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I loved eclipse, actally it's the first TWILIGHT MOVIE i've liked out of them all. and i think personally that they sould keep the same director as the one who flimed eclipse. also breaking dawn is my favorite book in the world. out of every single one ive ever read. so i trust him/her (the director) to do amazing on that movie. this man brought everything out that needed to be seen from the whole gang. you got to love edward so much more than you already have. you met and saw him so much better than before. kristen on the other hand hadnt been my bella ideal AT ALL!!!!! in the first and second movie, but eclipse again made my thoughts change dramaticly. :) i fell in love with edward and bella (in the movie) like i had in the book(s). he (direstor) brought life and a much much better actress out of her than from the previous movies. i loved EVERYTHING from this movie.<33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

so if you thought the same comment and write a blog post titled "Eclipse? amaing.:)" the reason? because maybe if we are supppppppppppppper lucky Steph will read/see and follow what the fans want. i mean we are the ones who watch the movie. we are the ones who suffer until the midnight madness. right? right. we are the ones who make videos, blogs, disscusions, and so much more about our love or it all. :)

So write back, tell off your love just like me:)

thanks for your time and agreement:)

kylie and her older sister Kyndal):

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