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i was reading eclipse the other day and i don't know why but... randomly started to cry. It was at the bit were she had a choice: Edward or Jacob.

Since i'm team Edward i went crazy when he kissed her. I was so mad at him! and when she said that she loved him i felt sick! how could she do that too edward? she says that she is in love with him and would die for him... what happened? I felt so so sorry for him casue he was being so nice and selfless :(

I don't know maybe i'm going crazy but i guess i'm going over board...
Jacob needed to show his love but i mean come on... he tried once and she said NO! what could he have wanted? Even if she did love him (which she did anyway) he was making it that much harder for her!. and for edward!

I didn't want to read anymore! but since i finished the book and didn't have breaking dawn i cheated and went onto the internet and find the over view of the book. And it turns out that it's all happy and Jacob 'imprints' her daughter (sick but cute) and she becomes a vampire...

I lvoe these books so much :)
what do you think? jacob or edward?

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Comment by twilightrox on March 4, 2009 at 5:26pm
im team switzerland. im neither but from your point i may go on to Edward!! i was mad at jake too!! i bet Edward was broken hearted when he found out but didnt want to show it!!:)

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