The Twilight Saga

An old man and his 25 year old son were sitting on a train heading for home.
The young man sticked his hand out of the window to brush his hand against the trees.

"Dad! Dad!" the young man yelled. "look! I'm touching the trees! and I can see my hand touching it!"
the old man smiled at his son his eyes full of joy. a couple were sitting just behind the old man and his son they were looking at the young man like he was crazy. how can a man his age act like a child?!

the young man looked up at the sky and yelled again. "Dad! look! look at the beautiful clouds and the sky is so blue! I have never seen blue like that!"
the couple looked at the young man with intrest. now the question is WHY is a man of that age act like a child?!
it suddenly started to rain. the young man stared at the rain drops on his hand in amazment.

"Dad! Dad! its raining! I can see the rain falling on my hand! I can see it!" he yelled.

the couple were over come with confusion. the lady bent to ask the old man.
"Excuse me. May I ask why is your son acting this way?" she asked politely.

the old man smiled at the lady. "We just got back from the hospital. My son had an eye surgery...and now he can see for the first time in his life." a single tear trickled down the old man's face.
the lady guessed that it was tears of joy. Now the couple felt a little guilty for thinking that the young man was crazy.

"Dont judge a book by its cover"

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