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Middle school. Middle school is the number one place for drama. Of course, in Elementary school, there are a few flaws or breakups or whatever. But there's nothing worse than Middle school and Highschool drama. I'm writing this blog because I want to know... what do you think is the number one cause for drama? What are your solutions? What drama have you been through?
Boy drama<3, friendship issues, grades slipping drama... Drama, drama, drama.

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Comment by Dawn Sparkles on December 27, 2010 at 11:18am

You are such a cutie, I love the name changes.

I've got alot of years on you, so I've been through all kinds of stupid drama. All the cliques, and backstabbing, and boy crap is simply based on insecurity, jealousy, fear, hormones, and trying to mature into the people we think we're supposed to be. A lot is expected of you. Friends trade loyalty for popularity, because they're afraid to be on the outside. Boys act stupid because they think they have to impress their friends, and face it, they don't know what the hell their doing when it comes to dating. They mature later than girls (fact). High School is worse than Middle/Junior High School. Kids have a larger vocabulary, bigger attitudes, more insecurities. Bullies get a kick out of humiliating people. But, those same horrible bullies are probably pushed around at home, with nasty parents or siblings.

In the end, we grow up, the popular kids either succeed or fail. Everyone moves on, hopefully not to badly scarred from kids with cruel intentions.

This is just my observation.


<3 Dawn

Comment by lizzie on October 30, 2010 at 9:14pm
well i just got into 6th grade and i relised it's all boy/girl drama in my school. like, hows going out with who and all that junk. and one on bff's that was a boy won't even talk to me anymore. i mean i'm only 11 i shouldn't be worring about relationships yet!
Comment by xoxo Julianne xoxo on June 30, 2010 at 12:35pm
I know the feeling, like with those stupid fights. I used to get into those fights all the time, especially in fourth grade, I remember. I know drama has always been there, ever since welll... kindergarten, really.
I know my true friends now... sometimes I'm a little too distrusting, but I know now who I can trust and who I cant. Drama is stupid, I agree. I really hate it.
In general, there are secrets. I have some secrets. But at our school, news spreads fast. And for a while there I trusted the wrong people. Like my ex-friend Sara, who embarrased me super bad in front of the guy I liked.
I hate friends who are like that, dump you for popularity. Unfortunatly I had a friend like that. All she did was piss me off though, and we're not friends anymore. And now she's ended up not popular at all because she ditched all her friends. Sometimes, the right things happen.
Comment by Brittany on June 30, 2010 at 10:23am
Well, There's always those stupid fights girls like us get into, about the dumbest things. Then we usually end up being best friends within a week or two. Drama's gonna be with you forever and ever and ever. I wouldn't know that, since i'm just entering 8th grade. But i know from my father, who goes through drama at work, and every where you look Its there. I would say, just try and stay away from it. And i know thats hard. But find your true friends, who you know wouldn't betray you, and you don't think you would get into a lot of those big stupid fights with. Drama is stupid, haha, along with a lot of things in this messed up world.
Drama I've been through? Wow.. Um, a lot. Those fights with one of my best friends, Maria, were happening atleast 3 or 4 times a week. So I just stayed away from her, things got better, until the people I thought were my true friends, stabbed me in the back, because of a boy, or a popular person decided to talk to them. Of course, Popularity before friends. and Boys before friends.
I saw you said 'there are no secrets?'. Theres always secrets, hon. wether its about a crush on a boy, or something from the past. A lot of the kids in my grade don't even know my parents are divorced. Anyways, Just try and stay away from it. If you like a guy, don't tell anyone you know will tell someone. I choose to keep my crushes to me and my best friend, Miranda.
Comment by xoxo Julianne xoxo on June 28, 2010 at 8:52am
Well said. I hate friendship drama; its the worst. I suffer most from boy drama :/
That's not much fun either.
I understand what you're saying about clicks. I've been in clicks before, and I soon felt myself get out of there fast. And at school, news travels fast. There are no secrets.
Comment by Nicole Elise Childress on June 27, 2010 at 2:02pm
There is all kinds of drama in school. I suffer the most from friendship drama and I have come to believe that it's never just 2friends. Above all the problem is the clicks and "groups" we form. So while it might start as a simple argument soon to people in the same group are in a fight and the rest of the group has to choose a side. Because the click is so tight and all together all the time, they are forced to choose. So it doesn't matter if it's over boys or grades or "the right thing to do" the problem is the gossip and it spreads and everyone that hears it automatically makes an opinion. Every story has some favoritism behind it and it's just which story goes the farthest. Soon the whole school has either said "oh yeah shes right" or "oh hell no!" its not the drama itself its the fact so many people hear about it and we might lose one friend but one turns into many simply because word got out.

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