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Edward Cullen- Robert Patinson (??)

Many people may not agree with what I'm about to say but.. I think Robert Patinson is definitely not the right person to play the role of Edward.. He looks ok but it's just not enough..

I know they couldn't find anyone who is perfect (as Edward should be..) but I don't even think Rob is pretty.. he is kind of hot, and I guess he's a good actor, but he just don't look like Edward should look!!

and the worst part- HE IS SO HAIRY!!!

a vampire shouldn't be hairy!! and Bella sais like 1000 times things about Edward's smooth and marble chest and it's killing me how hairy he is!!1

so maybe it's just me but I really think Robert Patinson is not Edward Cullen..

and so whenever I think of Edward, Rob is not the one who comes to my mind..

that what I think.. How about you??

Pleas comment

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