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Dawn of Light

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Why take chances with the things that you already have? If I made the wrong choice a long time ago, then why didn't someone tell me about it already?
But now that things were working out in my favor, then maybe I did make the right choice. Maybe he was right. Maybe I should stop worrying and take full advantage of my perfect life.
He was right.


Its been more than six months since Renesmee, my child, was born. Well, it seems more like a week, and she isn't as much of a child than me.
Well, acuallty it seems more like 3 years for her. She had her half birthday party last week, and I remember it with perfect clarity.

"So, she's more like her mother than I thought...." Edward mumbled after he read Renesmee's thoughts, seeing that she was just as abashed as I was whenever he bought me something or took me somewhere expensive. But I relaxed a bit on that, after I had earned my own little fortune. I had to give Alice some credit; she had the stock market memorized.

"No", pouted Renesmee, "You, momma, my Jacob, and everyone else in this room spoil me too much. Its not fair. I want to live a normal life, or as close as normal as possible. But thats not possible with all the things that I have!"

We had to admit; it was a little bit true, but I wasn't going to let her plead her way out of this one. After all, she had wanted normal, so thats what she'll get.

"Just one more, and that'll be it. And you know its good manners to accept gifts with grace." I almost laughed, realizing that I sounded more like Edward than possible.

He, apparently, was thinking the same thing., except he chuckled before he could stop himself.

"Do you know how many times I've said that to you in the past 2 years? Now you finally know how I feel about it."

Renesmee sighed then said in her tinkling voice, "Ok, fine. But just to let you know, you guys should really buy some stuff for yourselves."

We smirked at the same time. After all we each had everything we wanted, and more. So what in the world were we supossed to buy?

Edward cut in before she could say anything else. "Open it. Its from Carlisle, and some of them are from us."

She grinned, and knew that if it was Carlilse, then she would like it. Not that she didn't appreciate all the other stuff......

Carlisle stepped up from the sofa, snatching a parcel wrapped in light blue wrapping paper, and handed it to Renesmee. "Not you too?" with a smile on this face, despite his tone which had a soft stab at humor, "I thought we had enough mindreaders in this house!"

Her smile faded into something that looked almost like a sulk, except it there was too much sarcasim in her expression. She took the box carefully, sniffed at it once or twice, then peeled it open.

Inside was a huge collection of science and medical books, along with a vampire myths and ledgends. She loved these kind of stories, motly because she learned alot about her kind from these. Edward and I thought it was a bunch of junk, but that didn't stop her.

Renesmee stetched out her hand toward her father-in-law's neck, and let it rest for a brief second.

"You are very welcome" replied Carlisle.

Now, just because she was able to fully talk and communicate quite efficiently with her own mouth, that didn't mean that she still liked to "show" us what she wanted, or at least what she was thinking. At first, it was very strange, but then we all got used to it.

Speaking of strange, Jacob hasn't been around for a long time. By long, I mean three and a half hours.

"He never does leave her side, does he?" murmured Edward. "That reminds me of someone that I know."

I had gotten really good at my "gift", simply from practice. I could stretch my shield just over a mile now, and I could as easily pull it from my mind as well as I could expand. It was really helpful, along with the fact that it helped Edward read my mind as well. I hated repeating myself, and it also let me easily remind him that I loved him past the boundaries of sanity.

"Jacob passed out. Actually, he's been out ever since the begining of the party. God, he is really going to hate me when he wakes up for not waking hiim up. He told me to take alot of pictures."

"Thats too bad. Where is he?" asked Alice. "Hmmm. This is going to sound strange, but I am actually getting used to the stench."

Rose snorted. "I'm not. We'll have to kick him out before the reek takes over."

"Ha! So they're still sleeping! I thought that terrible noise was from a _________." Emmett flew up the stairs in the middle of his sentence.

At that moment, Renesmee quietly excused herself.

"No more presents. And thats final." Then she bounded out the door and leaped into the darkness, turning north toward our home.

**Please tell me if you like it or not. I am planning to write a second chapter!**

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