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Since there has been an increase in my family... I have found people I am related to though I am not in contact with or friends with. I would like to do this.. If you are one of the people on the following list please tell me... I have already included you in my family list if you want to know my relationship to you.


єѕмє тωι-вєηєƒι¢ι ¢υℓℓєη
Esme Collins
Isabella (bella) Marie Cullen
Official Bella Swan
Chelo Isabella Swan
❤๑ Twi-Isabella Marie Swan❤๑
❤๑Rosalie Hale๑❤
Rosalie Lillian Hale
The True~Rosalie Lillian Hale~
Mary Alice Brandon Cullen♥
Evangeline Lennon Adrien Cullen
Joycee alice Cullen!!!

Great Nieces
- Nessie Cullen
♥Renesmee C.Cullen Black♥
☮ʚïɞReneesme Carlie Cullen ʚïɞ
Renesmee Carlie Black-Volturi
Nessie's pack
Isabella Carlie Cullen
❤๑Courtney Cullen{volтυяı}๑❤
❤๑Nessie_Cullen_Black ❤๑***
Kylie Robin Cullen
Susie Madeline Cullen


נαмє тωι-вєηєƒι¢ι ¢υℓℓєη
Castiel Collins
ϟ๑ Edward Cullen ๑ϟ (From the αявєנ мιѕα вєηєƒιcι ραcк ^^)
Jasper Hale***
Emmett Cullen***
ϟ๑ Edward Cullen ๑ϟ
Joshua Elixan Black

Thank you! And of course. If I didn't include you please do so, so I can add you. Thanks!

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