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"Kelly?" i heard John ask me. i looked at him and he sighed. we were still on the balcony and it was starting to get a little chilly.

"sorry" i replied. sigh. John got so overly worried that he even made a terrified parent that lost their kid in the mall look like nothing by the way he worried about me. it was okay though , he loved me and he was just trying to protect me. i smiled at the thought. one day i was just doing the usual in school and the next day i was dating a vampire. John raised one eyebrow. i moved closer to him. laying my hands on his nice shirt. i gripped it a little tighter. i stood on the tips of my toes and found his lips. they were cold and hard but also soft. he kissed me back lightly. he slid his hand up to my cheek. then he pulled away. i sighed when his lips weren't touching mine anymore. he laughed at me.

"Kelly , we will one day .....i promise we will" John said with a smile.

"can you please give me one good reason why we can't right now" i said with a slight pout.

"well one, because i can change you or kill you in a matter of seconds" and two, because it would be very inappropriate to tear all of your cloths off outside...when it is cold..and my parents waiting for us to return" John said with a smile because he knew he was gonna win. he always did. he was right though , it would be rude with his parents waiting. so i nodded sadly and then turned towards the balcony door. John held no part of me as we walked through the door. as a matter of fact he looked more nervous then he did when i was going to touch..well whatever that was. i took one final deep breathe. this was it. it was time to meet his entire family. well almost his entire family. we walked back through the door and his sister stood by the table while his mother and father stood by the counter. i couldn't look away from Joanna . she was just so beautiful. she looked to be five foot six, beautiful long curly brown and caramel colored hair, pale skin , brown eyes , pink full lips , and the body of a goddess. she made me look like nothing compared to her. and she smiled at me and her smile was marvelous. it was the whitest , straightest , most beautiful teeth in the world . i bet if she went to the dentist he would even been blown away. i knew i was. i tried to smile back without feeling insignificant. it seemed utterly impossible. then i saw Kalash. he was maybe three inches taller than Joanna and he was glorious to. he had hair that almost touched his shoulders. it was wavy and it looked black but it was really a dark brown. his eyes were brown as well and his smile was dazzling. he looked like he almost belonged in high school with a touch of age.

"Kalash ? Joanna? , this is Kelly" John spoke softly.

"its very nice to meet you sweetheart.. we have heard so much about you" i heard Joanna's voice and it was like someone had come down from the heavens and talked to me.

i smiled and she hugged me. i wasn't expecting it. "um to" i replied stuttering a little. she smiled lightly and nodded to me. then Kalash stepped up to me. he practically towered over me with his height but he made sure not to come to close. he shook my hand and his hand was cold to but warm to. it was as smooth as marble. i smiled lightly.

" it is nice to finally meet you Kelly , we have wanted to meet you for a long time" Kalash said. his voice was light but also husky. all of them seemed so perfect. sounded like being ordinary didn't sound so great now. i felt insecure.

"thanks" was all i could say. i was stunned. i hope they didn't think i didn't like them cause i did just amazed me at how perfect they were. i felt John touch me now. he slid his hand down to my waist and puled me closer. barely moving me. i saw Kalash's eyes shoot up at John's face and i looked at John as well. he saw Kalash's face. it was worried.

"John can i talk to you for a minute ?" Kalash said smiling at me then looking back at John. John looked down at me and i knew why.

"will you be alright for a few minutes?" he asked me. i heard Katie sigh. he looked at her.

"im here with her John , she'll be fine" Katie said a little annoyed. he looked at me one more time and i nodded to him and then he and Kalash walked into the humongous dinning room. i couldn't hear them so i turned my attention back to Joanna and Katie who looked like they were listening to but the only difference was that they could hear the conversation perfectly fine. it annoyed me a little that i was the only one with the disability here. so while they listened i decided to sit on the kitchen stool and try to figure out what looked so familiar about the ...whatever it was in their back yard. those was like they knew me and i knew them but i couldn't place it. i shook my head from side to side and was so deep in thought that i didn't notice Katie come over to me and lay her head on her palm to look at me.

"whats wrong Kelly?" she asked lightly.

"nothing" i said trying to perk up.

"thinkin about what you saw down there aren't you?" she asked a little more serious this time. she pulled up a stool next to me and Joanna heard what was going and pulled one up across the table. she grinned at me. i smiled back.

"how did you know?" i asked

" i can read peoples eyes"

"its like a gift she's had , ever since i joined the family. when Katie looks into your eyes she can see what your thinking about or whats making you upset" she's very good at it" Joanna said. i nodded in understanding. Joanna and Katie still looked at me . they obviously knew i was still thinking about it.

"don't worry Kelly , it won't hurt you" Katie said. she didn't get that i was trying to figure out why i felt attached .... it was bugging me and i wanted it to stop. i didn't even hear John come back out but all of the sudden him and Kalash came out smiling. i looked up and saw John's face.

"Kelly ...are you alright? you look... frustrated" John said narrowing his eyes and tilting his head a little.

"she may still be tired John , she has had a lot to take in" Joanna said and she winked at me. i smiled. John saw the exchange and still looked suspicious.

"ill take her home" John said a little weary. Katie nodded and got up.

"no, ill take her home. Joanna needs you , we have to feed and we all need to talk. she's safe with me , ill have her call you when she gets home" Katie said not letting John interrupt. i already knew he wasn't going to agree to it.

"No" he said with a rock hard voice

"let her take Kelly home John, she will be fine . Katie has made a promised that she will be fine. i cannot see any reason not to let her take her-"

"Joanna..NO" my eyes popped open wide. he growled at his mother. she seemed not to take any affect to it. her face was still composed.

"John? stop it" i hissed at him. he looked at me. i starred at him like he was crazy.

he ran over to me at the speed of light and stood in front of me. towering over me . "you will call me as soon as you step foot in your house , do you understand me?" he said slowly while he glared at me. i nodded lightly and then i was in his arms and down at the car in a matter of two seconds. and Katie was right next to him a second later. he set me down and put me in the passengers seat . i put on my seat belt and he looked at me one more time and shut my door. he turned to Katie and they had a short discussion with their eyes and then she turned and walked to the drivers side. once she was in she put the key in the ignition and had her foot on the gas pedal in one minute and we went speeding off down the hill. if i ever made it home i would call John and tell him that his sister seriously had the need for speed. we pulled up in front of my house and my eyes were wide with shock. she got here in a good five minutes. her driving scared me. she turned the car off and we just sat in was that awkward silence. finally Katie broke the silence.

"so.... you really like my brother huh?" she said lightly. and she glanced at me. i nodded.

"yeah" i replied. "a lot " i added. she smiled.

"that's great. he really likes you too, i can see it in him" she replied. John was right she didn't act or seem like a fifteen year old. she seemed even older than me , even though she is.


"yes?" she replied letting a smile cover her face.

"can you tell me why ...John won't make me a vampire?" i stuttered. she turned and faced me completely, she still smiled at me .

"well , after John never wanted or considered changing someone else for himself. i know he feels bad about when we were kids and i forgive him completely but after John realized what he had done he swore to himself that he would never kill someone else that he loved , destroy their life" he's afraid Kelly...he's also afraid because after Kalash and Lilith and Kalash didn't see the evil in her until he was changed-"

"so he thinks that im evil??" cutting her voice was a little strained.

she shook her head fast at me "no no , he just never wants to have to leave you and he's afraid that if he turns you that something bad will happen. you can never be one hundred percent sure that when you turn someone even if you have known them your whole life and they can be the best person in the world you can never be sure what the change will do to them" she said. i understood what she meant and i understood John's point of view a lot better, but there was still something that i felt something deep down that told be that i would never be like that. it was like a sixth sense . i just nodded.

"there's something else " Katie said. it was an accusation.

i looked at her and she was serious now. "there's something that's telling me that i won't be that way Katie . i can't explain it but its there " i replied i shook my head before she could get anything else out . i put my hand on the car door to open it. "thanks for the ride" i mumbled and smiled slightly then i hopped out of the car and closed the door lightly. i didn't need to hear anything . i already knew what she was going to say. i knew she was still sitting in my drive-way . i ran up the steps and opened the front door . i closed it without looking back and i heard the roar of the engine and then the tires speed away. i huffed out a breath and went to the couch. i really was tired so i decided to take a nap. i laid down and closed my eyes. trying to relax my muscles.

* * *

i didn't see John for the remainder of the week and i missed him. i couldn't get him off my mind. i was hoping that he would show up at school today. it was the first day back from spring break and come to think of it i had not spoken to Ashley almost all break so i would be looking for her to. but when i pulled into the school parking lot Ashley was already there. and she looked..different from before. her hair wasn't straight and jet black anymore. it was kind of curly and had blond streaks in her hair which was also a light brown color. she looked tired but tried to perk up when she saw me in her lie of sight. and my jaw dropped when i saw her outfit. it was like a completely different girl. she was wearing skinny jeans ,Heels , and a gray vest over a white fitted shirt. what happened to the black hair , the fishnets , the high boots. this was a very very new Ashley. i parked my car and hopped out. she was already at my door. she could walk fast in some heels. i closed the door and smiled.

"wow Ash, you look...different" i said nodding. she grinned. and she didn't seem her usual smart Alick self. where was the slight attitude. i was kind of worried. everyone starred at her. "what brought this on" i asked

"i don't know actually , but i look sexy so .." she said smiling. there was the old Ashley. her nails were still painted black. i was next to her in black heels , and a pair of Jeans wit a black and white plaid shirt on. it was a cute little outfit. we looked cute.

"hey have you seen John?"

"Nope" she said a little low. popping her lip on the p.

my mood went down hill from there.even though i looked cute and got a lot of attention that i didn't want , my boyfriend had not called me, had not come to see me , and didn't even come to school. i got worried. was he okay? i slightly shook my head. and then i saw David , the boy from surfing he saw me and gawked at me. he walked up to me and i heard Ashley muffle a laugh. she stopped and waited for me.

"wow Kelly" he said

"hi , David right?" i said. acting like i was reminding myself who he was.

"how was your spring break?"

"it was okay , how about you?" i asked.

"same here" he replied "so um well i guess you don't wanna be late but um would you like to go to dinner sometime?" he asked. that made my heart skip a beat. Ashley hit my arm as the minute bell rang. she began to pull me.

"im sorry David i -"

"im sorry David but she won't be available at all " my eyes popped open as a cold hand held my waist now moving me towards Biology. i looked up at John's face and it was a hard mask, he looked straight ahead. i looked at Ashley and she was smiling slightly. like i was missing something. i looked back down the hall and i couldn't control my actions anymore. i walked faster and his hand took mine. i smiled to myself. so he knew. that i was worried about him. we got to the room and i opened the door John held it for me and Ashley. everyone looked at us. the guys howled quietly from the back of the room. i felt John lightly squeeze my hand and i squeezed it back. Mrs. p looked agitated.

"take your seats" she said with a hard voice. me and John took our seats next to each other and Ashley actually picked up the stool and brought it over to our table and sat down on my right side. my mouth hung open. Mrs. p sighed loudly but went back to the lesson. i leaned closer to John.

"what happened to you ? " i hissed. he looked down at me.

"nothing , i was just talking to Joanna" and i ran a little late" he replied. Ashley starred at him. he glanced at her and then looked back at me.

"John, please...don't lie to me" i clenched my teeth while saying it.

"Kelly can we talk about this later?" he hissed back quickly. i starred at him.

"fine" i sighed and then paid attention to class. the rest of class was a drag. when the minute bell finally rang i sighed. the class seemed to continue on forever . i put my books back in my bag and tapped my fingers against the table. i knew John was starring at me but i didn't look up. finally i heard his breathing become ragged and i wondered why.

"Kelly i am telling you the truth" he said coldly.

"if your telling the truth then Joanna needed you for five days straight ?and you didn't even call or anything" i replied. i sounded like his wife or something.

"i was going to call"

"then why didn't you?" i said with a hard voice. i was a little angry with him. happy to see him , but still mad that he had me worried sick about him. the bell rang i got up and without another word i left for my next block. i knew John wasn't going to let it end the way it did. he would fix things. i got hello's and what's up's all day. Torrence was supposedly still on her trip in Europe. i didn't really care. the school seemed much more calm without her here, hell even some of the cheerleaders said hi to me. i walked through to room 328 which was chemistry. and i saw Damon nix sitting in the last seat in the back. and next to him was an empty seat. i walked over to the third row and took the seat next to him. he looked at me and i grinned at him then looked at the board even though there was nothing there.

"you date John Walker don't you ? your Kelly?" he assumed. his voice was a little deep. people looked because this was the first time anyone ever heard him speak.

"yes , how do you know me ?" even though i already knew.

"oh, me and John go way we talk from time to time" he replied narrowing his eyes a little bit. before i had a chance to answer him there was a teacher that walked in the room that wasn't our usual. he just sat down and everyone went back to talking and trying to eavesdrop on the conversation me and Damon were having.
i just nodded.

"so where's your girlfriend?" i asked lightly. he looked at me. he smiled slightly.

"so you know " he said starring at me with hard eyes. i just nodded. he smiled wider. "can we talk about this in a quieter place?" he asked me. he was charming in his way.

"sure, how about after school? my place?" i asked. it wasn't a date because as far as i knew he was married to Pandora. he nodded and then we were quiet for the rest of class. at the end of the day i saw John by his car and i saw mine parked directly across the road from his. i lowered my eyes. Damon was at my side. when i looked up John saw me and Damon and looked furious but he didn't approach us. we walked to my car and Damon opened my door for me . i climbed in the drivers side and then Damon got in the passengers side. he shut his door and i let my car idle to a purr. i looked out of the front window and it looked like John was gonna have a heart attack. i tried to smile a little before i pulled out of the parking space and made my way home. when i got home i parked the car in the drive-way and Damon moved at an inhuman speed to my car door. John and his family i was used to but Damon would take some getting used to. we got in the house and went into the living room and sat on the couch.

"so how do you know about her?" Damon asked in a hard voice. i was taken aback.

"John told me about her"

"he must have told you much more about us" he said. his voice still hard. his voice was beginning to scare me.

"well...." was all i could get out . i heard him sigh impatiently and then as fast as i could blink once he was leaning over me. his eyes were still the same but were beginning to darken and his teeth were sharpening. he had his cold hand grasping my neck. chocking me.

"you shouldn't have invited me over here, and you shouldn't have mentioned her name" you are very lucky Kelly ..ive had years to practice on killing and making sure the person feels no pain and i will make that exception to you only because you are just a human and you know no better" he whispered coldly in my ear. i tear ran down my eye. John , Katie , Joanna , Kalash , Ashley , and my parents. i would never see their faces again , never be able to kiss John one more time and tell him i love him. and i wouldn't be able to say sorry to my parents for holding a grudge from years back. it was over for me. i felt his cold sharp teeth graze my neck and take in a deep breath and then his teeth sunk into my neck. i gasped at what little air i had left in my lungs. it was a sharp pain and then it faded just like when John bit me. i felt the blood run down my neck. it was warm. i felt my blood being pulled from me and i was slipping but i new that i wouldn't wake up from the blackness creeping in to get me. i gasped again as he dug deeper into my neck . i could feel his teeth graze my vain. one more bite and i would be gone. lost in a sea of darkness. my eye sight was going dark and i could feel my life force slipping from me..... just as i knew i was going to die i felt the cold sharp teeth come out of my neck. i had lost to much blood and i couldn't hold on to much longer. i heard a noise that sounded like a crane hitting a brick wall. i was on the edge. i was literally knocking at deaths door. blood was still pouring down my neck. staining it a deep red. i felt cool hands around my waist and legs. then i knew i was in the air. i thought it was Damon to bury me six feet under. and no one would ever knew what became of me. only the deep earth and the decomposers would know me. know why i was put here , but they wouldn't care . they would see me as a meal and nothing more... i thought it was the end of the line for me.

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