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HI guys I have just seen Eclipse! It was a GREAT movie!!! I rate it 5 stars and a must see. The only part I didn't like was a scene where Bella and Edward started kissing in bed (NOT naked) like crazy. I think the directors egsagurated the bed scene longer than in the book. So time was wasted in that part with the kissing and less was put into the battle scene. MOVIE SPOILER DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED WHEN YOU WATCH THE MOVIE!!!!! Edward kills Victoria, Jacob KISSES Bella, and Bella says yes to Edward's proposal in the bed scene. So besides the bed scene I really like it, you guys must watch it if you haven't yet and it's still a five star movie. The price is $7.00 for children $7.00 for senior people and $9.50 for adult. But I think in the afternoon it's seven dollars for everybody any age.




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