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 pov- mary 

 Here was my last day in my home before i must leave it forever. I was in my mother's room and never left the bed. I couldn't  go to school today,  grandma understood me so she called the school to say I was sick and I was to remain here at home.  I heard my grandma shuffling some things in my room, when she called out to me and said,"Mar-mar, honey, I need your help packing your stuff in here. You know your room is not going to pack itself, not if you want to go home with me without all of your stuff still here. So get in here please." I could see grandma from my mom's room because me and my mother's room were in side by side where you could look into each others room. It was what my mother's idea of keeping a eye on me while still giving me the peace of privacy. As I thought of her, a tiny tug pulled on my heart and my chest tightened as I tried not to cry. I made a promise and I was keeping it. I figured that grandma  was waiting for a awnser soon, so reluctantly I got up from my mom's bed and put her slippers on. Them, with her matching robe, her hairbrush and a pearl necklace that was given to her by my father. Thinking of her made me want to just past out from all the crying I wanted to do, but instead I told grandma, "Alright, I am reluctantly coming, but nonetheless I am coiming to pack my entire existance away thanks to you."  As I get to my room grandma looks at me with a full blown anger face that could scare superman if she wanted to put her expression that far. "Hey, gram's I was just kidding about the part where i am reclutantly coming, cause well I might be over-putting that.But nonetheless I am here now. What would you like me to not  do?" I only said that to cheer her up. I hate it when she gets mad at me. I looked  expectantly at her. "Well, you could fold your blanket and put it in the box i have been putting all of you bed things in. It says mar-mar's bed thing box. I hope you didn't mind." I just sadly smiled at her and told her it was fine. I walked over to my bed and folded my blanket up. I remember when me and mom got it at the little store down by the shoe store we had here in our town. it was just sitting in a tiny store called ONE IN A MILLION and the blanket was in the window. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to ask mom for it. It was a shimmery dark blue that was almost close to black. The edge was black and the underside was black silk. I was just about to ask my mom when she looked at me and said in her mother-ly voice, "Now if I buy this blanket you must keep it clean and never mistreat it and leave it to smell like a dirty washcloth that smells like it was hiding in a sewer for fifty years. Got me?" I started to laugh at her demand, even though I knew I shouldn't because she was serious. "Mom, I promise to take care of this future blanket of mine and never let it become like a dirty washcloth that smells like it was in the sewer for fifty years." I was pleading with my puppy-dog eyes as she decided to get the blanket. "O.K, well if you want this blanket we better get in there before the palce shuts down or calls the cops on us for drolling a river over this blanket. As we haed into the store the lady behind the register tells us that she saw us and was going to get the blanket in the window. My mom just smiles as the lady gets the blanket and rings it up. The lady told us the blanket was $49.99. My heart droped to the floor because my mom looked at me with sad eyes. I knew that she was going to tell me that we couldn't get it but I had a tiny hope that she would buy it anyway, even though the cost was too much. The lady assumed that we couldn't buy it and told us, "I'll tell you what, you buy a set of hand lotion for five bucks and I'll take off twenty dollars. Best deal I could ever give anyone." My mom looks at me and tells me to go find  a lotion set that smells good. I find a set that smells like plums and and pears. I give it to my mom and let her smell it. She nods her head in approval. After we got done in the store we thanked the lady and asked for her number because we would like her to come over for dinner one night to thank her properaly for her gracious deal and kindness. She said she would think about the part of her giving out her number bur wouldn't mind having dinner with us. My mom and her made set a date and then me and my mom left and went home with my new blanket and her new lotion set.  As I look into my new room while my grandma was still packing I couldn't help but give a tiny smile at this memory. I secretly told myself never to forget this memory. I told grandma I wasn't ready for this big change in my now empty life but as long as she was there to help me and love me I would be just about right in this world. I took a deep breath as I was about to take a life-altering change into a new one I wouldn't know how to live.

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Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on September 18, 2011 at 3:19am
thx for all of your support and i love ya guys for reading my stories!!!!!
Comment by M Cullen on August 31, 2011 at 7:14pm
It's spectacular. I love the detail on the blanket!
Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on August 31, 2011 at 6:10pm

wow this one took forever to get done hope u guys like it !! next one will come out in

couple days!!! enjoy!!!

Comment by Katie Williams on August 31, 2011 at 4:05pm
this is gr8 keep me updated plz :D

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