The Twilight Saga

Dakota's Revenge- Chapter Three (continued)

Dakota's Revenge

"I'm sorry, Gabriel." I apologized.

Gabriel held up his hand.  "No harm done."

I'd been so excited to move on that I'd slipped on a loose stone and fell into Latasha who'd spun around and raised a hand to slap me. Gabriel'd held up his hand to Latasha, and Latasha had stormed away, muttering angrily to herself.

"But Gabriel-" I began.

"I know Latasha will return," he told me. "We are bound together till the end of time. A clumsy fledgeling will not- can not- change that." He grinned at me then he sighed. "But please, my dear, do try to avoid Latasha at all times. She can be quite vicious, and sometimes I may not be able to stop her."

I nodded silently.

"Now, let's have some quiet hmm? I need to think."


We finally exited the woods. It took two days, considering how Gabriel'd been content to go at my slower speed. Latasha had returned a few hours ago, with a hiss at me. I shrank back.

Gabriel sat down on the dry grass at the edge of the woods. "And now, Dakota, I need to know more about you. Please," he guestured toward me with one hand, waving me forward, "tell me. What brought you to this world?"

I sat down across from him while Latasha reamained standing.

"Well," I began. I took a deep breath. "I was a very bad girl in my human life, Gabriel. I lied, I stole. I . . ." Another deep breath. "My mother saw it fit to . . . ." I buried my face in my hands and cried.

Gabriel got up and put his arms around me. He stroked my hair, "Dakota. Dakota, dear, it will be alright."

I looked up at Gabriel, my tears stopped, and continued my story.







Wanna know what happend to Dakota? Comment and I'll write more. I need at least three comments from different ppl to continue.

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