The Twilight Saga

I seem to find myself lost in a sea of sadness. That I might be a cartoon,my feet are moving but I'm not getting anyhwere. I have dreams that I one day want to fulfill. But I don't know. I feel like I have a purpose here but I don't know who I am. I'm lost. I want to be someone in life. I want to make a differnce in the world. I cry out in silence wondering if anyone can hear me. In some ways I wnat them to hear me but at other times I don't want them to hear. I'm losing this war with myself. I am my own worst enmey. Time is running out fro me. Sure I'm still young but this world can change in a matter of seconds. Making us adapt to life again. Once I get use to somehting I might as well forget it. Because then I have to change and start over again. And because of that I don't know who I am any longer...

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