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Who's missed me?There was an earthquake and I was sick so I wasnt writing. But here I am again with another installment of Daring Moons! Here comes a new character guys! Hope you love....him. ;D


"Pay attention! I'm talking here," Ella snapped her fingers infront of my face. She was telling me how Trevor was totally checking her out today in math. I was more interested in the group of guys messing around by the pond. I twirled my hair around my finger,watching them.

"Okay, what is so interesting out the window?" she asked moving in front of me. "Oh, no. No, no, no,no!"

"What?" I said in a high-pitched voice.

"Bad idea there Cori." she said moving away,

"What idea? I was just watching them mess around,"I told her the truth.

"Uh-huh, sure" she said pointedly.

I rolled my eyes, "So did you talk to Trevor? Or just sit there and act all girly?"

"Girly!" she squealed.

I laughed, "Of course you did,"

She laughed. "Oh, hey dinner time,"

 I nodded and hopped up off my bed. It was windy today, so I grabbed my blazer. I slipped my shoes on and followed Ella.

As we headed out of the dorms the guys from the pond were making there were to the cafeteria also. Ella ran up ahead towards Addsen siblings'. They five of them were running towards the cafeteria, one of them was walking with his hands stuffed in his pocket. I still hadnt put my jacket on. The wind blew hard againest and my jacket flew away. lt  flew back and landed infront of him.


I whirled around to walk back to him. He picked it up. "This your's?"

"Uh, yeah. Thanks," I took my jacket back. I was pulling it onto my arms when I felt it being tugged on to me. I looked over. He was helping me put my jacket on. I smiled at him.

"What;s your name?" he asked me.

"Cordeila Taylor. But everyone calls me Cori. You?"

"Kellen Conti"

"Is that italian?" I asked, referringto his last name.

"My last name is, yeah."

We started walking over to the cafeteria. Kellen was taller then me. He had these amazing sparkling green eyes and dark hair. I'm not sure why, but he gave off this mysterious vibe to me. He opened the big doors for me and I walked in.

"Are your friends here?" he asked me.

"Uh, yeah. Ella's right over there." I said pointing to her.

"Ella Row. What a uniqe girl she is."

"You know her?"

"Yeah. We did a project together last year. Could've swore she was flirting with me everyday." he laughed.

"Sounds like her alright,"I joked.

"Looks like she wants you over there," he said pointing to Ella waving her arms crazily.

"Well, it was nice meeting you. I'll see you around," I said with a smile.

He gave me a small smile before heading over to his friends.I jogged over to Ella, who was smiling like a freak.

"Stop smiling like that.It's giving me the creeps," I said.

"What were talking about with Kellen?!" she squealed.

"Nothing really."

"Liar!"Penny exclaimed.

"Penny!" Baily slapped her arm.

"It's okay. But really nothing speical."

"Whatever," Penny rolled her eyes.

"I'll get it outta you," Ella poked my arm.

I shoke my head and laughed. I'm loving my friends here.






"Really?!" Ella complained. She was trying to get me out of bed again. She fails at this!

"Let me sleep!"

"No! Get your lazy butt up right now!" she yelled.

I groaned and threw my covers off. "I get shower!"

I took a quick shower and got dressed in a hurry. I brushed my hair and touched up my make-up. Ella had already left to stop by the library. I headed outside into the chilly morning air. I saw Kellen up ahead. I thought about going up to say hi,but decieded not to. I didnt want him thinking I was like Ella. Not that I dont love Ella! But not like that!


I headed up to my homeroom class only to find Kellen in my seat. He smiled at me. How can I tell him to move it! I took the desk behind him instead. Kellen turned around to face me. I was doddling in my notebook, waiting.

"Morning," he said.

I looked up, "Morning."

"Sleep well?"

"Kinda. My room was freezing."I said with a laugh.

"That must've sucked,"

"Little bit,"

"Okay, everyone settle down!" Pro.Blanks said coming into the room.

Kellen turned around to face the front of the room. A small note fell onto my desk. I looked around. Nobody was looking at me. I picked it up and unfolded it.

               One more rose

              One last breath

              Why not live life till the end?



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Comment by freshLove on September 2, 2011 at 1:14pm
Sure will katie!
Comment by Katie Williams on August 29, 2011 at 9:41am
this is gr8 can u keep me updated and send me a  message when u continue it :D

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