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Can't wait to get the DVD and also load my IPOD...need to have the movie. Have been obsessed actually - admitting that is a shock but I have been going through so much lately that these books have now become a way of escaping from day to day pressures and lose myself for awhile... I get too stressed and just IPOD and tune into whatever book I am reading again. I am amazed that this young Rob Pattinson has stopped me in my tracks...guess that put's me in the Cougar category? yikes. I had a friend ask though, and this is how I came to the Cougar realization, that if he were to walk into my office right then and ask me to leave with him right now would I go? YES YES YES I would grab my purse and leave with him without thinking another thought. Not likely that this would EVER happen so it is easy for me to say knowing in my sane mind it would never be a choice I would (could) make...
Anyhow - love him, hatin' the hype of 'Jacob' Taylor L. because truthfully throughout the book couldn't stand his childlike whining and nothing he ever did was out of TRUE love for Bella. The character thinks only of him...never of what is best for her. The only reason he uses to try and convince her that Edward isn't good for her is because he is a vampire...that isn't a good enough reason. I have to say if a vampire looking like Edward (or even Carlisle) came to me with the same proposition I would say yes! Can't wait for New Moon...not extremely excited about the whole Dakota Fanning lock for the neurotic Jane vamp. However hoping that the portion of the book from 'Visitor' chapter forward consume 3/4 of the movie hoping hoping hoping...don't know how long I can hold out watching the shrimp Jacob get close to Bella...

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