The Twilight Saga

i figured that two options were highly plausible. one, i was dead and i didn't want to cross over so i was left in the dark to wander. as most lost souls do. or two , i was dreaming and i just couldn't wake up no matter how many times i hoped and screamed in my mind. they both sounded horrible to me. i felt like death itself. like an example being made to show where recklessness and to much courage collide. like this was the consequence. to mourn over your own soul. it was hell on earth. for a moment i did think if this was hell. or your own personal hell. but there was a constant beeping in the background but the only thing in the background was darkness. it confused me. when i screamed to wake up it felt like i really was screaming , but i never could hear myself scream. when i settled for option one i saw a light. a small light and then it began to spread into a light that lit up the dark. i looked around and i saw walls above my head that here jagged and looked rough. i was also laying in something. it looked to be a cot. a hospital cot? but what was i doing here? i looked around and i still heard the constant beeping. i lifted my hands so i could look at them and i was wearing a polka dot hospital dress for patients. i finally found the source for the beeping . it was a heart rate monitor. i was in the hospital. i felt weak and tired , like i could barely stop my eyelids from closing. the good news now was there was completely no darkness in my eyes anymore. i heard a click and then a door close. i looked over towards the curtain. the person quietly pulled back the curtain. im guessing trying mot to wake me. when the curtain was completely pulled back i saw John's beautiful eyes ans jet black hair. he starred at me for one second and then he ran over to me and yanked me up in a hug. he was cold but it felt good. i was so slow with my arms it was crazy . i wrapped my arms around his waist gripping his back. i started to cry.

"Jesus , Kelly...i-i" he couldn't Finnish. he leaned away slightly but didn't let go of me and his lips met mine . this kiss was eager , relieved , scared, and passionate all at the same time. god i missed him.

"John , John im dumb i know and i wasn't thinking..and i shouldn't have done what i did" i said. sobbing and gasping. his hand laid on the back of my head and he gripped some of my hair lightly. i now remembered everything . from the school to Damon and the house.

"i couldn't see properly Kelly , my sight was....something was wrong but i couldn't see you and i thought that you would be alright , it was just Damon i never thought- Kelly i am so very sorry .. i let you down when you needed me. i wasn't there..with you. when i did see you- you were covered in blood and i could hear your heart slowing and i felt you fading, it scared me to death" John explained to me. i didn't want him to blame himself because it wasn't his fault.

"John , im just so happy to see you . i thought that i would never be able to do this again" i kissed him."or tell you that i loved you anymore. that was the most painful , never seeing your face again..but"

"but what..." he trailed off

"what happened to Damon?" i asked.

"Damon is halfway to Nigeria by now. i no longer trust him. Pandora knows about what happened and she feels hideous. believe it or not from the things she heard about you from me she saw a lot of herself in you, she liked you" John said. all i could do was look down. the reason i am in this cot, this hideous get up , and why i have a spherical mark on my neck that wasn't to visible was because i didn't know how to keep my damn mouth shut. all this worry was because of me. i caused all of this.

"what about my parents?" i asked.

"they haven't been notified yet. i told them i was your husband so they felt no need. you may tell them once i have a good explanation as to why you have that on your neck. " John said nodding serious now. John's face was composed but when he looked at me i saw the pain in his eyes. it was almost to much to bear. that much pain should never be in one persons heart. he looked torn. my head began to hurt. i laid back down . i had a long tube attached to my arm . i followed the tube to see what it was attached to and i saw a small packet filled with blood. i looked back at John. he was thinking about something.

"what are you thinking about John?"

"i am trying to decide whether to go and hunt do Damon and kill him myself. i could tear him to pieces for what he's done to you, i hope he burns in -"

"John stop" i cut him off. "i don't want you to even consider going after was my stupid mouth, i should have watched what i said to him" i replied. it really was my fault. i was reckless.

"that still gave him no right to hurt you the way he did , or even put his hands on you. Damon could control his thirst and he had more than enough common sense to not bite you but he did it any way and now you have that on your neck" John lifted his hand towards my neck then dropped it. he hissed under his breath. i lifted my weak hand to my neck and felt the thin scar .

"its alright John. im here and im not going anywhere" i laid my hand in his and he gripped it lightly. being sure not to hurt me. we heard a light knock at the door. John smiled at me slightly and then got up. he walked over to the door and opened it. i heard to pairs of feet walking back towards me. John came and sat down next to me again and took my hand . the doctor came in next. it was Dr. Knell.

"Hello Kelly. How are you feeling?" he asked me. walking to the front of the bed and taking a clip board and flipping the sheets of paper back and forth signing things.

"hi" i replied with a soft voice.

"well first congratulations " the doctor said nodding and smiling.

"what? , oh thank you " i said remembering what John had told the doctor.

"of course , so what happened to you?" he asked me. i felt John grip my hand a little harder.

"oh umm.... im not entirely sure actually. " i looked at John with a worried expression.

"well Doc , i was coming over to see her because she said her parents were on their way home and she wanted to tell them about the engagement and when i walked in i saw her on the floor" John said his lie that he had most likely just made off of the top of his head with such defiance that it was almost believable. we could see that the doctor didn't believe us . John stood up and grinned ."can i talk to you for a second Doctor" John said in a friendly voice.

"sure" Dr. Knell said. John looked down at me and winked.

"will you be alright for five minutes?" he whispered to me in my ear. i nodded . i lifted my hand and touched his cheek.

"i love you" i said.

"as i love you " he said . he kissed my forehead then followed the doctor out the door. i laid in the hospital bed and thought about what John told the doctor. what if we did get married? it sounded better and better as i thought about it. being married to John would make me incredibly happy. i still wanted to become a vampire. this incident made me realize that i never wanted to be that close to death again. it terrified me to have to think that i would never be able to see John again. i shuddered. i definitely didn't want to feel that again. i heard someone walk back in the room. of course it was John. he cam and sat down next to me.

"what did you tell the doctor?" i asked him. he smiled at me.

"i blinded his sight" John said slowly. still smiling. my face was blank i could feel it . "well i didn't actually blind him , i just fogged up his recent memory. i told him that your scar was already there and you had a bad headache and you passed out , so that's what brought you here" John said. this story sounded much better.

"so i can go home?" i asked

"yes , you can go home"

i just nodded. i was glad to be going home . but i just remembered when Damon was feeding off of me. a painful thought. about the couch ,he was feeding off of me i felt my blood coming down my neck which meant that it stained the couch. "what about the couch? was it stained?"

'oh i had cleaned that while you were asleep. you were going to clearly be out for a while so i decided to clean up the mess" it was a lot of blood" he added. John began to his under his breath. he shut his eyes. i laid my hand on his shoulder. all of the sudden he jerked away from me. "i need to talk to Kalash and Joanna" he got up and walked to the window."i will be here when you wake up in the morning , i swear" John said in a hard voice. he was angry i could see it. he turned for the door.

"John" i called


"promise me something.." i trailed off.

"what is it?" he said in a hard voice.

"don't do anything ...bad ,please don't do something you will regret later"

"there will be nothing to regret because there is nothing to be done" he whispered. "but for you, you have my word that i will not do anything bad" he turned towards me and grinned slightly.

"remember that i love you John" i reminded him

"i can never forget that" he said perking up. his full blown smile crossed his face and then he nodded to me and then walked out of the room. not letting the door make even the slightest click. i sighed and then turned onto my side . i began to become drowsy. i guess the anesthetic was kicking in. even though the doctor believed that i was most likely suffering from a concussion thanks to John and he would be fogged for the next two hours or so and what John told him would stick and he would believe it. i closed my eyes and tried to relax. i new it wouldn't take long now for me to fall asleep. i felt myself slipping into unconsciousness.

i was sure i was dreaming. i was standing on a battlefield , the sky was drenched in smoke and i was starring at John. he looked sad and he was crying. i began to cry. it was so clear. this dream.

"i have to go Kelly" he whispered lightly. i didn't understand this bizarre dream.

"what? why? ...where? where do you have to go?" i began to tear up and my voice became broken.

"im sorry Kelly , i tried so hard..." he trailed off.

"you tried so hard to what?" i still sobbed barely able to get the words out. it was also getting darker and harder to see him.

"i tried to protect you. and i failed you Kelly , i failed you horribly. but i want you to know that i will always love you...more then life itself" he whispered again. another tear feel down his cheek. i began to really cry now and gasp for air. my lungs just wouldn't expand. it felt like my insides were being twisted and i couldn't stop it.

"John-please-please don't leave me" i cried. tears just came down my face now. my heart was being torn to shreds. this didn't feel like a dream anymore. this felt like the real deal. and it hurt.

"goodbye my love" he whispered one more time. he was leaving! i couldn't let him leave. i tried to reach for his arm but when i tried to grab it it turned into smoke. one more tear came down his face and then he disappeared completely. my eyes snapped open . my breathing was more like a panting. it sounded like i was having an asthma attack. it must have been around six to seven thirty in the morning. it was just turning blue outside. i looked around the empty room. searching for him, making sure that that was a dream. i saw no one. i just now realized that i was crying.

"Kelly" the voice mumbled. it sounded like a hum. my breathe caught. i looked around the room. not seeing anyone but hearing them. my heart beat faster.

"John" i whispered in a panic.

'sorry darling Kelly but John wasn't able to make it this morning so he sent me with his condolences" i still saw no one but the voice was deep. "calm down Kelly , you don't want any innocent people to die this morning to you? especially Dr. Knell. his family would miss him terribly" the voice came to me again. i tried to slow my heart down along with my breathing. i starred straight ahead. because now there was a person standing by the door. pale skin , dark brown eyes , kind of spiky dark hair......i stopped breathing all together . by the door stood Damon Nix. he came to finish what he had started. he began to walk at a normal human speed towards me. "you slipped from me yesterday , i would call that lucky that your boyfriend came to save you"

"please" i whispered. he starred at me with cold hard eyes. he came to show no mercy.

"why should i? you know entirely to much Kelly , and what would happen if you did slip up" Damon said in a cold Voice. he walked over to the side of the bed and laid his cold hand on my cheek. "im sorry my dear but im afraid you musn't live" his teeth sharpened and his eyes blackened. all i could do was stare into his cold black eyes.

" you touch her again , and it will be the last move you ever make" so i suggest that if you would like to keep your immortality, then take your hands off of her " my scared eyes shot to the window. it was John! he stood there crouched and his lips parted just enough to see his fangs. he was growling as he said it. he shot a glance at me and then starred at Damon who didn't take his eyes off of me. he had a smile on his face.

"well good morning Johnathan" Damon sighed. "you care for her as if she were one of us." Damon turned his head towards John now. looking a little confused.

"remove your hand Damon , Pandora or no Pandora i will kill you with no remorse for you" Take-your-hands -off -of-her" John said coldly. i relaxed a little as Damon's hand slipped away. he walked over to John and looked him dead in the eye. " Lo haré matar ella" Damon said to John. John hissed and as fast as i let myself breathe again it caught once more.

"you won't get her, i promise you that " John growled. he let Damon go. he turned around to look at me once more.

"i hope you feel better" Damon said with a devilish smile. and then he winked at me. my face went from calmer to terrified again. John saw it and walked over to me still starring at Damon. Damon shook his head and then jumped like it was nothing out of the window.John walked over to me after watching Damon disappear into the woods. i was relaxed , now that John was here.

"are you hurt?" he asked in a cold voice.

"no,im fine" i replied. his eyes were cold and hard.they were always like that when he was losing his grip on his temper.
"are you okay?"i finally asked.


"John im alright see" i said holding up my lazy arms. "im fine" he came a little closer to me. he had walked over to me but didn't touch me. i wished he would. i would feel a hell of a lot better if he had . his cold hands were reassuring. his face began to soften.his eyes shot down to my face.
"what is it?"i asked.

"put your cloths on" he said softly.

i was confused. "John whats going on?"i asked trying to sit up.he took my hand and helped me stand up. i still had tubes in my arm, running blood into it. i didn't feel as weak as i had but i did still feel weak. my breath caught. John took my arm in his cold hand. he looked at me. "stay very still" . what was he doing ? he slowly pulled the tube from my arm. when it came out blood that was running in the tube ran down my arm. John began to lower his head

"John..." i said trailing off.

"im only healing you"he replied glancing up at me one more time before lying his cold lips on my wrist. i winced. i felt....-was that his tongue? i felt it breeze across the open cuts from the tubes . then it was gone. i sighed. John looked at my arm and ran his fingers across where the little dots had been.

"good as knew" he said smiling slightly.

"why did it hurt?" i asked him.

"it hurt because the only way to heal a human,is to give some of our venom to help heal the wound"

"so am i going to become a vampire because your venom is in my system?"ill admit i sounded a little excited for everything i had been through. to my surprise he laughed.

"no kelly. now you may experience some changes in your senses,but ninety percent of the time nothing happens."

"oh"was all i could say. my excitement instantly went away.

he sighed. "i wish you would give up on that"

"why?"i asked. he just starred at me now. i had to look away. i walked to the chair that sat in the corner of the room. i heard John sit on the hospital bed where i was just ten minutes ago. i closed the door behind me and slipped on my jeans with a loose t-shirt and my converses. i opened the door and John was looking straight ahead and not blinking . i began to admire him from a distance. he just seemed like he belonged in a fairy tale rather then here in reality. his skin looked so smooth and pale, along with his cold pink lips . i believed that John's heart still beats somewhere in his soul whether he believes it or not. he finally looked over at me.

"ready?"he asked

"yep" when i really looked i saw that the blood that was in the little package was empty , like it had never been filled before. my lips were parted.
"where did all that blood go?" i asked even though i already knew where.

"well , i figured that since you were supposed to be fine now then that meant that your body took in all that blood but your fine without the extra so i didn't want to let perfectly good blood go to waste."

i laughed at him. sentences and actions like that made me remember that he wasn't human. he got up and walked over to me . "you still haven't told me why we're leaving so fast i said.

"you'll see but right now we really should go" he said in a some what hard voice. i looked at him and saw worry in his eyes. i just nodded to him . we walked to the door. he opened it and i walked out into the pale dull hallways. i didn't see Dr. Knell anywhere. john walked out of the room and lightly tugged me down the hallway. we walked fast while John looked around and led me towards the staircase. he pushed open the door and we went flying down the stairs in one breath. he set me back down and opened the first floor door. we walked past the front desk ,out the automatic doors, and into the cool air. which felt good to someone who was almost stuck in a hospital room for two days. my car was parked not far from the entrance.

"we don't have the key-." i stopped short because he opened his hand and there they were. he opened the car door and put me in the passenger seat and then closed the door. looked like he was driving. he put the key in the ignition and then pulled out of the hospital parking-lot.he drove for what seemed like forever. i remember sleeping for most of it but it still felt like forever. we finally pulled up in front of his huge white house. before i could even reach for the handle on the door , i jumped. Katie stood at my door with a cute smile on her face. I returned the smile. she opened my door for me and practically yanked me up in a hug.

"Kelly! your back. i heard all about what happened..well more like saw what you wanted and why you wanted it but..are you okay?" she said kind of in a blur. i saw her glance at John and then she turned her attention back to me.

"yeah im fine" i replied softly . she finally let me go. we walked up the steps to John's house. Katie wanted to know why. so John told her.

"i cant believe Damon would do something like that. he has been such a close friend to us" she said shaking her head.
"you should have torn him apart John" she added. i winced.

"No Katie" he said.


"do you have any idea what that would do to Pandora, if i killed him. she would be devastated. anyway i promised Kelly that i wouldn't" he replied. looking down at me. it was quiet the rest of the way to the door. Katie still seemed mad so we didn't talk about it anymore.Katie opened the door for us and we walked into their huge living room to find John's parents and another person i had never seen before. i stopped short.From the back

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