The Twilight Saga

Triangle. With three equal sides it makes it perfect.
Can two relationships be at par? Can you equally divide your heart and
love two persons at the same time? When one side of the triangle is
shorter, the rest however, still becomes equal. It can no longer be
the perfect shape, but the two can now see eye to eye.

One gives you a crystal heart. It is pure like his intentions, magical like
his words, unbreakable like his promises and precious as his thoughts.
The perfect cut, the gem you would die for. He is such a sucker for
Patience and Virtue, amazingly tolerant of your whims and flares yet
never being overboard. "Too much too soon" makes it insignificant in
the future. Everything has its perfect timing. Give it a moment to
sink in then you will agree that it's worth the wait. It may even take
years for you to agree, but always try not to do anything on impulse.
The wolf is happily there to catch you, teeth and all.

The other showers you with the earth. Excitement, Risk and Loyalty make up
his name. He is the "unofficial", the fling, the challenger and the
buffer. He is the face that reappears in your dreams every M-W-F. He
patiently waits for your call, while he rearranges his malignant and
troubled mind. Light conversations come easy because deep ones bore
him. Maybe, he doesn't want to let his guard down, hates to sound
desperate and mushy when you give a little bit of yourself. He marks
his territory, pretty wicked cool of him to even consider it. Lost in
translation. You don't consider him your top priority, yet you are
concerned of his welfare. You want him to take a back seat and throw
your fears away. But he continues to recycle after you discard him. He
bounces back, the ever loyal fan.

Both are so different in character, yet painfully charming. Your yin and yang. Both gives you
butterflies in your stomach. Like comfort food, both satisfies your
appetite and quenches the thirst. You repeatedly go back to it,
fulfilling your satiety center. Can you exist without the other? The
pattern will go on until you make up your mind. You can love them both,
on different planes and levels. But, someone has to take you to higher
heights, to a place no one can tread except you and the Chosen One.
Like an eclipse, one obscures the other like the sun eclipses on the
moon. Then you can start to live your own little world of love...I have
chosen and I wear his ring. Have you?

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Comment by Shalanda Smith on July 18, 2010 at 2:08am
Amazing, is the picture you paint.

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