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Do You Like The Vampire Diaries On The CW?

Yes I love Edward Cullen and the only saga that matters.

But I as a vampaholic... Watch The Vampire Diaries on the CW religiously. The Finale of Season 3 is Thursday May 10, 2012. I saw something on youtube that said that Elena doesn't make a decision

between the gorgeous Salvatore Brothers yet. 

I know if I were her there would be no struggling. I would choose Damon.

  1 He's way more sexy.

  2 He's eyes are so light blue.

  3 He's loved Elena from the beginning too.

  4 Rose is right Damon and Elena have made each other better people.

  5 They have had a Fire or Energy between them.

 6 He was there for her after Stefan left.

 7 I think that if she picks him he will stop the self destructive behavior.


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Comment by Brandy aka Violet on June 8, 2012 at 4:05am

i know not the point. look at Ian Somerhalder...HOT. that is the point.

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