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Hello everyone! I am so happy to have a wonderful family and wonderful friends! I love you all! Anyway... Since most of the time I have children that I forget to post on my wall, if you are my child please don't be offended that you are not on there, I know you are my child no matter what, you will just have to remind me if you aren't on there so I can put you on. Anyway... Alot of my children have different parents then just me and my wife, Esme. If you are my daughter's (or brothers) sister or brother, you are in some way my child...maybe half-child but still you are. Please if you are my son-in-law or daughter-in-law tell me! Me and Edward are trying to plan a family reunion. All friends, you are more then welcome to attend! If you want to get to know some of your family members, just click the link below their name. A quick update though... Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are planning on marrying on December 26th, all friends and family will get an invitation in the middle of the week. The Bachelor Party was fun last night for Edward, and the bachelorette party will be December 6th at 3pm. Another family member getting married is Little Edward to (Little) Bella.... his bachelor party is being scheduled. Emmett proposed to Alice, and now my daughther is getting married....I have no idea when but she is engaged....My youngest, Violet is getting married to Felix, the date of the wedding is unannounced yet. Finally, I would like to thank Alice L. Cullen Black, she has been a big help with everything!

I hope to talk to my lovely family and friends soon!
I love you all!
-Carlisle (Carlizzle)
Ps. Yes Ali, you are a help too!

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