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I loved the trailer and downloaded it so I could watch it as often as I wanted. I know the screenplay will not ideally follow the book because the movie has only 2 hours to cover what we so love about the novel, Eclipse. The love triangle that Jacob believes is happening with him and Bella though Bella finds herself in love with Jacob too, her love for Edward is far deeper and more, much more than Jacob could ever comprehend - the overnight camping in the clearing during the snowstorm, Bella freezing in the sleeping bag and Edward unable to help her until he allows the "space heater" to enter the tent and climb into the sleepingbag with her - then the vampire fight scenes - this just highlights some of my favorite parts of the book. The movie promises to be so exciting! I'm predicting The Twilight Saga - Eclipse movie to be the best so far... There is just one problem... June 30 is so far away, it seems as though it will take forever for it to get here!

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