The Twilight Saga

i woke up and then i went down stairs to the sizzle of turkey bacon and the smell of cinnamon.

 "Goodmorning." i said to my mom and dad as they placed my breakfast on the table. scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and a cinnamon bun was my favorite breakfast.

 "Goodmorning Nessie, how did you sleep?" My mom asked me.

 "It was pretty good," i answered. " So is Jake still here? " I asked.

 " Goodmorning, Nessie." I knew that voice right away, I didn't even have to turn around to see it was Jake.

 "JAKE!!!!" i said as i ran and hugged him " Goodmorning, how was your night?" I asked him as he bent down to kiss me on the head and then softly yet sweetly on the lips. I heard my parents growl.

 " None of that, and watch what your thinking." My dad said. I blushed and jacob chuckled under his breath at it.

"are you ready for school?" i asked. i go to school in seattle its called hamilton high. i have to go to school in seattle so not to raise suspiscion because of my resemblance to my mom and dad plus its easier than moving and less.......stressful for the pack and our families having to do to the fact that jake imprinted on me so this way i can still goto school be close to jake the pack and my grandpa charlie.

"yup!" jake said with a piece of turkey bacon sticking out of his mouth. i giggled and he smiled at me.

"which car do you wanna take? the ferrari or the camaro?" i asked.

"your taking the volvo" my dad said. i gave him my best puppy dog face that i learned from jake.

"pwease daddy?" i said.

"no!" he said looking at me sternly.

"fine" i grumbled." lets go jake" sigh

"ok..........i'll race you" he said knowing that would cheer me up.

"WAIT!!!!!" I screamed."hows seth and patricia? i asked looking at my parents.(A/N. seth imprinted on patricia while she was human so there's no confusion you'll learn more as the story goes on!)

they gave each other a look that said 'do you think we should tell her?'

"well see........."

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Comment by Leslie™ (Yvette) on April 17, 2011 at 12:05am
Write more plz:)

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