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Ok, i just want to say that I love Edward so much!!! I feel so strongly for him, and every time i think his name, i get a feeling inside, and it hurts, :.(, Because i remember that he isnt real, and then i start to tear up like i am NOW...
:.( It just really hurts to know tha no one out there would every be like Edward... Instead ill have to setall for human guys, and i dont like it. they could never compair to Edward, EVER!!! And i Really feel sorrow because of that :.(
I Just wish i could meet someone like hime, sooooo much, and it seems unfair, really unfair that i never will
i have this fell in me that feels incomplete, so i wish that out there some where... there was a guy fo my
My own little Edward Cullen, gorgeous, and strong and smart, and possibly sparkly.

So if your out there Plz.... Plz come foward, plz im begging you, plz
I love you Edward, By ♥Devionna C.♥

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