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Seriously. I was so into it. After awhile I barely noticed the fact that my tail bone was numb =] haha.

It only got annoying because we were in our seats three hours before the movie started, which was okay, but then, right after the scene where Alice talks to Charlie, it skipped ahead to the camp scene, with Jacob in the sleeping bag with Bella, and they were upside down...A few minutes of that and it shut off completely. They weren't able to fix it until after 3 am. So many people got mad and left that it went from 5 theaters full to one 3/4 full. I didn't mind, I was with my friends, so I was one of the few not ready to riot and pillage. The added bonus to make this on my not so bad list? We ALL got free passes to come see it again! =D So, I got to finish it, and I get to see it for free again, this time with my fiance? I'm stoked. He can't wait either.

So, at the end of the movie, I am soooo team Jasper. You didn't see TOO much of him in the others, but this one was great. He is so amazing. He's been through so much, is damn hot, and has that voice =]

Off to read or something.

Can't wait to see that and the Last Airbender on Saturday!

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