The Twilight Saga

As the days go by and as long as Bella and Nessie are at my side- they'll seem less monstrous.
Before I met Bella.
My long painless but sufferable life,
was as dull as the constant rain that fell on forks.
I...we may be dammed to hell but even some of hells creatures
such as can deserve love.
I remember when I became a monster, a blood sucking killer-murderer.
Though I was alone fore many many years, I was never able to see or
understand what my family did with thier mates.
Before Bella I was lost, lost with out love; devotion, before Bella I was
lost and couldn't find my way back.
The day Bella almost died giving birth to Renesmee, I knew what had
do.To save my founder, my souls rightful mate, my heart.
Thats where my never ending life began, the day I had my own family.

The forest as green as it gets thats where I am now.
I am waiting for Bella and Nessie, they were supose to meet me here
an hour ago.I am positive I told them where and when to meet me.
I'm comfused, this very unlike Bella and my Nessie.
A notice of absence would be a normality for them, but in this case
there were no signs of being a smige late.
UGH! I inhaled.
Not much of a stench more or less the sweet sensation that grows in
the meadow.
My soar dry throte ached and burned with thirst.
I gulped and fought the monster inside me craving the warm sillky
I stood still: waited and tried for them agin.
"Bella Renesmee?-Nessie?"
Still nothing, but the tastless movment of the trees.
The wing brushed swiftly through my hair as a sigh left my
blood lust lips.
The thirst made me feel agraveted.
I wish they would hurry up and get here, my patience is wearing
thinner by the second.
Ok. I breathed deeply but carfully, then held my breath.
I began to search for Renesmees-Nessies thoughts, I searched
for five intirley long minutes.I was able to hear many other boring
thoughts but Nessies.
Is she purposley blocking me from her thoughts?
Would Bella tell her to?
Now I am concerned .
my throte began to burn worse,
every minute the monster inside me began growing stronger for
i began to think of the sun bank, my skin sparkling showing off
the truley beautiful monster I am.
Then for some strange reason I started to think of Alice. So I
started to searched; she was thinking of Jasper and searching
through random futres.
" I guess I'll try later."
I spoke only to myself.
I tried once more for Nessies thoughts and surprisingly, I heard
them instantly.

' Daddy?Daddy? I hope you're lissening. Me and mommy will be
thier in a second. I promise.were late becuase we had a little
problem in the sun bank.'

Her thoughts ended. I waited patiently for a few moments,then
the ground near me shook, and leaves crunched.
"Hello Daddy!Sorry were late!"
I picked her up, she kissed me on the cheek, then pushed her
way to the ground and curtsied.
I chuckled out of amusement, how cute.
I glanced at Bella, she didn't look well, she looked upset-
Nessie looked happy though.
She attempted to smile; she turned away and watched nessie.
"Bella, honey whats wrong?Are you well?"Of course she's well
vampires can't get sick.
What I meant to say was.
"Are you ok?"
She kept looking at nessie as if I never spoke.
I was left in silence-no answer.
I began to feel an urge to find Alices thoughts agin.
'Edwrad?Edard?Edward?I hope you're lissening.
Where are you guys?
Are you alright?'
Alice, she worries to much.
I began to secretly study her most beautiful flawless face.
Bellas thoughts may be a drift of secrets to me, but her
face is as she once called it'an open book'.
"Renesmee?Whats wrong?Are you girls Alright?"
Nessie looked confused, she turned her gaze from me to Bella.
I lissend for Nessies thoughts but they were to faint.
Ugh!I turned my attention to the god awful smell.
We all lissend to the suden howls.
Bella looked disgusted, Nessie was suprisingly not so happy
now as well.
Why wont they tell me whats wrong?Why?
I know something is wrong.
I wonder if Alice is searching through vissions.
'Edward?Listen to me hurry home. I need to show you
something important.
She repeated herself for at least an hour.
"Bella darling are you ready to go back to the cabin?"I kept
my crooked smile on my face.
I still wish what had upset her.
"Mabey Nessie wouldnt mind spending the nght at Aunt Rosalie or Aunt Alice?Then me and you could go back to the cabin."
Both Nessies and Bellas face lite up with surprise.
She didnt answer.
Nessie would you like to have a sleep over with you aunts?"
She smiled.
At least shes smiling now.
"I supose you want to drop off Nessie now?"
Im not sure if she was being serious or sarcastic.
Her smiled stayed though, so did mine.
I'm still wishing what happend that made Bella so upset.
It's not normal for Bella and Nessie to keep somthing from me.
"Yes,Yes I would."
Shes got clothse thier ofcourse.

Alice was expecting us ofcourse.

Nessie wouldnt even tell me what happend.
The irritation was rushing through like a puls.
Alice watched us. closely.

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