The Twilight Saga

part 2 of chapter 2 Enchantress' Lust

a great white shark is floating towards me, its mouth is huge and hanging open, revealing dozens of rows of pointy little white teeth. i duck out of its way, lowering myself below its belly. my tail brushes against its gils on the side of its body. it crashes into a school of fish. i swim faster away, ducking and rising repeatedly. i feel like having a little bit of sunlight on my face and i speed up to the surface of the water. the sky is purple on top and is orange and red where it meets the ocean. the sun sits right on the edge of the water. not literally. it just looks that way. i figured that out when i was very small and i wanted to touch the sun, and so i swam all day long towards it until i realized i can never reach it. its light glistens on my shoulders and my wet skin. i dive back under the water and swim to the very bottom of the ocean. i can touch the ocean's floor, and rub my hands against the flat, rooty surface. this is the darkest part of the ocean and the most mysterious to humans. i have never seen a human this far down.. alive. i swim just a few inches off the floor. i can see well through the darkness. we have lights. creatures with translucent skin, and luminescent entrails and glowing insides, they light up our dark underworld. a giant squid scoots from behind a rock and releases a sheet of black ink in my path. i swim through its defense and tug on one of its tentacles. its just a baby squid, and its almost the same size as me. it inks me, again. i decide to leave it alone before a bigger one appears at its rescue. i don't ever need to go up for air. we have gils on the sides of our hips.. if we had hips. i dangle in the water, my tail touching the ocean floor. somebody is approaching, from a long way, i can see. i see a head of white hair in the distance. i recognize that hair to belong to Anek. a boy who is always following me around. his lifts up his head, showing his deep brown eyes.

Hello, Mer.


he swims around me, wanting to play merman chase mermaid. but i have grown out of the kiddy games and show no interest. he kisses me lightly on my chin, while my hair has raised itself. he turns around and heads for the baby squid i was just poking at. he pulls on two of its tentacles and forces it out of the entrance of its den. the baby squirts black ink everywhere.

leave it alone. your going to call its mother.

ever eaten squid? i bet it tastes better than fish or lobster.

you are mad?

i don't know where he got the idea that toying with something almost half his size will get my attention. it did get my attention, but not in a good way. and nothing tastes better than lobster. when i saw a gigantic piece of tentacle peek from behind the rock, i knew we had found trouble. Anek doesn't see the giant, soft limb dangling over his head, about to wrap itself around his neck.

you are about to get what's coming to you. i warn. i want to swim away from the danger, but i kind of want to see if mother squid will let him live or not more. Anek surprises me. he reaches up and grabs onto the tentacle. but more tentacles appear. now i am fearing for him. the tentacles spread out around him. i can see the giant squid's sharp beak moving close to Anek's head. a blast of yellow light shoots up our surroundings. King Urchin sticks his tritan through the giant squid's head, saving his son from a painful death. Anek swims through the tentacles and escapes. King Urchin grabs onto the mother squid with one hand and slams it back down into its den. she is not dead, but weakened. her powerful body has been stung just enough to save Anek. her head wound will heal. King Urchin rises up. his 10 foot body towering over us in the deep. his blue and green tail reaches out and wraps around Anek's green waist. he pulls the boy towards him. he sticks his tritan through the ocean floor. another blast of yellow light shoots out of the tritan and surrounds us. i cover my eyes this time, as the light is burning my sensitive sight. i take my hands down and open my eyes, and i am surrounded by other mermaids and mermen, and babies, with little legs, clinging to their mermaid mother's chests. i see Anek on the other side of the pool. he waves at me with an uncomfortable smile on his face. i glare into him, harshly. he has, as usual, ruined my venturing for the day, and now i am stuck in the home cave with everyone else. King Urchin has set down his tritan and now is talking with his wife, Judes. i don't feel like asking permission to leave out again twice in the same day. but i slinky over to him anyway, hoping he will see things my way and agree that it's his stupid son's fault. his beard, his mustache, and his hair are silvery white and very long. his wife wears a tiara made of pearls and seaweed on top of her head of black hair.

King Urchin looks down at me with his clear grey eyes. he knows what i am going to ask. so i just wait for his answer. he doesn't approve of any of us leaving the cave. but like the fun father, he does give us permission, sometimes, when our own parents have refused. he hates to see us drowning in boredom.

Morning beckons. i don't see the sun's shining glare through the water like i do when i'm in the ocean. my only sign that daylight has broken is the dimly lit den room. i stretch out my tail and my arms. then i swim to the surface of my tank.

okay, here comes the hard part. i have to jump out. i lift myself over the tank and i fall on my head. that hurt. i bask on the carpet for a while until my tail dries and my legs appear in its place. i go to the kitchen for breakfast. well- rested, i pull two raw catfish from the freezer and thaw them in a big bowl in the kitchen sink. eagerly hungry, i run hot water over the fish to defrost them quicker. i don't cook them. i eat them raw.

after i am dressed, i grab my messenger bag. i make sure Thyrsus is packed in there and not poking out. i decide to go to the library and get that book i was reading yesterday. Emma.

i walk through the library's large brass doors. the great new smell of books tickles my nose. i get on the elevator and get off on the second floor.

"Oh, dear Lord in Heaven," i groan. Edward, the vampire, Masen is sitting in my seat.. and reading Emma.

i give him my most annoyed expression. his twists his lips up in a half smile. smirking, he kicks out a chair for me to sit down in.

"not in this world," i gripe. i turn around to go back to the elevator.

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Comment by Katie Williams on June 26, 2011 at 9:08am

this is gr8 u should continue it :D


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