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Dear Blake-from kira-to our december

Dear Blake,

I feel so empty inside. You were like , the male incarnation of me. You weren't like everyone else-always partying,clubbing, and shopping. you brought out the true kira in me  . the one that only my three best friends know. i still love you even though every time i say that to myself, it kills me all over again. you were someone i could ride with, shoot with, break bones with, watch purple lightning streak across the sky with, and someone to love more than anything else in the  world. But that night back in december, when i found you out in the snow, kissing her, you broke the kira that you always loved. you even said " you know what kira, maybe i really want someone who is totally unlike you, someone who doesn't know anything i do , that i can teach, someone who ISN'T exactly freggin' like me. i just can't love the way you are." i don't think you even know how it hurts. you know that ' if i were a boy, well here the lines from it that describe exactly how i feel

'but you're just a boy, you don't don't listen to her, you don't care how it hurts....'

I still love you,but when you decide to love me again, please don't come to me on your knees


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Comment by Jordan Clement on April 2, 2011 at 5:54pm
thats so sad.

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