The Twilight Saga

(I am writing a story called Dark awakenig i wanted to show you the fist chapter)

Chapter one

There was no going back after this, what what whas more important my best Friend Megan and her boyfriend Dawn Or my secret? I had only seconts to dicied. They where more important. Besides if Megan was a true friend she wouldn't tell and if dawn wanted to keep his head attached to his body he wouldn't tell. I jumped and sank my teeth into the mans neck. His blood was so good and much better than the animal blood i was living off. His drained body fell to the ground with a light thud. I turned to look Megan and Dawn in the eye, they where full of fear. We stayed there for about twenty minets it didn't bother me but it wuold start to bother Megan and Dawn.

Megan started to cry and fell to her knees. I wanted to go hug her and tell her it would all be alright but first of all it was not all going to be alright and secon of all she was probalby scared of me " Mergan are you ok?" i asked "NO!" She yelled at me.

Tell me if you wanna here more :D

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