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" August 9th , 2011 . The Best Day In My Life ." She Smiled Softly Before Talking . "My Darling Edward. . . There Is So Much To Say About You . You Were There When I Need Help , When I Needed Someone To Hold My Hand And Help Me Through The Toughest Part Of My Life . " She Frowned Sligtly . "Yes , We've Only Been Together A Short Time , And Before That We Didn't Know Eachother Well , But You Are The Greatest Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me ." She Looked Down At The Baby In Her Arms . "I'm So Happy That We're New Parents To Nate . Our Baby ." She Smiled . "All I Wanted Was To Be A Family With You . Just You , And Me , And Our Baby . Yes , Our Baby ." She Looks Up , Her Face Serious ." Though You May Not Be Bilogical , It Is Also Your Baby . You Were There Through The Pregnancy , And Are Raising Him . You Are His Father ." Her Face Grew More Relaxed . "Edward , I Love You . No ," She Shook Her Head . "That Doesn't Even Describe How I Feel About You . . . No Words Could Ever Explain How I Feel About You . I Love You So Much . More Than Anything Has Ever Loved Anyone . I Need You . I Need You To Survive . To Make It Through This Tough Time ." She Smiled Softly Remebering . "You're Always There . We Met When I Was Walking Around The School  , Lost , And Alone . And You Helped Me , Like The Gentlmen You Are ." She Smiled Softly . "You Stuck Your Headphones In My Ear , Playing Rascal Flatts . And Ever Since Then We Grow Closer And Closer . Soon We'll Be Married , And Truly Live Our Lives Together . I Hope I Will Become What You Are , So We Can Be Together , Forever ." She Smiled Wide Looking Up , Still Holding Nate . "I Love You , Edward . So Much ."

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Comment by ғяαɢιℓɛ нʋмαи™ on June 5, 2012 at 5:23pm

I Miss You. . . Come Back To Me ? </3

Comment by ғяαɢιℓɛ нʋмαи™ on May 18, 2012 at 11:40pm
At 11:51pm on April 2, 2012, ғrozeɴ ғιɢнтer †ᵗᵐ said…

Edward ; Of anything of yours was no matter of it ment to be returned i couldn't bare to seperate from any of it, stored away, only to be unpacked upon our return. Moves to that of a high up cupboard and opens it pulling down a bottle fully packed, cleaned of no traced formula and opens it pouring it into the bottle and closing the lid, puts it in the micorwave for 30 seconds and pulls it out, shaking it, handing it to you of to test as my skin provides no termination of the heat correctly. Pausing as i held the bottle out and watched off as Nathaniel surprisingly was showing you something, it was amazing and in wonder of how this power came to be. Or what it was even called. Some sort of telepathy? The means of the 'remembered memory' was of my propsal day, Nathaniels point of view to what he saw that day, a softly growing and ever present smile to his face, to yours, a family within a beautiful day, perfection in his eyes. Nate's skin gleaming to glimmer faintly compared to mine, a rarety of his kind unknown. Comes back looking to you a moment later as the images faded away, my hands instinctively captured at your tears moving closer of means of protection and comfort.

Comment by ғяαɢιℓɛ нʋмαи™ on May 18, 2012 at 11:39pm
At 8:18am on March 12, 2012, ғrozeɴ ғιɢнтer †ᵗᵐ said…

Edward ;; Could hear the ease of wake to your conciousness as it made its way downstairs. The room immediatly shifted in a more brighter, lighter terms of your presence "Its a surprise" turns my head to face you, smiles "I'm sorry had i woken you?" kisses and carresses your own cheek your face proved to be more eased of the desired and need of sleep. Begins manovering your food witon a plate, my means of breath was haulted and very little intake of distaste of the smell but anything for you. Sets your pancakes before you as well as a fork, napkin and coffee already presented "I don't know whether Nate has formula or..." I didn't even know the means of his feed, was he, could he be breast fed?

Comment by ғяαɢιℓɛ нʋмαи™ on May 18, 2012 at 11:39pm

At 3:37am on February 27, 2012, ғrozeɴ ғιɢнтer †ᵗᵐsaid…

Edward ;; smiles and nods off, i was forever making it my means to make you keep, keep you and to cherrish you and our son, for as long as i live. We will be firm together in no time. We can start the universe with our heartbeats tonight in a technical sense, together. Looks to the house then back over to you "I will come with you." I honestly didn't want to leave your side, the music soft in the silence of the car


Comment by ғяαɢιℓɛ нʋмαи™ on May 18, 2012 at 11:38pm

At 7:24am on February 25, 2012, ғrozeɴ ғιɢнтer †ᵗᵐsaid…



Comment by ғяαɢιℓɛ нʋмαи™ on May 18, 2012 at 11:37pm
At 1:15am on February 21, 2012, ғrozeɴ ғιɢнтer †ᵗᵐ said…

Edward;; places my hands over yours soothing in a stroking manner with my finger tips. I felt a tug of within my mind pain, you couldn't promise me i'd be the only one you loved, it held a promise to you having an end that caused nothing but pain for the both of us, giving insight to you being without children of your own of a man who can rightful hold children for you, age as you do, marry and grow old till your within one anothers arms in your final breaths. Looks at your face as it held honesty. West had always been here and unknwoingly had you as a friend so i know what had happened a bit, but i could like i said never get mad or upset in the slightest of your needs of happiness as well as my needs of you having it. You were my priority and it was in that of leavign that i gave that window which proved to be nothing but worse than my being here. Inhales and catches my breat as i tilted my chin up to connect my lips with your, wrapping a arm to snake aroudn your waist and kisses you softly and in my usual caution, whispering back "I love you, Isabella Swan"

Comment by ғяαɢιℓɛ нʋмαи™ on May 18, 2012 at 11:28pm

At 12:47am on February 21, 2012, ғrozeɴ ғιɢнтer †ᵗᵐsaid…

Edward;; looks down to you and haults you in your steps and turns you to face me, cups your face "Bella, by no means do i wish you to withhold anything. No matter what anyone thinks and you are no fool. More like with a fool" listens to you as you spoke of our son, regardles of no biologically, who was anyone to be dutied to loving anothers child. Surely it was no barrier for me and it wasn't. I regard Nathaniel as my own son regardless of what ever happened to us. Seeing you hault gave reason, maybe of you moving on which i'd understand whatever that time apart held, you had a right to do so. By no means could i be mad or upset of you wanting to try move on, smiles softly picturing a baby within my arms, looks back to you returning back and smiles softly, it did raise a question. I was still a virgin, i was raised in an era that marriage held the bond of purity to break. I hated that you were taken for granted and forced, but you have been stronger and more grounded than anyone going through the same things. Steps forward and lifts your head, meeting those magically inspiring chocolate brown eyes i adored so much, that knowing you were okay, knowing you and Nate were happy and safe was all that i needed to keep going. Rests our foreheads together that inflammed my throat "I know that my return raises a haze of where we stand but i want you, so much Isabella. I want you to be my wife but i want to make you know that i am going nowhere unless you say so. I promise."

Comment by ғяαɢιℓɛ нʋмαи™ on May 18, 2012 at 11:27pm
At 11:58pm on February 20, 2012, ғrozeɴ ғιɢнтer †ᵗᵐ said…

Edward;; I could hear your heart beat reach out to me and take it within its hold. Wrapping me up in your meanings of the connection we held instantly upon meeting. A grin spread wide across my face, the song of which sparked everything to flurish. Flashes of memories spreading to continue, to be better than how it had haulted. That made my stomach invisablly twist in knots. You deserved better than me, both you and Nate did. But i simply couldn't walk out on either of you. You were my haven, my saviour. Rises to my feet again and claps proudly, amazed actually as i had never heard you sing before besides humming softly to Nate. Tilts my head and blows you a kiss followed by a -I love you- whispered across the crowded room. Had began walking to meet you at the side of the stage but you had already quickly done so yourself ot meet me, haults and watches you stand before me. It was too far away, but then again close up against one another proved to be the same thing - we were never too close or close enough, smiles softly. Raising my hand as i took those added few steps forward and rested my hand to carress your cheek, not daring to remove those tears just yet "Hello, my love." looks around as we seemed to have gathered an audience looks back to you and takes your hands, squeezing them in the gentless "Let's get you out of here."

Comment by ғяαɢιℓɛ нʋмαи™ on May 18, 2012 at 11:25pm
At 7:10am on February 15, 2012, ғrozeɴ ғιɢнтer †ᵗᵐ said…

Edward -]

"Happy Valentine Day, Isabella.

For this day, i hold no desires of anything but you. Longing to regain our steps to bigger and brighter things.

I've missed you dearly my love, my soul, my means of existance <3"

Comment by ғяαɢιℓɛ нʋмαи™ on May 18, 2012 at 11:23pm
At 4:57am on February 14, 2012, ғrozeɴ ғιɢнтer †ᵗᵐ said…

Edward -] lifts my head and visiablly stiffens as your approach, my fingers curling to grip firmly on the coffee within my hand, inhales slipping through my barely parted lips "Yes" was all i simply could say without giving my desires, my sorrows away. I gave my lips the seal pressing them together to say anything of how beautiful you looked, like always, simply trying another approach of questions answered "I have heard you are playing tonight, you best get ready" my eyes averted to that of a male, one of which we use to go to school with, Mike. Seemingly i heard he and Jessica where engaged but of his thoughts, clearly he subvised which bothered me regardless of who she was.

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