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Hello everyone. On Saturday night two boys took their lives. I am not going to tell you who, but please read this. These two boys had a ton of friends, they played baseball and they were funny. Everyone loved them. These boys had a full life ahead of them. What I'm saying is, do not commit suicide. Don't even think about it. If you need someone to talk to, just send something to my inbox. I will gladly help you. If you are having doubts, think about what you will lose, how your family will feel isf you even tried to kill yourself. But if there is something I want you all to remeber, Even though something seems bad one day, it will always be better the next. So don't do anything reckless. Please Just talk it out. Respect these two boys' memories. This is a true story. R.I.P. J.S. and C.H.

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