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he pulled up in front of a huge white house . the house looked to be two to three stories high. the walls looked like someone had drenched them in bleach. that's how white it was. Before you could even get to the house there was a gate and a lot of stairs leading up to it. there was a huge balcony in front of the house.on the top floor of the house there were trees on the balcony that went around the entire top floor. the windows were long and clear. the house was looked like it belonged in a Christmas movie. i sat and looked out of the window in awe. when i looked at one of the windows on the top floor there was a beautiful girl standing in it. she had long black hair that was tied up into a ponytail and her skin almost matching the color of the outside of the house. she caught my eye and smiled. then she ran away from the window . i looked at John who seemed to have growled under his breath.

"whats wrong?" i asked surprised

"nothing" he replied taking his eyes away from the house and then peering down at me. "you ready?" he said raising his eyebrows.

"as ready as ill ever be" i replied sucking in a fast breath. John got out of the car and i opened my door. He stood there and held out his hand. i took it. i didn't know that he had brought a jacket but all of the sudden he had one hanging over his shoulder. He put it on my shoulders and lead me to the medium sized nicely decorated black gate.

"this place is beautiful, its..incredible" i struggled to use the right words. all of the sudden John had me in his arms running at the speed of light to the front door. then he set me on my feet. his speed still shocked me. i didn't know John lived up in the mountains. even though that would make sense also. he smiled at me on the porch and i smiled back.

"thank you. my mother loves this house " he said smiling.

"it really is one of the most beautiful houses i have ever seen" i said shaking my head. "she has good taste" i added.he laughed and wrapped his arm around my waist. then he opened the door. we walked into the house and it was beautiful on the inside too. the room was huge. i t looked like the living room. the room was painted a light blue and the floor looked like it was covered in mahogany wood. it was so pretty.there was a white couch and a huge plasma screen T.V. in the center of the room. John led me through that room and what looked to be the dining room. the dining room was a cream color and paneled in a honey colored wood. there were long windows side by side. In the center there was a large brown dining table with a row of glass bowls filled with small red apples. there were about ten chairs altogether . the walls had paintings on them. one painting caught my was a painting of a rose with some of the pedals falling off. it looked like the rose was being dropped on the pavement . the street was some what in the background along with cars and dimly lit street lamps . i felt like it wasn't just a painting , like there was a deep meaning behind it. when we were completely in the dining room i realized that there was a girl sitting in one of the chairs. when i saw her my jaw dropped in awe. she was strikingly beautiful. her hair was not black but a dark rich brown. it was slightly curly but more towards wavy. here eyes were gray tinted with green , she was pale , and she was my height. she was leaning in her chair. well more like balancing on one leg of the chair...with no problem.she saw us and put the chair back on all fours and got up so fast that it took my breath away. John heard my gasp and glared at his sister, then his expression lightened and he smiled at her . she grinned back and her teeth were just as perfect as her brothers. she looked just like him.

"Hello Katie" john said nodding to her.

"hey John" she nodded back. her voice was like an angels. sort of light like a fifteen year old's should be. then she glanced at me and John hissed at her. i couldn't look away from her though. she moved her eyes back to Johns. then i blinked. it was like i wasn't here anymore. like if she told me to do something then i would do it. i shook my head a little. john put his hand under my chin to look me in the eyes. and i saw that his became frantic. he looked back at Katie.

"Katie!" he growled at her.

"im sorry John, you know sometimes i cant control my sight" she shot back. i looked at John afraid that he would launch his sister through the window, but his face was smooth.

"anyway ,Kelly this is Katie" he pointed from me to her. she turned her attention to me. and smiled but this time i didn't feel the same way as before. i returned the smile. she stuck her hand out to me. i took it and we shook hands. her hand was cold like John's so i wasn't shocked about it.

"nice to meet you Kelly" Katie said.

"you to"i replied.

"Katie where is Kalash and Joanna " John asked. i actually just noticed what she had on. she was wearing a purple floral shirt and had on black leggings with purple boots. she looked really pretty. i was instantly envious of her.

"i think their upstairs on the balcony. would you like for me to go get them?"she asked. the old language that John always seemed to use so effortlessly sounded so strange coming from her small voice. John nodded and then Katie was gone. and in aa split second she was back.
"i was right.they said that they would be here soon" Katie said smiling. John smiled back.

"i never have doubted you little sister" he said sweetly. it almost didn't sound like John. "now get over here and give me a hug" Katie smiled and turned in the other direction crossing her arms. John slowly slipped his hand out of mine. i looked at him wondering why he let go. he looked at me to and winked. he slipped slowly into a crouch. i saw his muscles flex,his teeth pulled back exposing his fangs but made no sound. his eyes darkened in the slightest. he looked like a vampire from the movies you saw only still amazingly beautiful. i looked at Katie and i could see that out of the corner of her eye she saw him and a wide grin spread across her face but John couldn't see her face. then John launched himself at his tiny sister. i didn't even see Katie but all of the sudden she was standing next to me. she smiled at me and i had to laugh and smile back. they were crazy! but funny. John turned around to face us. Katie had her arm through mine and remarkably i had no problem with it.she was sweet but i knew that deep down she could be dangerous. John's eyes widened in fear at me, afraid that i would be scared of Katie with her arm through mine, but my face was fine. i was actually giggling along with Katie.i don't even think we knew what we were laughing at anymore but we were still laughing. John sighed. He crossed the room in four long strides and put his two hands lightly on my cheeks and then his lips met mine. he kissed me more passionately now. more eager. he forced my mouth open and his cold breath flooded my mouth again. i had to pull away. i couldn't breathe. when he did let me breathe i was gasping for air. i didn't feel Katie slip her arm out of mine but she was standing there wide eyed. John laid his forehead up against mine and he took his hand and smoothly pushed my hair away from my face. we looked at each other.

"umh hum" Katie pretended to cough . John rolled his eyes but stayed where he was.

"what Katie?" John said in a hard voice obviously annoyed. Before Katie could answer him his lips touched mine again but this time it was short.

"well, if your done John...can i have her back now?" Katie replied in a teasing tone, smiling again. John sighed. i touched his face with my hand and he looked back at me. his forehead and hands still on mine.

"let her have me, besides i want to get to know her better" i told him sweetly. he couldn't resist the sweet voice. he brought his lips to mine one more time and then he released me. i turned towards Katie and smiled. she took my free hand in hers. i walked towards her a little but my other arm would not budge. i turned my head to look at John. His eyes looked like he didn't want me to go. i nodded one more time and felt my hand slide out of his. i walked over to Katie and she wrapped my arm through hers once again and led me back the way we came.

"where are we going Katie?" i whispered closer to her ear. i heard John stop breathing.Katie looked at him and then whispered back to me.

"to the backyard.its pretty big, i wanna show it to you" she replied smiling. i nodded in agreement. and on that note she towed me off towards the stairs. i was able to catch one last glance at John. he looked worried but happy at the same time. i smiled and hoped that he saw it before we rounded the corner and he was no where in sight. but i knew that some how i would always be in his range of sight. Katie hit the stairs and stopped to look at me.

"whats wrong Katie?" i asked her. wondering why she stopped.

"please don't take any offense but you humans walk so slow, so would you mind if i carried you downstairs?" she asked biting her lip.

she looked surprised when i laughed at her ."sure, no problem i understand how that can be annoying"

"its not your fault. i know you humans have to be careful going down the stairs , you can get hurt if you run" she replied smiling.i laughed again. well she was right about that. so Katie carried me down the stairs on her back and then set me down to grab John's jacket when i just realized that he had it.

"Katie im sorry but i just realized that John has it"

"its alright. just step outside you'll have it " Katie replied. i was a little confused by her sentence but i stepped outside and when Katie closed the door i heard a whooshing sound and when i turned around Katie held John's Jacket. she giggled at the look on my face. which was awe and then she pointed up with one finger. and John stood on the top floor balcony. he winked at me. i laughed at the two of them. Katie let me slip my arms into the two big arm sleeves and then we were off. heading towards her back yard. when we got around to the back of the house what i saw was something i would never forget! Katie kept her eyes on me . i couldn't look at her yet because i would never look away from what i saw .

she slipped her hand out from my arm once again and took my hand . her cold skin snapped me out of my reverie and i looked at her. she looked worried that she showed me this way to soon. i could sense John's eyes on me. i could picture the look on his face. scared. he always looked scared when he told me something or let me see something that he didn't necessarily want me to see or know about. afraid that it would overwhelm me. i couldn't control my actions right now. this was just way to shocking for words or for sudden movements. i could only manage to slide my hand over my mouth.

i heard Katie talking to me but was unable to make my lips form the words i were trying to get out . "im sorry Kelly .. i-i thought he told you about this !" Katie sounded nervous and frightened. i bet john could see my face in his vision and he was not happy with Katie at all. she began to pull my arm lightly. carefully , trying not to break my arm. i stumbled back a step and blinked about a hundred times in the last second ,then i stood my ground. "come on Kelly" Katie said . i shook my head and began to walk forward. i heard a growl and it sounded like a earthquake, an earthquake that was very angry. i kept walking though. Katie used her inhuman speed and then stood a few inches away from me. as i inched forward. "Kelly come on! "

"wait Katie just -"

"no ..please Kelly. John is already mad with telling you if we don't go he's going to grab you and run you all the way to Mexico " i heard Katie say hissing slightly. i was on half way listening to her. and inched another step. the growling continued. i reached my hand out... cool air touched my fingers. as big marble green eyes starred at me.

"Kelly! No!!" was all i heard and then i felt arms wrap around my waist and then everything was a blur for about a millisecond then i was on the top floor balcony. i turned around and John starred at me. and boy did he look angry . i had to look away. his eyes looked pained. hurt and angry with me. i had nothing to say.

"Kelly..." John growled. he shut his eyes and tried to calm himself down. when he reopened his eyes they looked a little more understanding. but a very little amount of understanding. anger was still the dominating trait here. "Kelly what the hell were you thinking!?" he said a little loud. i looked over and Katie was down in the lawn where i was not just two seconds ago. i could some what see her face. it looked nervous. then with a whooshing sound she was instantly a little distance behind me. his eyes didn't move.

" im sorry i shouldn't have show it to-" Katie said. but john quickly cut her off and answered the apology she was already making, but his eyes didn't move away from mine.

"Katie its fine just please...leave me and Kelly alone to talk for a moment " he said with a hard voice. i caught Katies expression out of the corner of my eye and it still looked nervous but now it was for me.afraid for me.

"Katie she will be fine , nothing is going to happen.. i just would like to speak with her for a moment. i think Joanna and Kalash are in the Kitchen , can you go see if they are ready to meet KJelly please?" John asked his little sister. obviously he hadn't missed the expression on his sisters face just like me. she looked at me one more time and then walked at a human pace into the house. after the door had clicked lightly and noiselessly closed then John turned his glare back on me.

"John nothing happened , i didn't even touch it" even though i wasn't even sure what it was that i was going to touch. but i knew right not definitely wasn't the time to ask. those words seemed to make him even angrier.

"Kelly if you had been hurt-"

"but i wasn't Jo-"

"that is not the point , they are not one hundred percent in control of their emotions sometimes. sometimes their instincts just kick in and you could have been....Killed" he strained the last word. his face looked pained again.

i took his hand in mine and squeezed it even though i know it probably didn't do much to him.with his unbreakable skin. he looked at me. now with sympathy in his eyes. "John im sorry , it was reckless and i will never scare you like that again" i apologized to him because even though i thought he was over reacting i still new why he freaked out. i would have to be more cautious next time. if there was ever going to be a next time after today. he shook something off and then all of the sudden he smiled at me. "what?" i asked

"Kalash and Joanna are ready to meet you " he replied softly. it was like the incident that just happened never did and for John it seemed forgotten but i knew he didn't forget about it , he probably just pushed it to the back of his mind. it would be brought up again later on.

"what happened to your brother?" i asked. i just now realized that his brother was nowhere in sight.
John smiled at me.

"he's in Europe feeding. i imagine he should be back within tomorrow morning, depends on how much he feeds" John said shrugging like it was nothing. i starred at him like he was crazy. "what?" what did i say?" he said sarcastically.

"He swam to Europe ?!" i said slowly. letting it process in my mind.

john shrugged and smiled again. "yeah , we do it all the time. like that Hawaii trip i told you i took with my family" we ran there. it was a very relaxing run"

i was in shock. "and how long did it take your brother to get to Europe?" ieven though i was afraid to know how long it took him.

"about forty-five minutes" John said slightly poking out his lip.

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