitri in front of me taking off his clothes and taking mine off really fast. I notice the void between our families must be back again or he wouldn’t do it. So I helped him in take my clothes off. When our clothes where off he picked me up and took us to my bed, he kissed me all over my body. He stopped to look at me and I realized his eyes have turned black which also means he was becoming a full blood vampire. I pulled his head down to mind and kissed him again, I pushed my body up against his and it was like I wanted him in me badly. -I can’t really describe sex. But Dimitri was like another part me, just like Joalenn was. - When we were finished I kissed his lips gently and I handed him his clothes he wore. He put them on, and kissed me gently before he left my room. I went back to bed.

It was morning; I got up and got dressed. I also went to Joalenn’s room, and knocked on the door. He answered the door and let me in. I went to his bed, when he came over I got up and kissed him deeply. He held me close to him; he went for my shirt to take my bra and shirt off at the same time. Then he worked at my blue jeans and underwear. I worked at his red silky PJ bottoms he wore; when I got them off he kissed me all over my body. He kisses where like paradise, and heaven all at the same time. - I couldn’t really describe sex with him either. But I loved him a lot and I just had to have him now. It was like I needed him inside me more than Dimitri. - When we finished having fun, he got up and went to get something. He came back, and he had something in his hands. He opened his hand up and handed me my father’s cross that I lost years ago. He put the golden cross around my neck like the other charms I had.

“Thank you Joalenn. That means a lot to me.” I told him.

He got down on his knees and came to me; he kissed me gently on the lips before he said, “Your welcome Moon.”

I couldn’t help but kiss him again, and then another knock came to the door. So I went ahead a hurried to put on my clothes. When Joalenn went to answer the door, then he came back to me. He put his hands on my hips and I laid my head on his shoulder. He noticed my guardian mark showed more than it used to, I didn’t care -it didn’t hurt when it showed. - Flare came through the door; he was tired more than me or anyone else at the party. I guessed Hades visited him late at night. We all left for class then I started to have a carving for some dragon’s blood all of a sudden. I went to the nurse and asked what was wrong with me, she said I was pregnant. Then she went to get the ultra sound and did one on me. It showed that the baby was close to two months in the pregnancy went it has been only a night since I was in heat. So she told me to good to the feeder’s area, and ask for some dragon’s blood. I did what I was told and went there. A guy gave me the ones that I needed and sent me on my way. I went to class and started to write up some baby names:

‘He hugged me. For the first time in awhile he hugged me.’ I thought to myself.

‘Ya I know kind of weird for me too.’ Dimitri responded to my thought. I looked even my shocked. ‘Know your pregnant with my child Kels, you can’t hide it from me.’ Then he went to set down near Joalenn and flare. But before he left we both know we couldn’t tell Joalenn without hurting him. I went to the training room and waited for class to start. When class did, I was in the back of the class. Dimitri was teaching again today. He kept a close eye on me the whole time. I started to feel tired put I wouldn’t let that effect me in my training. When class was over I went to my room and laid down for awhile. Then I heard a knock at my door, I got up and went to answer it. It was Joalenn I let him in and I took him to the bed.

Chapter 4

About ten days later I know I had to tell Joalenn so I went for it. “Joalenn I have something to tell you?” I said. The memory of Dimitri having sex with me came back to my mind and wouldn’t leave. Then I noticed after that memory I was pregnant with Dimitri’s child. I know it was going to be a boy, a very strong boy. Since Dimitri is now a full blood vampire since the masquerade party we had. Plus the baby was also Joalenn’s as well it had is blood, mind, and Dimitri’s running through his veins now. The baby was going to be a full blood vampire child.

“What is it baby?” He looking toured me.

“I’m pregnant.” I said.

He looked shocked and happy all at the same time. I was glad so far, I put my hand on my tummy and I felt the baby kick. I grabbed Joalenn’s hand and put it where I felt the baby. He smiled at me; he brought his head up to mind then down to my tummy. He was talking to the baby and we both felt another kick then another. I went to the nurse with Joalenn by my side. I laid down on the hospital bed when she came in. she got the ultra sound ready and since I wanted to know what the sex of the really is. She looked at me and told me it was going to be a strong healthy baby boy.

I looked like I was five months pregnant in only a month of being pregnant. I was glad to hear that the baby was health, I grabbed Joalenn’s hand and he kissed me deeply. We both know I was happy, then his father came in the nursery and he was mad. He grabbed me by my throat and yelled at me, his mother came in after him to stop him from hurting me. He let go of me and Joalenn got in on it to he pulled his father to the hall. Brenna came toured me to make sure I was okay, and then we followed Joalenn and his father. Joalenn let go of his father and came to me, also growling at his father for what he did to me. Joalenn put his hand back on my tummy and said ‘hi’ to our son.

“Joalenn; what would you like to name the baby?” I asked.

“Demi” he told me.

“Demi; it is then.” I said. –It meant half and half- I held his hand on my tummy and we both another kick from Demi. We both know he liked that name for some reason. Then I had a vision of what he’ll be like when his born. He had Dimitri’s hair length, Joalenn’s wavy hair ends, my nose and ears, Joalenn’s hands, both of the guy’s built body, Dimitri and my eye colors, plus the guy’s height. When the vision was over I was back in Joalenn’s arms looking at his father. He was still mad at me for being pregnant. Joalenn was making baby noises at my tummy and he laid his head down on it too. I thought to myself he full name well be Demi Johnson Belikov. It sounded like a good name a baby like Demi. Plus he also had at least three blood lines running through his veins. I went to my room to lie down for awhile tell I felt a kick. I looked around in the dark because I noticed my door was opened. Then I noticed Dimitri was at the end of the bed reading his western books. I got up he closed his book and came to me. I grabbed his hand and put it on my tummy so he can fell Demi kick again. He smiled at the feeling of being dad and being around to see him grow up. Then he looked at me, I looked back at him and he hugged me again.

“I know our families and Joalenn’s as well has a void against one another. But why do I have to be pregnant?” I asked Dimitri.

“I don’t know…” he answered me. Then we both felt another kick, I know it was going to be a few days before I give birth to Demi. He grows fast in the womb, but won’t grow fast when his born. Dimitri but another charm around my neck it had his full name, Joalenn’s, and Demi’s full name as well on a moon shape charm. Instead of around my neck I put it on my handmade bracelet around my wrest. It had all their simples on it. I laid down and Dimitri put his head on my tummy talking to Demi. Joalenn came in he looked mad, I had a small contraction and it hurt like hell. Tears started to come from my eyes, I must have looked ten months pregnant to them plus I felt ten months as well. I had another contraction; I felt warm blood come from me near my legs. Joalenn picked me up and took me to the nursery. He put me on the bed, I was still screaming in pain of it all. That’s when I saw the nurse and the doctor run in right in front of me, telling me to push. I did what I was told, and I pushed really hard. I kept it up tell they said ‘good job’. Then I heard a cry from Demi, I had a smile on my face.

“I want Demi… Let me hold Demi!” I said. The nurse handed me Demi, I got to hold him tell he fell silent and asleep. Joalenn came over and held me in his arms while I held Demi. Dimitri, Roza, Alley, and the others came in and gave me a lot of baby things. Then hear came a girl named Kinkie, she had red brown hair, green eyes, tan pale kind of skin, tall, thin. She came up to me and hugged me; I had a vision of her family years ago being killed and her being the only server. When I did my rounds every night in my home land. She was only five years old when it happened; I took her in and cared for her. But when I took her in; and cleaned her up she had a lot of blood all over her, so I cleaned her off and found vampire bite marks on her neck. She asked years ago if she could call me ‘Mom’ I didn’t mind it at all. But after that she has been with me since then.

When the vision ended I was back in the nursery holding Demi with Joalenn right beside me. I kept watching Demi while he slept, he was so cute that I couldn’t help but kiss his head gently. He moved closer to my chest, that when I noticed he was also listening to my heart beat while he was asleep. I held him closer to me; then I saw hands trying to reach for Demi. I bit the hand; Demi woke up crying because he got scared. I noticed it was Dimitri reaching for Demi; I let his hand go I looked at Joalenn who was asleep.

“Can I hold Demi Please?” he asked me.

“Sure.” I told him. I handed Demi over to Dimitri. They both smiled; I watched them. Dimitri sat down rocking Demi and singing to him in Russian. Demi laid his hand on Dimitri’s cheek happily smiling at him. Dimitri handed Demi something shiny; Demi just smiled at it. He handed Demi back to me; Demi showed me what he had in his hands. It was a Belikov symbol with a Viking sword going through the symbol. Demi handed me the charm and I went and held on to the charm in my ring.

The next morning I was finally able to leave to nursery and got to go to my dorm room with Demi. When I got there my room was so baby fidded, I went and put him in the baby bed someone put up for me. Joalenn came in and went for me near my bed, he kissed me deeply and held me close to him. I put my arms around his neck, and held him closer to me.

“I missed holding you Moon.” he told me.

“I missed you too baby.” I told him. Then Demi cried out; I went straight to him and picked him up. Joalenn came over and kissed Demi’s head gently; we both know he loves being a father now. Then I heard a knock at my door, Joalenn went to answer it. It was his father Joachim; I held Demi closer to me and backed away from him. I couldn’t let Joachim touch Demi; not ever so I backed up even more. Demi cried more when Joachim was in the room all the way. I tried to make him quiet down but it didn’t work he just kept crying. Joalenn stepped in front of me and in front of his father.

“Don’t go near her, if you do I well kill you.” he told his father angrily.

“You know we are not allowed to mate out of our species!” Joachim yelled at Joalenn.

“I know that but I love her. I can’t let her go not ever. I would die without her, and I know she loves me too.” he says. I look at Joalenn with my heart beating faster every second. I looked up at Joalenn’s face and smiled with happy tears running down my face.

“Nymph’s, Viking’s, and Belikov’s can’t be friends or ever lovers!” Joachim yells back at Joalenn.

“But I’m here with him and I won’t let anything happen to him. Joachim, I love your son more than life itself.” I tell Joachim. Joachim looks at me in shock of what I said to him. “Demi has three blood lines running through his veins. Dimitri’s, Joalenn’s, and Mine. Dimitri was being control by something but he knows what happened. I went to Joalenn and… I don’t know I just can’t let our families have this void anymore.” I look up at Joalenn who had his arms around me instantly to keep me close to him. I smiled at him; he brought his head down to mine and kissed me deeply like never before. I put my left hand in his hair and pulled at it, he held me even closer with Demi also in my arms. “I love you Joalenn… I won‘t let anything happen to you. I fell the same way I can’t let you go either.” I kissed him again. Demi laid his head on Joalenn’s chest; I broke the kiss and smiled at Demi. Joachim came closer to us Joalenn growled at his father, I pulled his face back to mine and I laid my head on his forehead. I sighed softly; he did the same. Demi played with Joalenn’s hair and mine then looked at his own. I laughed a little at him; I loved Joalenn so much. My fangs where really sharp now from having Demi, and needed blood badly. So I put Demi down in his little bed near mine, then I felt Joalenn behind me holding me closer to him. Demi fell asleep; I went to my mini forage and got some blood. Joalenn knocked that out of my hands and he moved his hair to show his neck to me.

I tried to back away from him put he had his arms around me. He laid his head against mine, I put my hands on his chest felling his warmth, his heart beat, plus his gentleness of him holding me closer to him, and his sweet smell of fresh cut grass and rain in the air. He pulled my head up to his neck; I kissed gently then bit his warm soft neck. I felt his blood run through my fangs, he held me closer again. God I loved him so much I couldn’t let him go ever. My ring glowed purple pink; and all the charms went in it except for the one that was half a heart with Joalenn’s name on it with his birthstone put in the letter’s of ‘o’ and ‘e’, and on the back it had my guardian mark that was on my face in emerald stones on it, I wore it on a sterling silver chain around my neck. -his birth stone is an amethyst, and mine is a ruby. -

I stopped drinking Joalenn’s blood he looked at me like why did I stop. Then I noticed he had the other half of the heart with my name on it with my ruby birthstone in the letter’s of ‘e’ and ‘s’, he wore a golden chain around his neck.

“We will always be together. Tell the heart becomes one, like we are now. The heart is never broken.” he told me softly.

“I can’t let go of you not yet… I will always be with you. But now you sound like we won’t be together anymore.” I said softly laying my head on his chest looking at Demi soft asleep. He held me closer to him, I healed the bite mark I put on his neck and kissed it gently. He put his left hand on my cheek, and pulled my face back up to his. He kissed me like this was going to be the last time I saw him ever in my life. He broke the kiss and looked down at me; he wiped away a tear that ran down my cheek when we kissed.

“I won’t leave you. I can’t leave you. I love you too much. I can’t even leave Demi. I love him too. He is my son; I don’t care if Dimitri had sex with you. I still love you even now.” he told me.

“Joalenn…” I said softly. I kissed him again, his father was right behind him watching us in our love life we had that no one could break. I broke the kiss and I kept my hands on Joalenn’s chest. Joalenn still held me close to him, then we both watched Demi sleep.

“Joalenn, I real liaised when I was watching you guys I can’t take you guys apart. I can’t even kill the one without the other being right behind to join their lover or mate. So I will let you both stay together long as you both take care of Demi.” he told us both.

“We well father. I can promise that we well do what we can to take care of him.” Joalenn said for the both of us. I looked at them both, and smiled at them. Joachim left the room; and Joalenn played another song called ‘There’s a place for us by Carrie Underwood’. Joalenn took my hand and lead me to the middle of the room and he put his right hand on my hip and the other hand is holding my right hand up in the air. I put my left hand on his right shoulder, we both smiled at each other.

Then he slowly moved his hand down to wear his other hand was to hold me close when we danced. I put both of my arms around his neck and I laid my head on his chest.

Chapter 5

In the morning about a year’s time, I was already up and ready for class but I finished all my classes when I first became a junior in the academy so I was about to graduate in June when Joalenn was going graduate too. I wore the half heart charm Joalenn gave me, my purple dress that had a torso that was on the outside of it, it looked like wolf fur, I also wore dark purple high heels. But I was glad to spend my whole time with Demi which is now a year old and is starting to talk, and walk at the same time. So I had to put up all the sharp objects in the room I was in till we got in to the real world. Demi sits down right in front of me playing with his toys everyone got him. When he was done he would fall asleep, so then I would put him in his bed and kissed him good night. -I’m a fast worker and a hard one at that it’s good I get to spent time with Demi now. - Then I heard a knock at the door I went to answer it, it was Flare he was sad for some reason. He had on a green out fit on; green shirt, and dark green jeans, plus a darker green pair of shoes. He sat down on my bed and looked at Demi.

“So he likes the bed I made him.” he says aloud.

“Ya, he likes it… Wait you made it?” I asked.

“Ya, I made it. I did it for my little nephew.” he tells me. I look at him weirdly; I shuck my head and laughed softly walking toured my bed Flare was sitting on as well. “You where always the smart one even in the family, also at the age of two you where smart.”

“But you what I need right now is a baby sitter.” I told him.

“I can do that.” He told me. So I told him what he needed to do give anything happens to Demi or if he cries. Then I left them both in my room. I went walking in all the dorms. Then I heard some noise in one of the rooms so I checked it out. I was my friend Jessica and her husband Devon plus their kids. Jessica, Devon where having sex in front of their kids. My mouth dropped open and I closed the door and kept going tell I headed back to my room. I was glad this was my last years in the academy. I erased the memories of Dimitri, Roza, and the other vampire academy guardians that where here. I did it to the entire academy area plus Demi as well. Then I had a bad felling, I noticed more souls came to my ring. They where the vampire academy guardian’s they all died. After they left our grounds, Kinkie and my Viking brothers died as well. Alley came over and hugged me, I was finally at my dorm room and when I went in I saw Flare playing with Demi. Alley looked at Flare like she liked him a lot but didn’t want to say anything to him or me about it. Then Joalenn came in went to Demi and picked him up, and also played with him. It was like our own little family came together because of Demi’s birth and him being here.

I was glad to see Joalenn happy same for Demi. Then he hears him say his first word ‘Daddy’ we all smiled then he said ‘Mommy’ it felt great to hear that from Demi. Everyone got tired so they went to their dorm rooms and went to bed. I went to where Joalenn was holding Demi in his arms. They were both looking up at the stars in the night sky. I went over and sat down beside them, I looked up to look for a symbol that meant April 9 –Pieces- I found it and I showed Joalenn and Demi where it was in the sky. All of us followed it tell it ended, Demi yawned and he almost fell asleep in Joalenn’s arms so he put Demi in his bed. Joalenn came back to where I was outside looking up at the sky. He sat beside me and he put his right hand in my left hand, our fingers intertwined together not wanting to let the other one go. I looked up at Joalenn and he looked at me, I couldn’t help nut kiss him deeply. Later I broke the kiss and we went to my -our- bed and we held one another close so we could sleep. When I closed my eyes I dreamed of a wolf pack that I was in and this guy looked like Joalenn in so many ways. The turned from wolf to human and they told me to watch out for them when they come to the academy. Then they told me there names. The tall guy’s name was Aein, the girl he was with her name was Lin, she had a brother right beside her his name is Kin, and there cousin’s name was Kaiyin; Aein has a brother named Tain. Aein looked like a tall muscular guys with short black hair, tan skin, brown eyes, he wore a red blood outfit. Lin has long black hair, brown eyes, thin, and tall, she wore a midnight black outfit. Tain had midway brown hair, green eyes, tall, and thin, he wore a brown outfit. Kaiyin has long blonde hair, sea blue eyes, tall, and muscular, he wore a sea green outfit. Kin has long black hair like Joalenn, deep blue eyes like Joalenn; -well he looked like Joalenn period- . Something came at me like a wooden stake it hit my heart. I woke up screaming like hell; Joalenn grabbed me and held on to me tightly because I was really scared.

“Moon; its okay. I’m right here calm down.” he told sweetly. “Tell me what happened.” I told him every little detail I saw in my sleep. He kissed me gently, and he held me closer to him. “No one’s going to hurt you I promise, I wont let anything happened to you.” I laid my head on the right side of his chest, and we just talked trying to keep me calm so I can sleep again. Later Demi cried, I jumped and went to him. I saw Brown hazel eyes with a stake in there hand, coming through the window. I stepped back with Demi in my arms.

“JOALENN!!!” I yelled. Joalenn woke up and ran straight to me. He turned around and saw the same thing I saw. He jumped in front of me to protect me and Demi from this thing we didn’t know. The stake came right at him he pulled it out of some ones hands and fell on the floor. This thing came at Joalenn again, but Joalenn wouldn’t back down easily. Demi jumped out of my arms but still held on to my hand. He looked now about four years old. Demi ran to Joalenn, I was being held by a hand around my throat. Then a stake went through my heart, my eyes closed and I fell on the ground trying to breathe. I pulled the stake out of my chest and tried to turn wolf but couldn’t turn. The mark on my face burned like nothing before in my life. -the mark was now a sea blue crescent moon with a wolf paw and an arrow head that went from my eye brow to the top of my cheek bone. - I tried again to turn wolf it still didn’t work. My ring glowed so did I, I watched as my vampire half was drawn to the ring and went in and never came back out. I noticed now I was a full blood werewolf. The wound healed I turned wolf, Joalenn was being held my the same hand I was. Demi was crying out loud for someone to help Joalenn. I came and went after the creature, the creature went for a sword and cut me on my back and right front leg deeply bad. I howled for help, I growled again and went after the creature. He left and never came back, I dropped to the floor I couldn’t get back up. I yelped in pain, Joalenn came toured me so did Demi. I couldn’t even turn back to my human form. My fangs turned to wolf fangs, my eyes turned back to light sea blue color. My ears went back in to my head, my tail stopped wagging and I closed my eyes.

I saw a white light then I saw a forest that had so many internal fires -that never went out- in so many colors around demon fire. The trees were so tall that you can claim to the top of one and jumped of and hurt yourself. I saw so many cabins with so many names on them. I saw a lot of wolves, vampires, nymphs, ECT. That lived here in peace, I thought it was paradise but to everyone it was. Then I noticed it was the forest of the dead. I saw Joalenn’s spirit plus Demi’s as well but they weren’t dead. I was confused, I was kicked out and back into my own body. But it was so dark, and I still couldn’t move. Then I felt someone’s hand petting me softly and crying in my fur. I noticed who was crying it was Demi, Joalenn held my head up on his lap. My breathing was still faint to everyone; blood was still running off my back, right front leg and my chest.

I try to breathe in deep but it hurt so bad, I tried anyway. Demi’s grip got harder in my fur, Joalenn kept petting my head gently tell I was fully awake. I opened my eyes, and sighed softly, Demi still had a good grip on me. He didn’t want to let go at all, he stopped crying to look me in the eye to see if I was awake or not. I licked his face to let him know I was okay. He laughed and hugged me softly and went to bed. Joalenn carried me to the bed and he patched me up so that I could heal. ‘It’s a good thing we can read each other’s minds because for a while I’m stuck like this which sucks. But I have to get use to it either way I look at it.’ I closed my eyes and went back to sleep with Joalenn on one side and Demi on the other. Joalenn kept his arm around me either way; Demi berried his face in my fur and slept peacefully against me. I looked at Joalenn wanting to know if he was okay with me this way for a while.

“Yes; Moon we’ll both get use to it. But I wonder how long you have to be in this form?” he wonder same as I was. I tilted my head to the side confused like always. I laid my head down and went to sleep, so did Joalenn.

Morning came and I was up and ready to go somewhere I just didn’t know where. Demi got on my which has healed faster than the other wounds I got. He was smiling and ready to see Joalenn’s classes same as I was. We both followed Joalenn out the door and went to his first class he had which was Ms. Bringmen -Government- god did I hate Government. But since this was Joalenn’s class and Demi had to use the rest room I took him to the bathroom. Government was almost over, and we both went to Joalenn’s next class which was learning how to use your powers. I sighed deeply in boredom of that class since I aced it on the first day I got in the academy. Then we went to lunch and I got to carry Demi’s lunch he wanted for so long. Then these new student’s came in like they owned the place, I growled at them angrily. They went straight to the lunch line and got there lunch, everyone moved out of there way. But Joalenn, Demi and me, we stayed where we were, I still growled at them. They pushed Joalenn out of there way, and Joalenn landed on me, I yelped Demi went off my back and got hurt badly where blood was drawn from him. I got back up, blood from my last fight went through my patch’s I had on me now. I went to the new kids and bit them all tell I draw blood from them they all turned wolf and ganged up on me. I didn’t give up like I did last night, I kept up the fight they one was down. I went back to Demi and licked his wound clean. He got back up on my back, and held tight to my necklace around my neck. Plus he had a book bag on his bag his put his lunch in, my tail stood straight up like no one not even the alpha of the group can make me put it down. Then I realized Mr. Ivashkov died when all the vampire academy people died. The mark on my face burned again, I let it -what harm can it do now I was use to the pain of it any way- .

“Moon stop.” I heard Joalenn say to me. I straightened up and went to him with Demi on my back. “Do you noticed that your fur is brown red right, and that you have light sea blue eyes, and only one set of werewolf fangs plus many more wolf teeth in your mouth.” I shook my head ‘yes’. When lunch was over we went to Joalenn’s next class, when I noticed the group I fought in the cafeteria was in Joalenn’s third class. The class was toot by Joalenn’s mother Brenna; I liked her she was nice and very sweet. She smiled when Joalenn, Demi and I walked in, she came over and picked Demi up and gave him a necklace I wanted to give myself but I couldn’t right now so she gave it to him for me. When class started I sat right beside Brenna’s desk was with Demi sitting next to me cuddling up in my fur. I looked at Demi, and he looked at me.

He touched the mark on the left side of my face. “Mommy why do you have this mark.” I heard him whisper to me.

‘I have it because I’m a guardian Demi, soon you might have one as well but on the back on your neck.’

“Oh…” he whispered again to me. I lay down and I put my tail around him to keep him warm. He laid back and played with his necklace Brenna gave him for me.

‘Do you like the necklace?’ I asked through my mind.

“Yes I do like it. Did you make it mommy?” he asked softly. I shook my head ‘yes’. He smiled again. I was glad he liked his gift I made him, I saw him put it on and held it in his little hand. I licked his hand; everyone looked at us like we were weird. I growled at them to get back to work, Joalenn just smiled at us and went to work and what he was doing.

Chapter 6

When that class was over Demi got on my back and we went to Joalenn’s fourth class he had before going to the field to play with Demi and me. We went in to he class and realized the same group was in this one too. I laid near the exit of the room, and kept an eye on Joalenn and the others. His class was toot by his father which hated me since I was going to marry Joalenn soon after graduation which was in about two months now. Since now I had to wear the ring around my neck in my wolf form either way. Demi was getting even happier because class was almost over. He got ready and got on my back and we went to Joalenn’s table where he sat all the time. He got his stuff ready and teleported them to the room and grabbed Demi and we went to the field and he played with him in the grass and they also played ball. Everyone thought I was there pet because I was getting the ball and everything. Then I realized I could talk human in this form but that was taken away from me when the vampire part of me went in my class ring which was also around my neck as well. The group came up to us, when I was off guard and when I noticed they were behind me, Joalenn grabbed Demi and held him close. I turned around and growled at them they turned wolf and bowed in front of me. I looked confused, and scared all at the same time. The alpha that I put down also bowed down, I blow them off and went to Demi and Joalenn. They left and never messed with anyone ever again. We went back to playing, tell night was close and we went to the dorm and went to get some sleep.

The next morning I noticed I was in my human form. I got up and went to wash off in the shower. I heard footsteps coming my way and know it was Joalenn. He knocked on the door; I got finished and got dressed. I went to the door and I saw he had raspberry, purple, black colored flowers -raspberry colored tulip’s and purple and black carnations- .

“Joalenn how did you find them?” I asked.

“I know they are rare to find so I looked in a forest for them. They just started to bloom and I went and got them for you.” he told me. I took them from him and smelt them. He came up to me and kissed me deeply. “Let’s get married now baby.”

I kept kissing him, he did the same. “But we aren’t ready for yet.” I told him.

“I got that. But I had a few people get things ready and set for the wedding now. So let’s get married now. Please baby… I can’t even stop touching you, god I love you so much.” he told me in a pant. I kissed him again; I was the same way with him. “Is that a yes?”

“Yes it is.” I told him. I got ready to put on my wolf mothers dress she first got married in to my wolf father. I turned around and Joalenn grabbed me tightly and kissed me again but even deeper. I put my hands in his hair and pulled at it, and then I heard footsteps behind him. I broke the kiss, and I berried my face in his neck. I saw Demi in his little outfit; he looked so cute in it. He ran toured me and hugged me, I hugged him back.

“So you and daddy are finally getting married, mommy?” he asked me.

“Yes sweetheart we are.” I told him. He ran down stairs and Joalenn kissed me again softly and sweetly. “I’ll see you down stairs baby.”

“And I’ll be waiting for you.” he told me. My heart started to beat really fast again it almost jumped out of my chest. He left the room, I got finished getting ready and I walked down the steps.

I started to hear wedding music, Joalenn and everyone looked where I was coming from and smiled at me. I walked to Joalenn, he held out his hand and I took it gladly. We both smiled at each other, Demi was in between us and held the rings in his smile little hands. The preacher started and we both kept trying not to touch each other tell the end of the wedding. The preacher told us to say our vows and put the wedding ring on our left hand ring finger. We did what we were told, and then he told Joalenn he can now kiss the bride -which was me- . Joalenn grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. My heart started to beat faster than before, Joalenn kissed me deeply. I did the same, and then we both heard clapping and cheering. We broke the kiss and we saw Demi make a ‘EW’ looking face. I picked him up and we both hugged each other tightly. I put Demi down and we all went back to the room, and I was glad Demi had a room of his own I made for him. Demi walked in his room and closed the door, I now he was smiling at us in there. Joalenn grabbed me again and went ahead and started to take off my dress which vanished in thin air in to my ring. I even made his clothes disappear in then air; he picked me up and headed for the bed. I laughed when we got there, he was on top of me and I was below him. I looked up at him, and he looked down at me. I put my hands on his chest and gently pushed them up to his neck, he slowly came down to kiss me like we had all the time in the world to be together. He broke the kiss and slowly put his hand on the mark on my face, I smiled at him. He put his hands in my hair and came down to kiss me even deeper. I rapped my legs around Joalenn’s waist and he felt my boot get hard and heavy against his chest. I felt wet between my legs and he shaved his staff in my wet juicy center. He went in hard and fast, like he has been waiting for me for years now. He put one hand on my waist and the other near my head to support his weight.

“Joalenn… Don’t stop… I love you baby…” I panted heavily.

“I…Love…You…Too…Baby…” he said panting as well. When we were done, we went and took a nice long warm bath together. He held me close to him like he always did, I laid my head on his right shoulder. He kissed my neck gently, and he put the right amount of pressure on my shoulders where they hurt from making love to him. When morning came we both woke up in bed, Demi came up to us and smiled from ear to ear. We both got up and got dressed; Joalenn came back to me and kissed me deeply. I put my hands on his chest, and then I broke the kiss.

“I have something for you.” he told me.

“What is it?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise.” he told me. I waited where I was, he came back with a smile box in his hands.

“What’s this baby?” I ask.

“Open it Moon and find out.” he tells me. I open the box and I see a wolf pup in the box with a cute blue bow around the neck.

“Joalenn… He’s so cute… Thank you baby.” I tell him. The puppy woke up and looks at me with its tail wagging.

“So I already picked out a name for him.” he tells me.

“What the name?” I ask.

“Loner” he told me.

Why is he called that?” I ask again.

“He was the only one that was half wolf half husky. Plus the only male in the litter.” he tells me. I smile and pet Loner, he licked my hand and went beside me and curled up in a ball. Joalenn lifted my head up so I could look at him, his brought his head down toured mine and kissed me gently. “I have to go to school Moon. I’ll come back soon and we can all go out and enjoy the outdoors for awhile. How’s that sound to you?”

“Sounds fine to me baby.” I said smiling at him. He turned and left the room and went to class. I got ready to go outside, Loner followed right behind me and went to get Demi to wake up and get ready to go. When we went in to get him he was being held by his throat by a guy’s hand. I turned and went after the man, he through Demi across the room and stabbed me in my stomach. I yelped in pain, I got back up from the floor and went after the guy again. But this time I didn’t stop tell he was dead. When I noticed he died I went to where Demi was, he wasn’t breathing. I got scared, so I turned human and I healed myself then tried to heal Demi. He still didn’t move or breathe, I picked him up and went to my bed and held him close to me. Joalenn came back from his classes and saw the room and Demi’s as well. Then came back to where I was and saw me crying. Loner was also sad; he started to cry as well. Joalenn tried his best to get Demi out of my arms. But I didn’t let go, I tried to heal him again. But it didn’t work again, I still held Demi close to me blood all over me from the fight and from Demi bleed badly. I couldn’t hear his heart or even hear him breathe. I slowly let him go so Joalenn could take him out of arms. I was still crying harder than before, I just couldn’t believe that my baby boy is dead. Joalenn called for help, and the nurse came and took him form Joalenn’s arms and took him to the nursery. Joalenn came back to where I was and held on to me. I cried in his arms, tell I fell asleep there. Loner fell asleep on the bottom part of the bed. Joalenn was pacing back and forth for news of our son. A knock came to the door, Joalenn answered it and it was the doctor.

“Joalenn I’m sorry but Demi is dead. We couldn’t bring him back. Not even with spirit user’s.” the doctor said. Joalenn looked at me on the bed, and looked back at the doctor.

“Thanks Doc.” Joalenn thanked him. He came to me and gently shakes me to wake me up. “Honey I have something to tell you.” A tear came down his face; he started to cry as well. “Your right our son is dead baby.” I grabbed him and hugged him tightly. He put his arms around my waist and I kept my arms around his neck. We were both crying at that time. It was hard for both of us to let Demi go we know it even harder to say good bye to him at such a young age. We slowly let go of the other and I went out to see the stars up in the night sky. I was looking for a Pisces symbol, Joalenn and Loner came up behind me. Joalenn put his arms around my waist and held me close to him, Loner jumped up on the chair and jumped in my arms.

“I can’t believe my baby boy is gone forever.” I said out loud. “I’m going to mess him dearly.”

“We both are sweetheart.” he told me with his head down on my left shoulder. Then he looked up and I laid my head on his chest to helped him find the symbol. Then I realized the wound still has not healed up fully. I was bleeding again, he felt warm blood from me. He looked at me worried as hell; I showed him where I was stabbed. He put his hand over the wound and healed it himself. I looked at him, he looked at me. “If I lost you like we did Demi I would have killed someone.”

“But you didn’t lose me, didn’t I promise to stay with you and to stay alive for you and Demi. But since he is dead it feels like a part of me is dead too.” I told him.

“That’s the both of us.” he said toured me. I put my arms back around his neck and held him close to me.

“It seems like someone wants me to be alone and have no one to care for.” I say with my face on his left shoulder.

“But I won’t let that happen, no one can take me or anyone else from you baby.” he tells me sweetly. I closed my eyes and saw two more wolves. Both were white, but when they turned one had blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin, tall, and thin, he wore a blue shirt and black jeans, the wolf that came up to him called him IceHeart. The wolf that was next to him turned human as well, he had brown eyes, brown hair, tall, thin, and tan skin too, he wore a black shirt, tan jeans, IceHeart called him Noise. I let the vision end and opened my eyes, I looked at Joalenn. “What did you see?”

“I saw two wolves that turned human and I heard there names.” I told him. I also told him what they looked like and everything. Then I heard a knock at the door, I went and got it. It was my nieces Spirit and Soul. Spirit has brown hair blue eyes, thin somewhat tall, tan, and had a light purple dress on, she is a vampire. Soul has blonde hair, brown eyes, thin, somewhat tall, and tan as well, and she wore a pink outfit on, she is a werewolf like me. I hugged them both, we all laughed. I was glad they finally are freshmen in the academy. I went and picked up the necklaces I made them and handed them to them. They both put them on and went to their dorms they now had here at the academy. I shoot the door and went to the bed and sat down thinking of my visions and memories I keep having about everyday now. I went to the bathroom and changed in to my pajamas, the pants were soft and comfortable -pink with monkey heads and banana’s- the tank top was blank and silky. I came out of the bathroom and I found Joalenn already lying down on the bed, so I joined him and we both tried to hold the other close so we can sleep.

When morning came I went to the cafeteria to get something to eat and these two wolves came up to me out of nowhere. They looked just like I saw in my vision; I was of course still in my pajamas. I really didn’t care what I looked like then and now anyway. I went to set down and they followed me to the table. I ate my cereal and my clothes changed to my training outfit -same black tank top but it has a different design, and black jeans- .

Chapter 7

I realized my class ring turn to an ocean scene type necklace it also had the half heart on it in the middle, plus my father’s cross on the right, and a brown red wolf with Loner’s name on it on the left side of the necklace. I put the necklace around my neck and everything went in it except for the bed or bed rooms in my dorm room area, also the bathroom too. The necklace was doing the same as my ring had done. I still had on the engagement and wedding rings on my left hand ring finger. Joalenn’s, Spirit’s and Soul’s necklace did the same. Joalenn’s necklace is a dark blue scene with the half heart in the middle of it, Spirit’s necklace was hot pink and black with six ribbons on it -Black on the outside that held her make-up, hair tie, and other stuff for the bathroom and face. The pink held her wolf pup she also has, is out for now. The red held all of her jewelry, the blue crosses held her clothes. The black arrow crosses close to the middle, a blue heart with black dots glows when someone is behind you, but it turns red when an enemy is there- . Soul’s necklace onyx black scene with a pink heart on the left side holding all jewelry and other things, a peace sign in the middle also with a wolf head hanging from it to hold her wolf pup as well, and a pink ribbon that held all her clothes, also a black heart with an arrow going through it.

It’s now close to all the senior’s graduation and I went to get ceramal high lights on the top half of my head and get some of my hair braided with the color in it. I paid off our cap and gowns, and I laid them on the bottom of the bed ready to go. My cap and gown was silver and white tie die, Joalenn’s was a navy blue and silver tie die. I heard a knock on my door I went to get it and this girl that had one purple eye and one green eye, long dark brown hair, tall, thin, and tan skin handed me my graduation tickets plus Joalenn’s as well.

“Would you like to come in?” I asked.

“Yes.” she said.

“What’s your name?” I asked again.

“My name is Garnet Ryzer.” she told me. Then another girl came in next to her she had also long dark brown hair, teal blue eyes, tall, thin, and tan skin. “This is my friend Hollis Ni-Chan. I have the power of fire and darkness. She has the power to put a lot of question marks all of people to make them all confused.” I looked shocked, because of all the information I just got from one person in at least two minutes. They left my room and I blink my eyes in confuction of them both. I tried on my cap and gown; I looked like I was fat. So I made some changes to it, I tried it on again and it fit my body, it also showed my curves I had since Demi died. I’ve also been working out to get rid of my anger and depression I had. My wolf fangs are what never changed; they’re even sharper than before. Then I went ahead and took of my cap and gown, and I all of a sudden I felt sick to my stomach. I went to the bathroom and throw up a lot of food I had this morning and it was only the afternoon. When I was done I brushed my teeth to get rid of the taste and smell of it. I heard someone come in my room, I know it should be Joalenn but when I walked out of the bathroom it was someone else.

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