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Dreams are good,peaceful and helpful...
A young girl 15-year-old girl should have the ability to dream and achieve her dreams ain't that right?!So there you have it a young teenager who dreams of becoming a star,of having that life that other people dream of,too.It's a story of a person with luck who had his dreams and found the way to achieve them.
...It was just an ordinary Monday night and Sunny was sitting in the living room waiting for her favourite TV show to start.A glass of coke and crisps-all she needed for the show.A few commercials and it was on.She held her breath stopped eating crisps and started watching the show.
It was a kind of show that she loved the most.A few young people singing and competing while trying to become a famous singer.
As she was sitting she was dreaming of having the opportunity to be on a show like that,of becoming a famous singer doing the thing she loved doing most-singing...
The show lasted only an hour so Sunny went to bed and soon started dreaming...
Like the other dreams she had she dreamt of becoming a star and travelling all over the world in a big bus where she could play her guitar and sing whenever she wanted...
To be continued.
Dreams are good,peaceful...Nothing can be better than escaping the reality and the stress of real life.Nothing can be better that creating a world where everything is the way you want it to be...Dreams are good,peaceful,real life is harder...

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