The Twilight Saga

Darkness Within - Chapter 2 - My Awakening

"What did you do to me?!" I shout in misery. "I changed you into a vampire." The beautiful man says. "You act like its a bad thing..." "Why did you do this to me?" I moan in ageny. "I needed someone to love..." As he looks down at his feet. iI knew on the inside it wouldnt be hard to love him hes gorgeous, but something about him looks very familiar. Ive seen him before but i just dont no where. "How can you think i will love you back after what u did to me? i dont think i could ever love u after this." i yell. " you loved me once why wouldnt you love me again?" he states. "what do you mean i loved you once?" "do you not remeber me Violet?" "im sorry but no i dont..." "its me Jahuel." My eyes get wider and my heart beats faster. Could it really be him. they said he was dead.

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