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i still sat in John's lap as he began to tell me about the Vampire battle. this fight seemed more intense then World War two. it was crazy and by the look on John's face i could tell that it was taking a big toll on him as he told it.

" Kalash taught me and Katie how to fight just in case the fight got this far. He said that he loved us and that he would protect us no matter what. i asked him that if i didn't make it out of - to take care of Katie for me. he said that he would do his best to take care of her. Katie didn't want to think about me not making it through the war. the next day every Vampire in the entire world had gathered around Kalash. and believe me that was thousands . i never knew that there were so many. Even Pandora and Damon had come to join Kalash. this was the biggest gathering of vampires in history." Lilith came with her army. there were demons that Kalash hadn't even seen before. Lilith let her eyes sweep over each and every one of us until her eyes met Kalash's. she hesitated for a moment but then pulled herself together. Kalash was effected by how much she had changed. and how the lover he once had ...was gone. but he made sure not to let it show , but i was right next to him and i saw into his eyes " Lilith had stopped a few yards away from the band of Vampires waiting for her . we didn't know if any of us would make it through this fight but we still stood our ground. me ,Damon , Pandora , Katie on my back ,and Kalash at my side were ready to fight"

i starred at John's face and he looked like a true Vampire now. i could see the urge to kill as he got into the story. something tells me that this story did not end well. but to tell the truth i was afraid to know the ending of it. who could have been lost? Pandora ...Kalash . i wasn't sure but i know that some died. and even though i didn't know all of them i still felt horrible for the loves that were lost.

" i remember Lilith looking at us looking one more time and then she let them loose. i told Katie i loved her and that no matter what happened i would always be with her and then everyone ran so fast it was a blur. Kalash stayed at my side. then everyone clashed . There were Demons with dagger like teeth and ones with cat eyes. Katie didn't let go of me. all you heard was the roar of the fight. Vampires hissing. Demons and Vampires Clashing. it was a dark day for us. the fighting lasted for a day and a half. Kalash defeated Lilith but did not kill her. she was only sent back to the depths of hell. Kalash was fine and so was Doman and Pandora . but the price we paid was that we lost over two hundred of our kind. Kalash and i looked for any surviving demons killing them if their were. " he said shaking his head . i pulled my head back from under his neck to stare at him. his eyes were pained. i began to think and then something clicked in my head. his family.... could his father be? he starred back at me and he saw that i was thinking about something , and hard.

"whats on your Mind?" he asked narrowing his eyes a little.

"is your father?....... Kalash" i mumbled.
he didn't answer for a long time and it made me curious as to what his facial expression was. so i looked at him he sighed and his eyes were like liquid pools on mine. " yes" he replied sighing. "my father is Kalash"

"but how can that be? you said your family wasn't as old as him" i asked skeptical. if John's family wasn't as old as Kalash then how could he be in the family as his father.

"by family i meant my mother , Katie , and myself" he said lightly.

well the way he said it sounded so obvious. it made me smile at him. Now that i had heard about Kalash i was now more eager to meet his family. i wanted to Know Kalash and his stories. i wanted to know his sister and talk to her. and i wanted to meet his mother who i heard nothing about through the two stories i heard so far. "oh" was all i could say. i hope he didn't think telling me these stories that it would somehow change my mind about wanting to be like any case it made me want to join him even more. "john can i ask you something ?" i asked almost in a whisper.

"yes, but before you do ...should i be afraid" he replied in a hard but also teasing voice.

i laughed shaking my head. "it depends , you will know when i ask the question." i bit my lip nervously afraid of his reaction also even though i had a good idea of what it would be. Angry. " I want you to .... Change me" i choked out in a barely audible voice . i waited for him to react. and a second later he did. he grabbed my waist and sat me down on the bed as he got up. i was shocked. he was rubbing his temples in frustration and the liquid pools that once dominated his eyes now turned hard as stone. he was overly angry. i could see the muscles in his arms tighten. maybe i shouldn't have asked. i starred at him . he sighed and then glanced at me.

" Kelly i will not change you!" he growled through his teeth.

i stood up before i could control my actions. my eyes bulged and my own anger began to pulse through my body. "well why not?!" i began to shout.

he turned to look at me , now his hands wee at his sides. "Because Kelly after everything i have -"

"it doesn't matter. its ov-"

"no its not ! you don't know anything about know nothing of the complications that come with being a vampire" he said through his teeth. clenching his eyes shut and then opened them slowly. tears began to swell up in my eyes and one ran down my cheek and i wiped it away quickly. John didn't take his eyes off of me and he did see the tear that ran down my cheek. and the little bit of sunlight that came into my window and hit my face it made the trail that the tear left behind glimmer. i turned away from him , hurt by the words that he said to me. so now i didn't know anything? but i loved John and i couldn't stay mad at him for long. i stood there with my back facing him as i spoke. i made my voice as calm as i could. i didn't like nor did i want to fight with him.

"so tell me John." i turned around to look at him . he was still looking at me. i starred back at him. "since i know nothing of Vampires , tell me " i said as i walked over and put myself in his arms. i wrapped mine around his waist and he wrapped his around mine as he sighed and laid his head on my hair . once again i could feel his cold breathe on my scalp. it felt good , i knew he didn't want to fight with me either. "i love you" i whispered into his chest.

i felt his body quiver and then he chuckled. "i love you too" he replied. it sounded like he was smiling. "but i still will not change you"

"John.. please" i whined

"Kelly , please. if i did turn you what about your life here?" he said looking around my room.

"what about it? " i said surprised. my life meant nothing if John wasn't in it. this house , this room meant nothing unless he was in it.


"John look , i wanna tell you why i want to become a vampire besides having you for the rest of forever." he was about to say something but i held up my hand and he stopped and closed his mouth. he smiled at me and slowly walked up to my hand . he took it lightly in his cold smooth one and put it to his cheek . he inhaled deeply and closed his eyes , then just as soon as he closed them they reopened to look at me and it seemed that in that one moment they had turned into liquid pools again just like before. his smile widened as he looked at me. i wondered what he was thinking that made him smile so devilishly. he moved closer to me , my hand still on his face and he looked at me like he wanted nothing more but me. he lowered his perfect face down to mine and leaned his cold cheek up against mine. his breath traveled from my jaw line to my feet. my heart began to accelerate and so did my breathing. i assumed he heard it because i felt his lips pull up into a smile on my neck. i stood very still but my body still seemed welded to his. he held my waist lightly and his cool hands raised goose bumps on the smalls of my back , but i didn't care . his touch felt good to me and come to think of it he rarely touched me like this so i had to enjoy the moment while it lasted. he breathed back up to my jaw line and to my ear.

"you know no matter what you do , it still wont change my mind" he whispered in my ear.

"you never know. i do have my ways" i gasped back a response. he was kissing from my jaw to my shoulder. his lips were cold as ice and hard as granite but it felt good. then he stopped to gaze at me . and i could see in his eyes that wanted me now more then ever. he lowered his face to mine once again but this time our lips met and he kissed me harder than usual. i returned the force. he gripped my back a little tighter. i took my arms from around his waist and placed them on his chest. and with all my strength i pushed him away. as much as i hated to i knew that i should. his lips parted and then left mine. he looked at me like i had lost my mind. his hands were still on my back. we starred at each other.

"whats wrong ?" he asked looking confused

"well you trying to distract me almost worked.." i trailed off looking at him through my eye lashes , letting a smile pull at my lips. he looked at the window guiltily

"im not sure i know what you mean" he said . the edges of his mouth twitching ,trying to fight a smile.

i slapped his arm, forgetting that slapping him could break my entire hand. i had to remember that for future references. i smiled at myself. he was funny when he wanted to be. i really wanted John to change me into a vampire, so that i could be with him no matter where he went or what he did. as long as we were together. But John sounded like he was standing by his decision and it would take a miracle to change it. i it my lip, trying to figure out a way for him to at least consider changing me. that was going to be a hard one.

"John if your father is Kalash then why did you say his name was Marius ?" i asked. i was wondering why the names didn't quite add up. a while ago when we were first talking about his family he said that his fathers name was Marius.

"Because i hadn't told you the story yet and also because Marius is the name he uses here . when we move to different places we sometimes change our names. But Katie and my name stay the same. we don't really like to change our names to much because then he have to remember those names" he said lightly.

my jaw dropped open at the explanation he gave. i mean it did make sense . "oh, wow um thats one heck of an explanation" i said still stunned at his words . he smiled and took my hand standing up.

"where are we going?" i asked lightly. i looked out the window and saw that it was raining just like he said . i still had no clue as to where we were going.

"well since its raining...its time"

"time for what/"i asked. caution clearly in my voice.

"time to meet the bloodsucking vampire family of mine" he replied leaning down and kissing me lightly on the lips. i caught my breath and his cold breath filled my mouth. i bet if he had stopped kissing me i could have breathed and you would have seen it. he pulled away slowly and then squeezed my hand. "come on Kelly, before i don't go anywhere" he sighed smiling .the one i loved. i smiled back slightly and nodded. now i was worried again. as John drove past the beach and deeper into the forest heading towards the mountains , i looked out the window and counted the trees as we passed them trying to calm my nerves. i began to tap my foot on the floor of the car.

he had his eyebrows raised and he glanced at me then back at the road. "calm down Kelly , you will be fine i promise" he said. taking my hand back in his. then it was quiet again. about twenty minutes later he said something that sent a shiver down my back ,and made my heart accelerate. "we're almost there. about five more minutes" my stomach was doing back flips and summer salts all around. this was it. the big meet. John saw me and heard my heart as i began to have a panic attack. he brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it. "don't worry " he mumbled in his silky velvet voice. and then some of my panic had gone away. some not all. at least john was with me for this.

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